I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 914 - I Believe You

Chapter 914: I Believe You

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[Tai Chu Epoch Year 8586, 12th month, 8th day, today, I decided to gather some experience at the Bai Hua State. I saw a huge plantation of daffodils, which was like a beautiful sea of yellow.

 [It really was quite beautiful. I remember my little sister loved daffodils when she was alive.

 [If only she were by my side… It would be so great if we could enjoy this beautiful scenery together.]

 Candlelight swayed in the darkness, and An Lin’s heart throbbed as he read this part on his bed.

 He felt like he could already see a woman standing before a sea of daffodil flowers with tears streaming down her face.

 After reading so much of the diary, An Lin had already pieced together how Kong Zuixiang’s younger sister had died. She had been killed by Duan Yong from the Xuan Qing Sect.

 Duan Yong was a core disciple of a sect of justice, and when he was on a mission, he discovered Kong Zuixiang’s uncle, who had ties with a demonic sect. Hence, he slew her uncle along with his entire family.

 Kong Zuixiang’s uncle had indeed been serving a demonic sect, but the rest of his family were innocent. However, Duan Yong still slew all twenty-eight members of his family in cold blood.

 Kong Zuixiang’s younger sister was quite beautiful, just as she was, and she had been raped before being slain by Duan Yong.

 Kong Zuixiang had only discovered all this from the residual spiritual information that her younger sister had left on her ring prior to her death.

 She returned to her sect like a madwoman and implored her master to deliver justice for her.

 However, the Xuan Qing Sect was a huge sect in the area, and a small sect like them was not able to hold them accountable for anything, especially when there was insufficient evidence.

 The spiritual information left on the ring had disappeared, and Kong Zuixiang couldn’t bring out any more evidence. No one believed her, just as no one believed that a core disciple from a sect of justice would do something as putrid as this.

 Not only that, but her master had even advised her to go to the Xuan Qing Sect to prove to Duan Yong that she had no connections with any demonic sects.

 She had to bow her head to a monster who had slain her entire family and raped her sister?


 At that moment, Kong Zuixiang completely gave up hope in this world.

 No one would believe her, and no one would help her. Meanwhile, Duan Yong, how had committed such heinous crimes, was still living his grand lifestyle with no one to hold him accountable.

 Kong Zuixiang gave up on her sect and left by herself.

 She had not lost her sense of reason and immediately traveled to the Xuan Qing Sect for a suicidal confrontation. Instead, she was quite calm. She knew that there would be no point in doing something like that.

 Hence, she chose to swallow her hatred and cultivate as hard as she could. She would slaughter Duan Yong once she was powerful enough!

 Thankfully, her aptitude was quite good, and her cultivation base continued to climb at a quick rate.

 However, life in the real world was not the same as in novels.

 The antagonists were not going to sit still and do nothing. They would not wait to have vengeance exacted against them.

 Duan Yong had decent aptitude too, and his cultivation base also progressed quickly.

 Kong Zuixiang had finally reached the Spirit Nurturing Stage, but Duan Yong was already at the Spirit Nurturing Pinnacle Stage. When Kong Zuixiang reached the Spirit Nurturing Pinnacle Stage, Duan Yong was already a Soul Formation Stage powerful being and had become an elder of the Xuan Qing Sect.

 The more powerful Duan Yong became, the more terrifying the forces he gathered.

 However, Kong Zuixiang could only chase after him alone. The gap was not closing. Instead, it was constantly expanding over time.

 From her diary, An Lin found out that Kong Zuixiang was actually a little foodie. Her only hobby aside from cultivation was to eat all types of delicious foods and critique them in her diary.

 However, when she realized that the gap between herself and Duan Yong was widening, she relinquished everything and cultivated like mad. Even this tiny little hobby had been discarded. It was as if she had completely disconnected herself from this world.

 Finally, Kong Zuixiang progressed to the Soul Formation Stage. At that time, Duan Yong was only at the Soul Formation Intermediate Stage.

 She knew that this was her final chance. Duan Yong’s aptitude was comparable to hers, so she had to pay a heavy price to catch up to him. Otherwise, she was always going to be a step behind him.

 Thus, she began taking pills and using all types of mystic techniques like mad in order to improve her speed of progression. However, doing so would damage her dao foundation and make her cultivation base unstable.

 However, Kong Zuixiang had already gone insane. She could no longer delay any further! She had to grab onto this opportunity to get stronger at all costs, all just for a chance to kill Duan Yong!

 In the end, Duan Yong and Kong Zuixiang both reached the Soul Formation Pinnacle Stage.

 At the border of the Bai Hua State, Kong Zuixiang found a chance to ambush Duan Yong, who was alone at the time.

 She had thought that she would be able to at least take Duan Yong down with her, but she underestimated the countless trump cards Duan Yong possessed.

 After finding out who Kong Zuixiang was, Duan Yong chortled with zero repentance as he admitted to his own crimes, “That’s right! I killed your entire family! Your little sister sure was delectable, I still can’t forget her flavor to this very day! I really regret killing her and not saving her for later!

 “What are you going to do? I am an elder of the Xuan Qing Sect, you’re just an itinerant cultivator with no proof! Who is going to believe you? Hahaha… God is smiling down on me! You’re even more beautiful than your sister, and you’ve brought yourself to my doorstep! Don’t mind if I do!”

 Kong Zuixiang was seeing red! She fought with her life against Duan Yong, but she was still unable to defeat him.

 She began to retreat. There wasn’t too much of a disparity between their strengths, so Duan Yong wasn’t able to catch her.

 That day, she had written in her diary with tears of blood flowing from her eyes.

 An Lin could tell because there were still droplets of dried blood on the yellowed, wrinkled pages of the diary.

 Kong Zuixiang was not going to give up until she had exacted her revenge.

 She was just planning a new assassination attempt when some news began to spread.

 Duan Yong had reached the Return to Void Stage and was now the sect leader of the Xuan Qing Sect. Due to his progression to the Return to Void Stage, the Xuan Qing Sect had now become a first-rate sect within the Bai Hua State and was now something far beyond her reach.

 Kong Zuixiang was in despair upon hearing this.


 [I worked so hard all my life. Will I be unable to kill that monster?

 [Is God not going to give me a chance?]

 Back when both of them were at the Soul Formation Stage, she had a chance of killing Duan Yong.

 But how was she supposed to fight against the massive gulf that stood between the Soul Formation Stage and the Return to Void Stage?

 With the current state of her body, she probably had a hundred percent chance of dying in a tribulation transcendence.

 Screw it… If this were what God had planned for her, she would go to the Xuan Qing Sect on the day of the sect leader’s inauguration and tell her story with her life!


[Tai Chu Epoch Year 10576, 5th month, 8th day.

 [I heard there was a miracle man by the name of An Lin in the Heavenly Court that can drastically increase the success rate of tribulation transcendence! Has God finally seen my efforts?

 [This is my only hope. Perhaps he can help me!

 [But I don’t have enough spirit stones and I have no friends to borrow money from…

 [I’m sorry, my Drunken Dream Sword. You have been my loyal companion for countless years, but I must part with you!]

 [Tai Chu Epoch Year 10576, 5th month, 12th day.

 [Today is the day I go to see An Lin. Speaking of which, all of his legendary feats are really astonishing! He’s only so young but he’s already insanely powerful. I wish I had his aptitude.

 [An exceptional talent like him should be able to help me transcend my tribulation, right?

 [I haven’t interacted with anyone for a long time. I hope he won’t dislike an introverted woman like me.

 [Wish me luck!]

 That was the final entry in the diary.

 Empty pages were all that followed.

 An Lin closed the diary as the image of her beautiful, yet frail features surfaced in his mind. He recalled back to when she had grabbed onto An Lin’s hands tightly and told him that she didn’t have much confidence in herself and hoped that An Lin would be able to help her.

 Her frank and honest way of speaking was still clear in his mind.

 An Lin could remember the final words she had spoken to him as blood trickled from her mouth. “An Lin, I don’t know who I can give these spirit stones to, so I’ll give them all to you! Thank you for trying so hard for me even during the final moments of my life. It’s just a pity that I’m not strong enough…”

 Kong Zuixiang died, but the stubbornness and flames in her eyes had engraved themselves into An Lin’s heart.

 “Heh… What a foolish girl…”

 Candlelight continued to flicker, and An Lin closed his eyes, as if he was tired from reading.

 Outside his dorm room, a galaxy of stars hung alongside the moon in the night sky. Everything was so peaceful, as if this were a muted world.

 At this moment, a man’s faint voice sounded.

 “Kong Zuixiang, who said that no one believed in you?

 “Your diary is your proof, and I believe in you.”

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