I Really Am Not The Lord of Demon

Chapter 642: There Primal Chaos Nucleus

Chapter 642: There Primal Chaos Nucleus

"I must not give up!"

Ling Ping'an continued to climb assiduously.

He didn't know how long he had been climbing, nor did he know how much longer he would have to climb.

However, this was his mission.

It was also what his main body wanted him to do.

He must climb up to that dimension, a whole new time and space.

From there, he would truly become an immortal.


As long as it was a material universe, nothing could be immortal.

A seemingly eternal star would eventually turn into a black hole or a neutron star or something like that in an explosion.

From there, it would become the most ideal nest for the old days.

Even the universe would inevitably face a great destruction or great collapse.

This was the basic law of matter.

This was also applicable to the outer gods and the old days.

The increase in entropy was irreversible.

Nevertheless, above the dimensions, there was the possibility of true immortality.

Ling Ping'an was also very curious.

What was above matter?

And what was above time?

So he climbed silently.


After experiencing countless years and the passage of time, at a certain moment, he saw it!

"Is this the high-dimensional world?" Ling Ping'an muttered to himself.

Everything he observed in front of him was extremely magnificent from his perspective.

Everything he observed in front of him was three-dimensional.

Without any strength or means, all matter in the three-dimensional world would be completely exposed.

No details could be hidden from him.

All the matter seemed to be open.

And as a fourth-dimensional existence.

Gently, Ling Ping'an stretched out his hand. He knew what he could do?

He could do as he pleased!

A one-dimensional life form was just a line on a piece of paper.

It only had a length and width.

A two-dimensional life form was an ant in a box.

A three-dimensional life form was a bird in a cage.

It would never be able to fly out of the cage.

All they knew was matter.

Whether it was the universe of regular matter or the universe of transcendent being-psionic substance.

Everything was the same.

All of them had similar atoms, electrons, and photons.

The same rule was applied to the elements of psionic power and the five elements of yin and yang.

But the fourth dimension would be different.

Ling Ping'an's hand gently stirred the fourth dimension.


There was only energy!

The real energy!

The Inexhaustible energy!

One could do anything one wanted to do here: Turning stone into gold, changing space-time, distorting matter.

Even redefining matter itself.

In other words, the fourth-dimensional creatures themselves had the ability to change and reshape all matter.

They could make their existence invisible.

They could also make a strand of their hair heavier than the entire universe!

If they could reverse the concept of 'entropy', they would be truly omnipotent!

Here, there were no longer such concepts as madness, distortion, and wisdom.

There would only be one concept: supercomputing.

The computing ability of a four-dimensional life form could instantly calculate all the constants of the entire universe.

Finally, Ling Ping'an understood what he was doing during the process of climbing?

He had already transformed into energy.

Flesh and blood were abilities, thoughts were energy, and thoughts were energy.

Even the breath he exhaled and the breath he inhaled were also energy.

It was a true energy that could form all things.

It was the light of the Big Bang.

It was also the roar that could split the heavens and earth.

And when Ling Ping'an understood this point.

He also understood that his mission had been completed.

His main body had already climbed up!

It was time for him to return!

This was not a place he could stay.

This was a place that only ultimate monsters like the main body could come to.

Of course, if he was willing to give up on himself, he could choose to merge with the main body and become a part of the main body.

The main body actually didn't object.

Because this world was rapidly quantizing.

It was resonating with the entire four-dimensional world.

It would go to the center.

Simply put, it would become the four-dimensional itself.

So, it didn't care that it had an additional quantizing processing center.

But, Ling Ping'an wasn't willing.

Therefore, he slowly separated from the fusion with his main body, which also caused him to fall rapidly.

From the fourth dimension to the third dimension, he witnessed the fourth dimension.

Although it was only for an instant, it allowed him to have some concept of the fourth dimension.


In July 2855, the temperature in Jiangcheng City was a pleasant 20 degrees Celsius.

Currently, the entire Federal Empire of Xia was separating from Earth.

The entire world was clearly separated from the other continents.

However, in the metropolitan territory of Great Xia, it was as if nothing had happened.

The workers in Jiangcheng City still went to work on time.

However, as the concentration of spirit aura continued to increase.

Now, even the average wage-earner could leap over roofs and walls. They could even walk through the air, just like what was described in the novels of the past.

The entire Jiangcheng City had also undergone earth-shattering changes.

The city had been completely reconstructed.

Raising their heads, everyone could see that in the sky above Jiangcheng City, there was a huge star that was slowly glowing.

It was the spoils of war that the Blackguard had captured from a foreign world called the abyss.

It was the divine spark of a demon lord.

This divine spark was firmly bound by the universe star formation that the blackguard had used from the demons. Then, with the help of the dark bird ring sun formation that he had exchanged from the Nightmare Realm, he extracted its divine power and converted it into psionic power, which was continuously scattered to the ground.

From there, he created a night scene similar to the emperor's nectar.

Humans and demons were bathed in the faint light of the emperor's nectar.

Together with the mountain and sea, the Great Xia's metropolitan territory was becoming more and more like the legendary ancient immortal world.

In fact, this was also the case.

Right now, many companies had demon employees.

In the Blackguard, there were even more than a dozen demon grand saints who had entered the highest security joint conference.

As Li An'an walked upstairs, she looked at the peach tree that was three meters tall.

The leaves of the peach tree bloomed.

A little girl's figure appeared.

"Mistress..." The little girl lowered her head and bowed.

In the attic, a blue flame jumped out from the slow oven that no one had used for a long time. "Mistress..."

The two little guys surrounded Li Anan and jumped around to please her.

Li Anan sighed. "Ping'an is still not back!"

"It's been ten years!"

After raising her head, she looked up at the starry sky above the bookstore.

"Aunty!" Suddenly, she heard a voice behind her that made her dream come true.

Li An'an turned her head.

She saw the extremely familiar figure in her memory walking out of a cloud of fog.

"Ping'an! "Li An'an cried out in surprise. She couldn't believe her eyes.

"Aunty!" Ling Ping'an beamed and stuffed the rebellious tentacles back into his sleeve.

As usual, he adjusted his glasses and walked to his Aunty. Then, he opened his arms and said, "I'm Back!"

Overjoyed, Li An'an jumped on him and hugged him tightly.

Behind him, the thin tentacles extended out from under his pants like a mop.

His original body had been quantized and transformed into energy.

However, the myriad of worlds still needed an original core of chaos.

Otherwise, the madness and decay of the universe would go out of control.

When he fell from the fourth dimension, he was chosen by the infinite universe.

It was like a person who loses an organ.

In order for the body to function properly, another organ would have to take on the function of the lost organ.

It was the process called compensation!

Fortunately, he already knew how to transcend to a world of another dimension.

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