I Regained My Memories and Became Rich After Getting Divorced

Chapter 35

Ordering Her Favorites Dishes


The secretary could hardly believe it. After she checked the message several times, she still saw the same word. Song Corporation was a company with influence both domestically and globally, but President Gu actually refused to meet!

This is not possible. President Gu must not fully understand the current business world because she just took over the company.

Considering the potential benefits that cooperating with Song Corporation could bring to the company, the secretary decided to accept Song’s invitation on her own after some thought.

After the cooperation takes effect and President Gu sees the thriving company, President Gu might remember me for my smart decision today, and maybe she would even give me a promotion and raise!

Gu Dai didn’t know that the secretary had made such a decision on her own. If she did, she would have fired her on the spot.

Gu Dai checked the time, and it was almost time for lunch, so she asked Su Ting and Chu Min, “Where should we go for lunch today?”

Su Ting immediately replied, “Sister, I know a really good restaurant. I go there every time I come back to the country. The best part is, they have many dishes that you like.”

Gu Dai was also started to have expectations based on how Su Ting described the place, so she quickly nodded, “Okay!”

After the nod, Gu Dai noticed that Chu Min seemed hesitant, so she asked him, “What’s the matter?”

Chu Min hesitated, then he added, “Boss, I have a family gathering at noon. I have to attend, so I may not be able to join you guys.”

“Go ahead.” Gu Dai didn’t mind, waving her hand to let Chu Min go.

Gu Dai followed Su Ting to the restaurant. As soon as they stepped in, they were surrounded by a classic Chinese style, as if they had entered a palace. A single glance would amaze you with its exquisite details.

When the two entered, it caused a big stir, attracting many people’s attention. Their attractive appearances made people unable to help but look over, and they inwardly admired their good looks.

Su Ting had already reserved a seat, so after they entered, a dedicated waiter led them to the best private room.

“Sister, I ordered a few dishes you love while we were on the car. They should be ready now. If you’re hungry, you can start eating first, and then look at the menu to see if there’s anything else you like that I haven’t ordered yet.” While he explained, he thoughtfully handed the menu to Gu Dai.

Gu Dai glanced at the menu and then shook her head gently, smiling as she said, “No, you’ve ordered all the dishes I love. But won’t it be too much for us to finish?”

Looking at the long list of dishes ordered by Su Ting, Gu Dai fell into contemplation.

Su Ting wasn’t worried when he heard this. After all, he had thought about this when ordering, “Don’t worry, sister. If we can’t finish, I’ll take the leftovers home. We definitely won’t waste anything!”

“Okay, we’ll eat together when we bring it home.” Gu Dai spoke with a smile.

She suddenly thought of something she had overlooked. She looked at Su Ting with confusion and asked, “How do you know what I like to eat?”

Su Ting carefully looked up, then he met Gu Dai’s gaze and he quickly looked away again. He lowered his head and said, “Because you’ve been so supportive of me in the past, I’ve been very grateful, so I’ve been secretly finding out what you like to eat, then remembering it and learning to make it.”

Gu Dai was a bit taken aback when she heard Su Ting’s words. She hadn’t expected that reason. She quickly composed herself again from her own thoughts, then said, “You don’t have to do that, I was the one who bumped into you first.”

Su Ting shook his head, “No, I still want to thank you, sister. After all, it was an accident on your part, and I wasn’t hurt. Besides, I wanted to remember what you like and cook it for you myself.”

As Su Ting spoke, his voice gradually became quieter. If she wasn’t paying close attention, she could barely make out what he said.

Gu Dai’s heart started to throb uncontrollably. She coughed lightly, as a way to suppress the feeling inside her.

“Miss Gu, may we join your table?”

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