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Chapter 471 - Beastkin Village 3

Chapter 471: Beastkin Village 3

「Apparently they came ..…」(Mile)

Red Oath settles down in the Beastman’s Village, playing with children, using exploration magic, playing with children,

They were spending leisurely vacation-like days around the village, hunting high-ranked monsters that could make money and playing with children, but it seems that the target has finally appeared.

… By the way, they don’t collect medicinal herbs or expensive ingredients.

Rena and Maevis decided to ban them, overcoming Pauline’s fierce opposition, as it would be a big nuisance to have Mile’s exploration magic uproot them.

Mile, of course, had no objection to that decision, and the pouting Pauline was ignored.

「……It’s 10 million times insolent to disturb my blissful moment!

You will be judged/punished!!」(Mile)

And Mile had already completely forgotten her original purpose.

It can not be helped.

Adults didn’t stop Mile from dealing with her children (due to political considerations)

Mile, who got on her own world, said, “Is this a loli paradise?!”, “A Shota heaven!!”, and screaming incomprehensible.

It was all she wanted to do.

So, Mile is now angry not because the incoming enemies are kidnappers but because they disturbed her Mofumofu heaven.

…The kidnappers were just some nuisances.

「Alright, their movement is clearly different from hunting and harvesting, and they are heading straight for this village while watching his surroundings.

There is no doubt.

They will also get caught in the village’s guard network,

If it becomes a battle, the villagers might also be damaged, so

Make sure they don’t do anything rash even if they find it」(Mile)

「I understand!」(Maevis)

Of course, the girls have talked to the village mayor and the council in advance, but most of the beastkin are impatient and straightforward.

It’s quite possible that the guards will attack the kidnappers, forgetting what was explained in advance.

So Maevis immediately headed to the village mayor’s house.

It’s not an errand, she is going to talk to the top of the village alone

This is, of course, the role of Maevis, the oldest and best-looking party leader in Red Oath.

… or rather, if Rena takes over this role, Maevis will be a little downhearted.

There are still plenty of times for Rena.

Or rather, there “were” too many (before).

There was be more than enough time to send a liaison to the guards…

And then, it’s the turn of Red Oath …

*     *

「…Hm? That is…」(Kidnaper)

One of the eight men walking in the forest, who seemed to be the leader, stopped.

And then, others also stop.

Eh~n, Eh~n…

「A child … crying?

And together…, no, two female headcounts (匹)?」(Kidnaper)

(T.N: 匹 is lost in translation because English also uses headcounts for people, but in Japanese, 匹 is used for animal)

The leader had a slightly suspicious look then he smiled (grin) when he realized that the voice was the crying of young girls.

「Lost children or something?

Haha, and I was trying to face the biggest challenge of how to secure children without facing the adults in the village. But look at how easy it is now.

It’s awesome, this time!

If we can get two females without any effort, all we have to do is run away before they notice.

If we could do well, we might be able to escape without fighting.

Such good luck, that’s not it…

It’s Goddess’ blessing, for I’m here!!」(Kidnaper)

The good-humored leader and men who smile when they hear it.

They know their own skills but fighting a battle depends on the luck of time.

That is… if the village guard is a beastkin with excellent physical ability. Or if the said guard gets angry and is willing to attack even with his own life.

It is not always safe and unscathed to escape with children as their luggage/good/spoil of war.

That’s why if they can earn a considerable amount of escape time between the time they started kidnapping and the time the villager notice it, they considered it to be lucky enough to laugh.

The leader refers the prey litle girls as “female” and “two headcounts”

Of course, this is to emphasize that “the prey are not humans, but just wild beasts.”

“Yes, our preys aren’t humans but just animals.

So we aren’t doing anything wrong.

Same as hunting goblins and kobolds.”

…That’s how they think.

Of course, the Ancient peace treaty strictly forbade all humans to tamper with the beastkins.

So, regardless of the law, they are just trying to justify themselves and reduce their feelings of guilt.

Originally, people like them are unlikely to have any fragment of guilt left, but could it be they feel bad to kidnap a young child?

And their explanation of self-justification by that theory is… whether or not known to Red Oath…

Only the goddess knows …

「Well, we are “the gentle hunter uncles who happened to find lost children.”

If the prey can walk on its own feet, it would be a piece of cake.

And if they feel suspicious and can’t walk on your own, tie it up and carry it.

Until then, talk nice to it!」(Kidnaper)

“Who is the gentle uncle?”, some spouted, but everyone seemed to understand the operation in general.

After all, it depends on their lives and the amount of effort they have made since then, so they are quite serious as villains.

「…… Okay, here it is!

What is that?

Isn’t it a little big?

That’s about 12 to 13 years old…」(Kidnaper)

「If it’s a large animal race, it may be quite big even if it’s young!

It must be so young that it’s lost and crying.

It’s okay, so let’s secure it for the time being!」(Kidnaper)

After exchanging in a whisper, in order not to look suspicious, the men show up from the front.

「Oh, are you lost?

Ah, don’t be afraid, we are hunters.

We are high-ranking hunters who specialize in going deep into the forest in search of rare prey.

Did you not know the way back to the village?」(Kidnaper)

These guys are villains, but not all villains have a villain’s look.

The leader of this party has a normal look for the time being.

…Three of the members are quite villainous …

(Cat ears?

For a cat beastkin, their body is …

No, is it a tiger or leopard race?)(Kidnaper)

The girls may look around 12 years old for cat beastkins but for tiger beastkins or leopard beastkins, they might be under 10 years old.

If so, it’s within the permissible range.

And the men look around the chest of the two beastkin girls.

「「「「「「「「Alright, under 10 years old for sure!」」」」」」」」(8 kidnapers)


Somewhere, something cracked.

Yes, these guys have gone and done it now.

…Signing in their own execution order…

「A…aaa… uncles, are you hunters ~na~no?」(Rena)

「c … ca … can you take us back to the village ~ru~no?」(Rena)

Desperate to control their anger, Rena and Mile looked to the men only as “scared and shivering girls”

… Yes, the two of them dressed in the clothes borrowed from the girls in the village plus “artificial Nekomimi” made by Mile with all her heart.

The model was, of course, Faril-chan, the inn’s signboard girl.

Mile could be reproduced without any difference as if it was real Fari’s cat ears.

「Ah, of course, I’ll take you to the village.

This way, come on, follow me!」(Kidnaper)

The direction that the men lead is, of course, the exact opposite of the village.

However, the two obediently followed the men.

And after walking for a while …

「Eh? This way… isn’t it the direction of the village, right?」(Rena)

「It’s true!

This place… it’s a small diameter going to the outside of the forest.

Look, the big trees are lined up …」(Mile)

The men laugh out loud when they see the girls stop and start making noise.

「Hahaha, it’s late to notice!」(Kidnaper)

「It was great that you come here.

Don’t worry, you will have a pretty good life with your rich owners.

You will be happy because you can live a much better life than living in such a countryside or a gangster life back to back with danger like us.

… No, it’s not ironic, it’s a real story!」(Kidnaper)

Certainly, what this man says really has a point.

… But it doesn’t mean that slave-hunting is allowed.

「…don’t like…」(Rena)

「Hm? What’s that?」(Kidnaper)

He couldn’t hear the words that one of the girls said, the leader asked back so.

Then the two girls opened their eyes and muttered with an eerie face.

「I don’t like bad guys/men~……」(Rena)

「Wine is vinegar (ワインはビネガー) (Katakana EN)……」(Mile)

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