I Signed-In For A Billion Dollar Mansion From The Very Beginning

Chapter 20 - Mr Lin's True Identity

Chapter 20: Mr Lin’s True Identity

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“These six bottles of wine were indeed not ordered by you, but these are some of Ms Yan’s kind intentions. They are all free. Mr Lin, please enjoy.”

“If you still want Romanee Conti, you can let me know. We will prepare it for you at any time. If you have any other requests, you can contact these two waiters. Have a good meal.” The manager bowed slightly and left.

The manager didn’t directly expose Lin Fan’s identity as the second largest shareholder of the company. Yan Xue had specifically instructed him to do so. After all, Lin Fan had always kept a low profile.

On one hand, he wanted to let Lin Fan know the sincerity of the company. The second largest shareholder of the company deserved that kind of special treatment.

On the other hand, Yan Xue gave face to the company’s second-largest shareholder.

One-fifth of the company’s shares were under Lin Fan.

As a major shareholder of Shanghai’s top five-star hotel, it was worth it even if it was 60 or 600 bottles, let alone 6 bottles of Romanée Conti.

To Yan Xue, Lin Fan’s background was even better than the entire company!

Just in Shanghai, he had a villa and sports car worth hundreds of millions. His fixed assets alone were worth more than 200 million.

How many assets did Lin Fan have?

The entire company’s market value was only a few billion. Lin Fan’s personal assets even exceeded the company’s market value.

Lin Fan had so many assets, which meant that he had many connections!

If they could rope in Lin Fan and get him to give some suggestions in the company or work in the company for a while, the company might look brand new.

When the manager and beautiful waitresses left, everyone gasped.

What occasion was this? It was a famous five-star hotel in Shanghai.

The manager of the New Era Lisheng Hotel held an important position here. Usually, he would appear only when important people or the hotel’s VIP customers came.

It was such a manager who actually said the words ‘Boss Lin’.

Moreover, he directly said that it was Ms Yan’s intention to give six bottles of Romanée-Conti to Boss Lin.

Xue Yaoting, Gao Lixiong, Zhao Lele, and Xie Yutong all knew who the manager was referring to.

The company’s biggest shareholder, Yan Xue!

Even such a manager had to be respectful to Boss Lin.

Who was this person that even the big boss Yan Xue wanted to rope in personally?

In this room… there was only one person with the surname Lin.

Lin Fan!!!

Everyone looked at Lin Fan.

It was hard to imagine the shock in Gao Lixiong and Xue Yaoting’s eyes.

Zhao Lele and Xie Yutong were also surprised.

Lin Fan… was addressed as Boss Lin by the manager.

No one knew the status of Lin Fan.

This scene also caused many girls to exclaim.

“Boss Lin… I told you that Lin Fan is a big boss. He’s been called Boss Lin.”

“Lin Fan is a big boss. I knew it. How could he have a house worth 20 million for no reason?”

“This must be what a big boss is. I’m shocked.”

“Lin Fan, you’re the one who’s doing the best in our class. You have to share your experience with us. Hehe, can I work at your place?”

Many girls looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a celebrity.

Lin Fan’s popularity had completely crushed that of Xue Yaoting and Gao Lixiong.

The two of them had witnessed what a true tycoon was…

The wine he drank in a meal was worth all their annual salaries!

Most importantly, this kind of wine was personally delivered by the big boss, Yan Xue. No matter how many bottles he wanted, they would try their best to satisfy him.

This was… the special treatment a big boss received.

Lin Fan smiled helplessly. “You guys are praising me to the skies. How can it be so unbelievable? This is a class reunion, not a bootlicking event. If you guys continue like this, I’m going to leave. Everyone, drink, eat something and enjoy yourselves.”

A bunch of people were praising Lin Fan but he didn’t really like it.

If he ever made it onto the hot searches list, he would become extremely popular immediately .

He was born to be so handsome that he charmed many young girls.

If he became popular, he would be chased by a group of girls and aunties. How could he meet Xia Wanqiu alone in the restaurant?

If he really wanted to become popular, Lin Fan just needed to post a photo of him and Xia Wanqiu on Weibo and it would probably… cause the internet to explode.

At that time, who knew how many agencies would look for Lin Fan to work with and how many girls would become his fans.

It was too troublesome. Lin Fan didn’t like to have so many things on his hands.

“Alright, Brother Fan, you’re awesome! I feel like I’ve really managed to suck up to you today. I can even drink such good wine. Brother Fan, let me fill your glass. It’s a waste to not drink such good wine.” Xue Yaoting picked up the wine and poured it into Lin Fan’s cup.

After taking a sip, Lin Fan nodded. “It’s alright.”

Xue Yaoting and Gao Lixiong looked at each other. This wine was more than alright. This was a bottle of wine that cost a hundred thousand yuan. One sip would cost a few thousand yuan.

With Lin Fan’s words, everyone stopped praising him. However, many people became more interested in him.

Zhao Lele and Xie Yutong felt a little regretful. If they could keep in contact with Lin Fan after graduation, they might have a chance of marrying into a rich family.

Right now, Lin Fan was a true tycoon.

The two girls were looking at Lin Fan with smiles on their faces. Their attitudes were completely different from before.

There was a hint of admiration and fondness.

This was not gold-digging, but reality.

If you’re as handsome as the author, you’ll know how proactive girls can be.

After drinking a lot of wine, Lin Fan felt a little dizzy and gradually fell asleep.

As the sky gradually darkened, many students were still not satisfied.

“Come, I didn’t drink. Let me send Brother Fan back.” Gao Lixiong said.

“Alright, we’ll go with you. I’m afraid you won’t be able to carry him alone,” said Xue Yaoting and Zhao Lele and Xie Yutong, who were beside him.

The two girls wanted to see where Lin Fan lived but they didn’t know. They could only send Lin Fan to the restaurant and wait for him to sober up.

Gao Lixiong and Xue Yaoting carried Lin Fan to the car.

Many students were at the door, preparing to leave, but the waiters were still polite.

Zhao Lele walked to a waitress and asked curiously, “Do you know who Lin Fan is? I saw that your manager was very polite to him and even called him Boss Lin.”

Xie Yutong was also curious. Some girls were also looking at the waitress.

The waitress looked at Lin Fan as he fell asleep. Her eyes were filled with envy as she said, “Don’t you guys know who Boss Lin is? The manager didn’t want to tell you but this news can’t be hidden. Boss Lin is actually the second-largest shareholder in our company, second only to Ms Yan. I heard that he owns 20% of the shares. You guys can go online and check.”

Zhao Lele, Xie Yutong, and many other students were stunned.

So… this was Lin Fan’s true identity!

The second-largest shareholder of Shanghai’s top five-star hotel, he had 20% shares!

In other words, Lin Fan’s net worth was already over a hundred million!

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