I Refuse to Become Scumbag in Tokyo

Chapter 714: Begin

Chapter 714: Begin

While Shishio wanted to go back, he knew he couldn’t since he needed to gather the literature club to do the last check. Like the Service Club or his class, everything was ready, and there was no need to worry about it, but the matter which happened at the entrance of the school was something that they needed to talk about.

“So, what should we do now?” Nanami asked.

With Kiriya involved in this matter, they wondered what they should do.

“But where is Sensei? Shouldn’t Sensei be with us now?” Maiko asked with a frown.

While their mood was better after they watched the movies from the Service Club, their mood changed once again when they mentioned their advisor teacher.

“More importantly, if he comes, how are we going to face him?” Mai asked.

After what had happened before, they knew it would be hard for them not to show a reaction. Instead, they would ask him, and without a doubt, they were going to ask for his explanation.

“We need his explanation.” Maiko felt that it would be unfair if Kiriya didn’t say anything, and others also agreed.

Miu realized that the situation wasn’t good, and to be honest, she didn’t want to make this trouble bigger. She also believed in Kiriya since Kiriya wasn’t that kind of person, especially when she knew he swung that way, yet how could she say that? Especially when he wanted to keep this matter a secret.

“Why do you want him to explain?” Shishio suddenly asked.

‘Shishio-kun…’ Miu held Shishio’s hand tightly since she could only rely on her hand.

Unlike Miu and Shishio, the others had a uniform opinion, but the majority of them were silent and only hoped that Kiriya could explain everything, so he could explain the doubt in their minds.

“Why? Isn’t it normal to ask for an explanation? After all, he has troubled us so much like this,” Mea answered.

“Why does it matter?” His answer was simple.

“Huh? Why does it matter? I mean, he has caused trouble for all of us. I think that he should also apologize.” Nana suddenly became excited and told him about her displeasure toward Kiriya. This matter was a big thing, especially when Kiriya was their advisor. They had worked so hard on their books, so she didn’t want to fail because of Kiriya’s problem.

While she didn’t think that Kiriya also did something, he still caused trouble for all of them.

“Who is he going to apologize to? To whom?”

“To us, of course.”

“What for?”

Nana wasn’t sure what he wanted to say, but she said, “Of course, for troubling all of us and also makes us worried about him. He should at least say something instead of staying silent without saying anything. As the advisor of the literature club, he should recant his irresponsibility action and apologize to all of us.”

Her words were right, and everyone agreed with Nana.

Even if Miu believed in Kiriya, she also somehow started to lean toward Nana since if Kiriya didn’t think he was wrong, he should say something.

What they didn’t know, Kiriya was at the entrance of the literature club at that moment. He sighed and felt tired. His emotions were also far from calm since no one believed in him, yet he also didn’t want to explain it since he didn’t think he was wrong.

Yet he had to say it hurt him, especially when his students didn’t believe in him.

However, he also felt it was normal since this was the norm in this country. He had to explain everything since he knew he had caused trouble for all of them. He was about to enter but stopped when he heard Shishio’s words.

“There’s no reason for Kiriya-sensei to apologize to all of us.”


They were all dumbfounded by his words.

Even Kiriya was stunned by the place.


“Because no individual is obliged to explain himself!”


They were silent, and no one was talking as they looked at him in shock. While it was rare, they knew that he also could get angry, and when this happened, they felt pressured. It also made them uncomfortable, but they were quite afraid, so they were all looking at Nana at this moment, hoping she could solve this situation.

However, Nana was also nervous.

“Come here, Nana.”


Nana was a bit nervous, but she moved closer, yet she didn’t expect he would pat her head like a pet. While her face flushed red, she kept watching him since his words struck everyone’s heart.

“You might think this is something normal since you often see many public figures need to explain everything to the public when they make a mistake or are hurt by something, but Nana, you’re smart. Don’t casually state a meaningless generalization. It makes me feel sorry for you to have such a high IQ, yet the public still deceives you.”

He might scold her, but his hand didn’t stop caressing her head, showing he didn’t really get angry.

On the other hand, he was using a carrot and a stick method, which made her even more sticky to him.

“Who came up with the idea of “being obligated” to their actions? The idea itself is a concoction. It’s nothing but a forced confession.”

People have a right not to say what they’d rather not say.

Investigations and trials have the eternal right to be conducted. These are aspects of a highly-civilized democracy.

But to tell people to publicly bow and apologize based on the idea of “being obligated” to explain is tantamount to pre-war torture, making people confess by taking away their freedom.

It’s nothing but a barbaric violation of human rights.

That’s what uncivilized people do.

“You might think Kiriya-sensei has caused such a big trouble, but does he cause trouble to all of us?”


Not really.

Kiriya didn’t really cause them trouble. If there was trouble, they were asked by a few people since they were members of the literature club.

On the other hand, Kiriya was the one that was in trouble.

“More importantly, there are no rules at our club that we have to explain everything. Instead of thinking about this, it is better for us to focus on our cultural festival.”

They looked at him at the same time and nodded.

His explanation was simple, and it was easy to understand.

“It’s true. We wouldn’t know what to say if Kiriya-sensei apologized to us,” Nanami said and couldn’t imagine what they should say when Kiriya really apologized to them.

“It’s better for us all that he acted as if nothing had happened,” Mai said.

He looked at Nana and asked, “What do you think, Nana?”

Nana sighed, but she nodded. “I agree. We have nothing to gain from his apology.”

“That’s right. Instead of doing something that will make all of us awkward with each other. It is better to focus on the cultural festival!”

Momo Kashiwabara jumped high, causing her breasts to sway around before she leaped into him, hugging him happily.

“My man is awesome!”


Shishio was speechless, but he didn’t bother to say anything since this matter was solved, and the rest was to catch the culprit.

Kiriya, who was behind the door, wiped the tears from his eyes. Then, he tried to calm himself and stayed in the place for a moment before entering the clubroom. “How is it? Is everyone ready?”

“It’s ready, Sensei!”

“We’re going to reign the cultural festival!”


While Kiriya was speechless by their enthusiasm, he smiled and said, “Well, it’s good that you’re all excited.”

They were all talking as usual without any difference as if nothing had happened. However, it was a good thing since this made their progress even faster.

When everything was solved, it was time for them to go back. They didn’t plan to go home but went to visit his apartment since they were going to help Rui to make their cakes and many others sold for their cafe.

They didn’t waste their time, and they quickly went home, but Kiriya suddenly said, “Oga-kun, can you wait a moment? I need you to help me with something?”


Shishio didn’t overthink and walked to the teacher’s room since Kiriya told him to go there. They were talking as usual, but suddenly, he was stunned by Kiriya’s action.

It was so sudden, Kiriya suddenly leaned forward on his back and said, “Thank you.” He put his forehead on his reliable shoulder and used all of his feelings to say those words since he was really grateful to him.

“…it’s good to know, but don’t do this kind of disgusting thing kind again!”

Shishio quickly moved away and looked at Kiriya in disgust.

“Hehe, I am happy to know you, Shishio-kun.” Kiriya showed a bright smile and understood why Hina broke up with her past lover so she could be with him. If his gender was female, he was sure that he would be on Shishio’s bed at this moment. Unfortunately, he wasn’t.

“I am not!”

Shishio shuddered and wondered whether this was the reason why Kiriya called him, but when he turned, he happened to see Ryunosuke. He was about to greet him, but Ryuunosuke looked at him in shock and pained expression before Ryuunosuke ran away.


“…what the hell?”

Shishio rubbed his temple and wondered why he had to face all of this, but it didn’t really matter now since he was going to go back to his apartment to cure his heart.

As he stayed and cured his painful heart, the cultural festival began, and many things happened at this event.

Whether it was happy, sad, or many others would happen.

However, it was different with Shishio since, at this moment, the whole class was in silence, watching him wearing a student uniform during the Taisho Era.

He looked at all of them with a gentle smile and said, “Welcome.”


By now, they were afraid they might spend all of their money on this cafe and even sell their kidneys so they could enjoy his service.

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