I Refuse to Become Scumbag in Tokyo

Chapter 680: Painting

Chapter 680: Painting

“Rita, sorry to make you wait.”

Even if he didn’t really need to apologize, he still felt a bit guilty for leaving this girl for half an hour.

After all, if someone did that to him, he would leave immediately, without caring.

He wasn’t immortal, so time was precious for him, especially when he had a lot of money, so his time was even more precious.

To be honest, he didn’t really feel excited about going out with Rita since he could guess more or less what she wanted to show him. However, he knew it was also a chance for Rita’s relationship with Shiina to be cleared up.

Rita was Shiina’s only friend, and she might be her first friend.

If possible, he wanted them to continue to become friends forever instead of breaking up.

Still, he knew the process would definitely be troublesome, but even so, he decided to go with this girl since this was necessary.

However, when he came to his car, he didn’t see her anywhere. He took his phone and gave that girl a call. His phone was quickly accepted, and she complained, “You’re leaving me too long!”

“Sorry, sorry.” He apologized, but then he quickly asked, so she wouldn’t try to make him guilty by complaining, “Where are you? Do you still want to go out?”

“Of course!” Rita responded without hesitation. “I will be there soon! Don’t hang up the phone!”

“Okay.” He looked around and asked, “By the way, where have you been?”

“Coffee shop.”

He saw Rita walk out of the coffee shop with a cup of coffee and a handphone in her two hands. He could see that her expression was quite annoying, but she also seemed happy that he had arrived.

While they had only met each other for a while, he had a feeling this girl was a bit masochistic.

“Come on! Come on! It’ll be bad if we’re late.”

“Yes, yes.”

The two entered the car together, but he asked, “By the way, where are we going?” He only recalled that she didn’t say anything about their destination.”

“We’re going to the hotel…” Rita answered naturally without noticing his expression, but when he didn’t say anything, she looked at him and asked with confusion, “What’s wrong?” She noticed his expression was weird, making her wonder whether she had said something wrong. She might have learned the Japanese language, but she would make a mistake or two during the daily conversation.

“No, it’s just I didn’t expect that you want me to go to the hotel with me…” His expression was a bit weird, but he didn’t reject her since she was beautiful and also triggered his system. If she wanted to jump into him, why not?

By then, not only Shiina and Rita were best friends, but they would also become sisters.

Shishio suddenly thought he had done a good job since he preserved the relationship between the two.

Rita blushed and quickly said, “No, no! I-I don’t mean that!”

“You don’t mean that?”

“We’re going to the hotel, but we’re not going to open a room!”

“But I have never said anything like that.”

“Shishio!” Rita quickly realized that this guy was teasing her!

“Okay, okay. My bad, but what are we going to do there?”

While his family had a hotel and he also had a lot of business, it didn’t mean he owned all the businesses in this world. There were still many businesses that he hadn’t entered. If he gave an example, it was a bank, energy, and automobile.

“I want to show you something.” Her expression was solemn, as if she wanted to show him the greatest secret of this world.

“So mysterious.”

“Anyway, let’s go!” She ignored his words and urged him to quickly visit the hotel since she didn’t want them to be late.

He didn’t say much and drove toward the hotel where she wanted to visit.

On their trip, she couldn’t help but ask, “By the way…”


“Did I cause you trouble?” Rita looked at him timidly. After all, she asked him to go out with her even though his girlfriend was present. It was also because of this, even if she had to wait half an hour previously, she didn’t complain since she knew while Yukinoshita might seem calm outward, her inside might be different.

Shishio might use those half an hour to coax Yukinoshita, or they might fight because of her selfish request.

“You only realize it now?”

“…sorry.” Rita apologized, but then she looked at him in confusion and asked, “I know I have caused you many troubles, but why did you agree to go out with me?”

“Well, there are a lot of reasons. Do you want to hear?”

“Sure.” Rita nodded. “Our trip is quite long anyway. I want to hear why you agree with my invitation.” Suddenly, she smiled happily and asked, “Did you finally fall for my beauty?”

He rolled his eyes and said, “Keep your dream when you’re sleeping.” While he had to admit she was a beauty, he had to say this girl was really narcissistic.

Rita became annoyed and asked, “Then, tell me, why?” She crossed her arms, causing her breasts to swell even bigger, but her emotion also swelled up, rising since this guy always ticked her off!

“First, you’re Mashiro’s friend.”

“…fair reason, but is that all?”

So everything was because of Shiina. When Rita thought this, she felt depressed.

“Second, because I think you have something important to tell me.”


“Isn’t it normal? You have come far away from England to this country. While I might not understand why you’re so insistent and stubborn, I guess it is pretty important to you, so whether it is good or not, I will listen and see what you want to show me since this is the only thing I can do for you to repay what you did to Mashiro.”


Rita looked at him with a complicated gaze since she had come to this country without a good reason. She only felt jealous of Shiina, especially when Shiina also succeeded with her manga. Shiina also had a good boyfriend even though this guy was quite a scumbag, yet she could understand why Shiina fell for him.

‘No, no! Why are you getting hesitant now?’

The reason why she came to this country was clear, and it was because she wanted to bring Shiina to England.

While she was also the one who supported Shiina in studying in this country, she didn’t have good intentions for supporting her. Instead, she wanted to see her crushed and broken in this country, yet her heart faltered when she heard his words.

However, when she thought about what Shiina had done to her, she hardened her heart since she knew this was necessary since Shiina’s place wasn’t in this country but in England, where Shiina could spread her wings to the world.

“I see…”

“Why are you getting depressed now?”

“Anyway, is that all? Only two reasons?” Rita asked.

“Do you want me to give more reasons to agree to your date invitation?”

“Come on! Give me another one!”

“If I have to say, I don’t hate troublesome things.”

“Hmm…” Rita thought for a moment and suddenly asked, “Wait! Did you say that I am a troublesome woman?”

“I have never said anything.”


The two bickered for a while, and Rita forgot that the real reason why he agreed to her date invitation was that she agreed to become his maid until she returned to England, but it was okay since such a past needed to be forgotten.

“We have arrived.”

“Yes, this is the place!”

“Wait, let me park the car first.”


As soon as he parked the car, Rita brought him inside, holding his hand, and pulled him to the hotel.

If they didn’t have a previous conversation, he would think that this girl was thirsty and wanted to do it with him right away.

Still, as they walked, he looked around and noticed an announcement on the side.

“An art exhibition?”

“Oh, did you notice it?” Rita stopped and then looked at him.

He didn’t say anything and just pointed his finger at the announcement on the side.

“……” Rita.

Still, he looked around and felt awkward since he saw a familiar face he had seen during the party when he went with his parents to introduce his fiancee.

“What’s wrong?” Rita suddenly noticed that Shishio acted quite strangely.

“There is someone I am familiar with in this exhibition, and they know that I date Yukino-senpai. If they see us together…” He didn’t need to continue since he knew that Rita would understand.

“……” Rita.

“So, let me see what you want to show me quickly.”

“Huh? Is it okay?” Rita was surprised.

“As I have said before, I will listen and see what you want to show me. Once I have made my decision, I won’t regret it, so show me.”

“Okay.” Rita saw his determination, so she pulled his hand and brought him to the art piece she wanted to show him.


He wanted to say that she shouldn’t hold his hand, but he shut his mouth since it was too bothersome to say anything now since he knew it was too late. If there was something that he was glad for, he wore a cap in his current attire.

As they walked, they saw various art pieces inside the exhibitions, from sculpture, glass, painting, and many others.

“By the way, did you also place your piece here?”

Rita stopped and asked, “…why did you think so?”

“Since Mashiro told me that you two met each other at the atelier, I thought that you were a painter.”

“…well, I have studied in the past, but I have stopped now.”


“You’re not going to ask the reason?”

“Do you want to tell me?”


“Then, I won’t force you.”

Rita looked at him with a scrutinizing gaze, then asked, “Aren’t you just thinking that it is troublesome to listen to my problem?”

“If you want to talk, then talk. I will listen.” Shishio was speechless since he felt this girl was sharp.

Rita rolled her eyes and pulled him again. “Come on.”

‘Aren’t you the one who stops?’

However, he knew how troublesome a woman was, so the more he talked, the more troublesome it would be.

Rita kept pulling at him, but she noticed that he suddenly stopped. “What’s wrong?” She looked at him, looked in a certain direction before she was stunned, and pulled him again. “Come on! Come on!”

Shishio looked at Rita weirdly since he was looking at her painting, yet she kept pulling him as if she didn’t want him to see her art. He shook his head and followed her.


When they stopped, he quickly understood what Rita wanted to show him.

What she wanted to show him was Shiina’s painting, and it might be one of Shiina’s best pieces.

“What do you think?”

He looked at Shiina’s painting and felt like he was inside the painting, which made him think that his girlfriend was really amazing.

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