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Chapter 174 - Chapter 174: Three Times Her Normal Pace

Chapter 174: Three Times Her Normal Pace

Translator: _Min_

To Gu Dai’s immense surprise, it appeared that Gu Zhi had hidden talents. She made a mental note to assign her sister more tasks in the future.

Seeing that Gu Dai remained silent, Gu Zhi became increasingly anxious and softly inquired, “Is it okay?”

Gu Dai nodded, replying, “Of course it is.”

After her response, Gu Dai suddenly recalled the timing of the gala Gu Zhi had mentioned. She asked, “Is the gala you’re attending at Capital Motel?”

Caught off guard, Gu Zhi realized she had inadvertently spilled her plans.

Faced with Gu Dai’s probing gaze, she couldn’t lie and admitted, “Yes, Dad said it’s at Capital Hotel.”

Gu Dai simply nodded and walked away.

Watching Gu Dai’s retreating figure, Gu Zhi blinked in confusion. She had thought her sister would forbid her from attending the gala.

As for Gu Dai, her thoughts turned to Gu Ming from what she heard from Gu Zhi.

Chu Min had been keeping a close eye on him as per her instructions and had quickly informed her of his recent behavior.

Chu Min: “Gu Ming has been listening to some dubious friends lately and has gone tomb raiding.”

Gu Dai couldn’t help but think that Gu Ming must be desperate for money to engage in such illegal activities.

Moreover, he was a novice in this field, never having studied tomb raiding techniques before. So, she didn’t believe he would get far.

Besides, Gu Dai had already arranged for someone to keep tabs on Gu Ming. If he did anything illegal, she would have him arrested immediately.

After catching some sleep, Gu Dai went to her gown selection room. In the sprawling, several-hundred-square-foot space, she tried to pick out a gown for the evening.

But the plethora of choices left her dizzy; each dress was stunning in its own right, and she couldn’t make up her mind.

Finally, Gu Dai randomly chose the closest gown and with the help of her maid, got dressed, applied makeup, and coordinated the appropriate accessories.

Given her natural beauty, she didn’t need to spend much time on makeup. Soon enough, she was ready.

Just then, Su Ting called to say he was almost there.

Gu Dai lifted her gown’s hem and stepped out of the room. Glancing at the neatly arranged clothes, she asked Wu Zhen, “Did Gu Zhi personally organize all of these?”

Wu Zhen nodded, saying, “Yes, I watched her do it myself.”

Wu Zhen paused, then added, “I must say, Miss Gu Zhi’s speed was much faster than usual.”

It was as if Gu Zhi was working at three times her normal pace!

Wu Zhen had been astounded while supervising her; after all, Gu Zhi usually dragged her feet, taking her sweet time to complete any task.

Gu Dai had already anticipated this, so she wasn’t surprised. She instructed Wu Zhen, “From now on, make sure Gu Zhi works at this pace.”

Wu Zhen acknowledged, “Understood.”

Capital Hotel was not just a top-tier hotel in the country; it was globally renowned.

The venue was bathed in light, and the walls and floors were made of gold. The various utensils and decorations scattered around the hotel were worth a small fortune.

When Gu Zhi walked in, she was immediately awestruck. Although she had attended such galas in the past, her recent experiences had left her feeling as if she had entered a different world.

A few young women spotted her and called out, “Zhizhi, come over here!”

Upon recognizing the faces of the women, a trace of disdain flashed in Gu Zhi’s eyes. These girls were either daughters of small company owners or women from new money. In the past, she would never have mingled with people of such status; they were simply beneath her.

However, times had changed. Since Gu Ming had lost his position as the Chairman to Gu Dai, Gu Zhi’s former friends had started to ignore her. If she didn’t socialize with these lesser figures, she would spend the entire gala alone.

Realizing this, Gu Zhi reluctantly approached the group, her expression less than enthusiastic.

The women could tell from Gu Zhi’s demeanor that she looked down on them.

They couldn’t help but silently curse her for being pretentious.

After all, Gu Zhi was now in a more precarious financial situation than they were. Had it not been for their fathers’ harboring hopes that Gu Ming would regain his wealth and advising them to maintain a good relationship with her, they wouldn’t have bothered with her at all..

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