I Regained My Memories and Became Rich After Getting Divorced

Chapter 16

No Need to Shoot it

“Sister, you’re back, I thought you… I thought…” Su Ting sobbed uncontrollably.

Through the phone, Gu Dai could hear some people asking Su Ting in English why he was crying. Is he in a public place?

When she realized this, Gu Dai hurriedly whispered some comforting words, “Don’t cry, don’t cry. I’m fine now, aren’t I? How have you been these years?”

“Pretty good, just always thinking… about you.” At this point, Su Ting paused, and then continued, “For the past three years, I’ve been looking for you, but I couldn’t find you. So, I could only work hard, strive to reach the top and get the highest exposure. That way, you would be able to find me right away.”

Gu Dai felt a little dazed after she heard Su Ting’s words. She hadn’t expected that so many people had been concerned about her during these three years, and her eyes grew a bit moist.

Su Ting indeed reached the top, because Gu Dai remembered seeing him on TV frequently over the past three years. Unfortunately, she had amnesia and didn’t look for him even though she saw him.

There were many things Gu Dai wanted to say, but in the end, they all turned into one sentence, “Thank you.”

“Sister, don’t say that. I should be the one thanking you. If you hadn’t invested in me and supported me, maybe I wouldn’t have reached this position today no matter how hard I tried. No, no, we shouldn’t use such distant words like ‘thank you’ to communicate with each other!” Su Ting even got a little anxious as he spoke.

Su Ting’s anxious mood also affected Gu Dai for the better, and even made her laugh.

She responded, “Alright, I’ll listen to you.”

Gu Dai heard Su Ting chuckle, and then he spoke fiercely but obediently, “Sister, I have some fame now. If you need my help, you must tell me, otherwise I’ll be angry!”

Although Gu Ming had just said that after inviting Su Ting, the total pre-sale amount could reach 500 million, Gu Dai never thought about bothering him. But now, Su Ting ha just said this…

After some internal debate, Gu Dai finally decided to mention the matter, “Indeed, there is something I might need your help with. There’s a jewelry project in my company that may need you as an ambassador.”

“Alright! I’ll return to the country tomorrow.” Su Ting immediately agreed.

However, when Gu Dai found out that Su Ting was still abroad, she hurriedly said, “You should focus on your own matters first. This isn’t important here, you don’t have to come back specifically for it.”

Su Ting refused, “No, I must come back! My sister’s matters are the most important in the world, nothing else can compare!”

Gu Dai felt a bit helpless but still wanted to decline.

However, before she could say anything, Su Ting on the other side of the phone had already taken the initiative to speak up.

“Or are you saying that you actually don’t want me to be the ambassador?” Su Ting’s magnetic voice was low, and there was an undeniable sense of grievance in it.

Gu Dai’s heart trembled at his voice, and she instinctively denied, “Of course not!”

“Hehe, as long as it’s not that, then I’ll come back!” Su Ting’s voice changed from grievance to cheerfulness.

Even after the phone call ended, Gu Dai was still a bit slow to react, wondering if she had just been tricked.

Su Ting, who was abroad, looked at the disconnected phone call and revealed a smile. He felt incredibly happy, knowing that his sister was really back.

“I told you, Miss Gu is safe, and she has returned now.” Zhang Zheng expressed some helplessness but also understanding. After all, when he received the call yesterday, he was just as excited. He just didn’t expect the usually calm Su Ting to lose control of his emotions like this.

When Su Ting heard Zhang Zheng’s voice, he realized that there were people around him. He hid the emotions on his face and returned to his usual cold demeanor before saying, “Let’s return to the country now.”

Zhang Zheng was stunned and asked incredulously, “Return now? But haven’t you forgotten that there’s still an advertisement to shoot?”

“There’s no need to shoot the commercial it anymore.” He had filmed advertisements before just to increase his exposure and appear on the screen all around the world.

But now there was no need for that, his sister was back. The thought alone made Su Ting’s heart fill with happiness.

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