I Signed-In For A Billion Dollar Mansion From The Very Beginning

Chapter 16 - The Second-Largest Shareholder of a Five-Star Hotel!

Chapter 16: The Second-Largest Shareholder of a Five-Star Hotel!

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The news of the class gathering had already started to spread.

When Lin Fan confirmed that he would come, many girls cheered.

After all, Lin Fan was the most handsome guy in high school. Most girls had a crush on him.

There were also many girls who confessed to Lin Fan.

However, none of them succeeded.

Throughout high school, Lin Fan’s deskmate had always been Xia Wanqiu. Every day, he would study with Xia Wanqiu, play around, and feed each other snacks. He attracted the envy of countless girls.

However, after Xia Wanqiu became a superstar, she gradually lost contact with everyone.

Zhao Lele’s best friend, Xie Yutong, was a little disappointed when she heard about Lin Fan.

“Ah, Lele, is Lin Fan really doing not so well now?” Xie Yutong asked.

Zhao Lele nodded. “He rode a tricycle and opens a small restaurant that was around 20 to 30 square meters. There weren’t many people and he only opens the restaurant for four hours a day. I didn’t expect him to have fallen so low. If it was the old Lin Fan, I would definitely persuade you to chase after him. As for the current Lin Fan, forget it.”

Xie Yutong continued, “But Lin Fan is quite handsome…”

Zhao Lele retorted, “Yutong, the economic foundation determines their future path. You’re already 23 years old. You’re at the stage in life where you look the most beautiful. In my opinion, Lin Fan isn’t reliable. We don’t want much when we find a boyfriend. It’s just a car, a house, and a betrothal gift of a few hundred thousand dollars. How can Lin Fan afford it?”

“It’s not that we’re materialistic, but this is how the market works. How can you give a girl a future if you don’t have anything? Besides, you have a figure, you’re busty, and you’re still a virgin. We’re no longer ignorant high school girls. It’s time for us to consider our future,” Zhao Lele said.

“Yeah, I think so too. Lele, you’re right. It’s time to keep a distance from Lin Fan. I think Gao Lixiong, Shen Jiarui, and Xue Yaoting are doing pretty well.” Xie Yutong nodded.

“Of course. Look, Xia Wanqiu has become a celebrity now. Will she keep her distance from Lin Fan? It’s not that we look down on Lin Fan. He’s not bad. It’s fine if he’s a friend, but if he’s a lover, he’s still lacking,” Zhao Lele consoled.

After Xie Yutong hung up the phone, she looked at Lin Fan at the entrance of the food market. She hesitated for a moment but still didn’t go forward to greet him.

However, Lin Fan had already seen Xie Yutong. He rode his tricycle forward and greeted her, “Xie Yutong, you’re in Shanghai too?”

Xie Yutong turned around and looked at Lin Fan. She was a little disappointed and shook her head gently.

If Lin Fan had been richer… she might have wooed him.

But Lin Fan was riding a tricycle and couldn’t give her the life she wanted.

She was already 23 years old and didn’t have time to strive for a better life with Lin Fan anymore.

It was time to… maintain some distance. She couldn’t let Lin Fan have any fantasies about her.

“Yeah, I still have something on. I’ll take my leave first,” Xie Yutong said and turned around.

“Hey, you’re not buying groceries anymore?” Lin Fan was a little confused.

Zhao Lele and Xie Yutong’s attitudes were different from when they were in high school.

However, Lin Fan didn’t care about that. After all, he didn’t like these girls. He didn’t care if they wanted to chat or not.

Opening WeChat, Lin Fan sent a message to Xia Wanqiu.

[Lin Fan: “There’s a class reunion tomorrow. Are you coming?”]

[Xia Wanqiu: “Do you want me to go?”]

[Lin Fan: “I don’t want you to. Otherwise, I’ll be on the hot search list tomorrow.”]

[Lin Fan: “I’m too handsome. There’s nothing I can do about it. Maybe I’ll become a superstar even more popular than you tomorrow.”]

[Xia Wanqiu: “Meow meow ~ You’re asking for it!”]

[Xia Wanqiu: Are there many girls going?]

[Lin Fan: “There should be quite a number of them. Zhao Lele and Xie Yutong will be going as well, and many other girls from our class.”]

[Xia Wanqiu: “Fierce!”]

[Xia Wanqiu: Angry.jpg]

[Lin Fan: “???”]

[Xia Wanqiu: “I’m going to work. I’ll go to your restaurant tomorrow night to get a vegetable salad.”]

[Lin Fan: “There’s a class reunion tomorrow night. What if I don’t come back in time?”]

[Xia Wanqiu: How dare you!]

[Xia Wanqiu: Angry.jpg]

After chatting, Lin Fan felt a little helpless.

After going out for a gathering with classmates, having a meal, drinking some wine, and singing, a day was about to pass.

He might not be able to come back at night.

Xia Wanqiu was actually waiting for his vegetable salad at night.

Was she afraid that he would sleep with other girls?

Lin Fan was a little angry. Was he that kind of person?

That detestable woman. Even if I were to sleep with other woman, what does that have to do with you?

Of course, Lin Fan didn’t have such thoughts. If he really had such thoughts, based on how handsome he was, many girls would probably throw themselves at him.

It was the same in high school. Someone wanted to send Lin Fan a love letter through Xia Wanqiu but was rejected by her.

As for the love letters Lin Fan received, he handed them over to Xia Wanqiu to settle.

Of course, Xia Wanqiu had also received many love letters. She didn’t even look at them and let Lin Fan return them all to the senders.

After being tablemates for so many years, they had already reached a certain level of tacit understanding.

Immediately, Lin Fan received another call. It was from Xue Yaoting.

“Lin Fan, remember to come tomorrow. At four in the afternoon, at the New Era Lisheng Hotel, everyone is waiting for you. Gao Lixiong is treating. Let’s slaughter him, hehe,” Xue Yaoting said.

“Also, is Xia Wanqiu coming? You had such a good relationship with her in high school. She will give you face, right?” Xue Yaoting asked indirectly. He mainly wanted to inform Lin Fan of the time, and secondly, he wanted to ask about Xia Wanqiu.

“She’s not coming…” said Lin Fan.

When Xue Yaoting heard that, he seemed to have already expected it. With Xia Wanqiu’s status, Lin Fan probably couldn’t contact her anymore.

“Aiya, it’s fine, it’s fine. Brother, do you not have a girlfriend yet? Make good use of this class reunion. If not, we will help you.” Xue Yaoting chuckled.

“I’ll contact you tomorrow. Bye.” Xue Yaoting hung up.

Lin Fan looked at the time. He was going to the class gathering tomorrow at 4 pm.

If that was the case, the timing would be a little rushed.

It would probably be nighttime by the time they had a meal and a chat. Xia Wanqiu would still come to him for a vegetable salad at night.

At this thought, Lin Fan remembered that he hadn’t signed in today.

“Ding… Signed in successfully.”

“Congratulations to Master for obtaining 20% of the shares of a five-star hotel, Shanghai’s New Era Lisheng Hotel! It’s equivalent to being the second-largest shareholder of New Era Lisheng Hotel!”

“The shares transfer agreement and related property rights books have been stored in the system inventory. Master, you can take them out at any time.”

The system’s voice rang out and Lin Fan’s eyes lit up.

Previously, he had only managed to get a villa and a Bugatti. All of these could not be exchanged for cash. The only thing that could be exchanged for cash was the lottery ticket. He was just too unlucky and could only get a few hundred thousand.

He now had 20% of the shares of a five-star hotel!

Shanghai’s New Era Lisheng Hotel was a top five-star hotel, and its market value had reached 1.8 billion!

This hotel wasn’t just located in Shanghai. At the same time, it was also located in the capital, Jiangdu, Linzhou, Changshan, and other provinces. It was a large-scale hotel that incorporated hotels, accommodation, and catering.

Meanwhile, Lin Fan had obtained 20% of the shares and he was the second largest shareholder of a five-star hotel. It was equivalent to a dividend of tens of millions every year!

It was more comfortable to be the second-largest shareholder. It was not as tiring as being the largest shareholder. He could get a lot of income even when he was just sitting at home.

Take Alibaba’s boss Jack Ma for example. He had a lot of work to do every day. Lin Fan didn’t like that kind of life. He preferred to lie down to earn money and relax.

He would just quietly be a rich man, collect rent, drive a sports car, and occasionally make a vegetable salad for Xia Wanqiu. Such a life was wonderful!

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