I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 50 - Encounter

Chapter 50: Encounter

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After parting with the very enthusiastic Zheng Hongyi, An Lin and the others checked into the presidential suite.

The living room was stuffed full with all the latest electronic products.

An Lin glanced at these products and decided that the first thing he needed to do was teach Xuanyuan Cheng and Xu Xiaolan how to use a mobile phone.

In the mortal world, as long as you had a mobile phone, you would basically be able to solve any problems which arose. You could use the mobile phone to communicate, shop, and look up information.

They were both intelligent people and were able to pick up on it very quickly.

An Lin only needed to teach them for half an hour before they became familiar with the basic functions of the phone. They were even able to navigate some of the essential apps proficiently.

Afterward, An Lin left and allowed them to play around with the phones by themselves.

There were still ten days left until they had to travel to the Kunlun Mountains and strengthen the seal on the demonic pagoda.

They still had some free time to do whatever they wanted in the mortal world.

The next morning, An Lin chucked on some sportswear and walked down into the streets, starting his daigou career.

Xu Xiaolan and Xuanyuan Cheng also went off to do their own things.

The daigou task worth thirty thousand spirit stones was not an easy one. Amongst the items that he needed to get, there were some which were quite tricky to obtain. An Lin decided to start with the easier items.

He swaggered into an electronics store and bought a dozen air conditioners, over twenty extra-large flat-screen TVs, hundreds of high-end laptops, hundreds of high-end mobile phones and over two hundred single-lens reflex cameras…

His actions not only scared the sales girl but also the CEO of the electronics store, who thought someone had come to cause trouble.

However, in the end, An Lin left under the obsequious smile of the CEO.

He had already gotten someone to deliver his purchases to a specified place.

Finishing his electronics purchases, jewelry was next.

There were all sorts of demands regarding the purchase of jewelry.

Even An Lin was starting to get a headache while looking at the list of items.

As he was walking, he suddenly heard a crisp and pleasant voice.

“An Lin?”

He was quite familiar with this voice and involuntarily raised his head to look.

Then, he saw a pretty girl with long hair staring at him with a startled expression on her face.

“Lin Wuhua!”

An Lin also couldn’t help but feel surprised when he saw the pretty girl standing in front of him.

Lin Wuhua was An Lin’s girlfriend when he was in university. However, they had only dated for a few days before the incident in An Lin’s family.

After learning that he had amassed a debt of millions, Lin Wuhua left him.

Regarding this, An Lin didn’t have many complaints.

They hadn’t been together for long, and their feelings for each other were still fairly shallow. Who would want to spend the rest of their life with someone who had a debt of millions?

An Lin had already put the past behind him. “Hey, long time no see!” He smiled calmly at Lin Wuhua.

He took notice of the luxuriously dressed male standing next to Lin Wuhua.

That male must be Lin Wuhua’s current boyfriend. His gaze toward me seems to be quite unfriendly?

“Uh-huh,” Lin Wuhua answered softly. She looked at An Lin and sensed that his temperament appeared to be a little different.

She hesitated for a moment before asking, “Actually, I was quite worried about you when you suddenly disappeared from school. Have you been well?”

Hearing her greeting, An Lin smiled. Just as he was about to answer, the male standing next to her spoke impatiently. “Wuhua, why bother chatting with someone who owes millions. His entire life is just going to be so-so.”

The male noticed Lin Wuhua’s expression as she looked toward An Lin, and he felt very uncomfortable.

He knew that An Lin was Lin Wuhua’s ex-boyfriend. Due to this level of relation, some other ideas surfaced in his mind.

“I seriously don’t understand how someone like you can still stand there so brazenly,” the male chuckled in contempt. “Do you really think you’re top-sh*t just because Wuhua is being polite to you?”

An Lin became dazed upon hearing this. Is this guy retarded?

He’s shooting off his mouth even though this is the first time we’ve met. What on earth is going on in his brain?

He looked at Lin Wuhua sympathetically. “At any rate, you’re a student of Hua Qing University. Even if you really are lacking a boyfriend, you still don’t need to go as far as finding someone like him…”

Hearing this, Lin Wuhua’s face flushed bright red. It was hard to tell if she felt ashamed or angry.

“What did you say!?” Hearing An Lin’s comment, the male immediately burst out in anger.

“Do you know who I am? I’m already the executive of a company which has assets of over tens of millions!

“Do you have any right to be talking about me when you can’t even change your own fate?”

The male yelled loudly, and he glowered at An Lin.

An Lin remained silent. His gaze toward Lin Wuhua became even more sympathetic.

“That’s enough, Gao Peng!” Lin Wuhua was a bit angry and she shouted at him to stop.

It was as if Gao Peng had swallowed explosives today. He kept targeting An Lin and this put her in an embarrassing position.

However, Lin Wuhua’s shout had no effect. Gao Peng didn’t have any intention of stopping and it appeared as if he especially enjoyed targeting An Lin.

He was just about to burst out again. However, at this moment, the sound of a car screeching to a halt sounded near An Lin.

A red Ferrari sports car stopped right beside him.

Under the sunlight, a thin halo covered the car, and it was alike a burning flame.

The make of this Ferrari was especially flashy, and it instantly attracted the attention of numerous passers-by.

Immediately afterward, the door opened and a girl wearing a white t-shirt and denim shorts stepped out.

The girl’s well-proportioned legs were exposed, and they were particularly impressive.

Complementing this lithe and graceful figure was a captivating and flawless face.

Her beauty encompassed youth and energy and at the same time, appeared noble and other-worldly. As soon as she appeared, she drew the attention of all the passers-by, even stealing the limelight of the Ferrari.

The girl smiled and walked up to An Lin. “Hey, An Lin, I found you!” she said softly.

This girl who arrived unexpectedly was none other than Xu Xiaolan!

Lin Wuhua was astonished upon seeing this. She was perplexed about how An Lin had managed to become acquainted with a girl like her.

She turned toward Gao Peng and found that he was staring dazedly at the girl.

Seeing how impotent he was, Lin Wuhua couldn’t help but feel gloomy.

Xu Xiaolan looked toward the two people standing in front of An Lin. “Are these two your friends?” she asked curiously.

An Lin smiled indifferently. “This is Lin Wuhua, my ex-girlfriend. The one next to her is her current boyfriend, Executive Gao!” An Lin introduced.

“Huh?!” Xu Xiaolan was startled upon hearing this.

However, she recovered quickly and looked toward the top of An Lin’s head. There, she could make out a faint green light 1 .

Under the astonished gaze of the crowd, she smiled sweetly and linked her hands through An Lin’s elbow.

Afterward, she sized up Lin Wuhua with a look of interest. “Big Brother An, I can’t help but say… were you blind before? How could you be attracted to a commonplace woman like her?” she said with a smile.

“W-What did you say!?” This was the first time that Lin Wuhua had been called a commonplace woman. She was immediately filled with anger and looked at Xu Xiaolan indignantly.

Lin Wuhua was actually quite a beauty. However, compared to the dazzling Xu Xiaolan, she was quite lacking. Comparing the two, the difference was like that between a firefly and the bright moon.

Thus, even though she was angry, she wasn’t able to come up with any retort.

At this moment, a voice suddenly sounded.

“Hello, I’m Gao Peng. Dare I ask for your name?” Gao Peng chuckled after recovering from his initial state of marvel. He extended his right hand, seemingly wanting to become acquainted.

Lin Wuhua almost fainted in anger . Didn’t you see your girlfriend getting bullied by her just then?! What do you think you’re doing right now?!

Xu Xiaolan was slightly taken aback. Then, her expression became even more splendid. She ignored Gao Peng’s outstretched hand and mused, “Haha, Big Brother An, I can’t believe your ex-girlfriend is even blinder than you!”

Lin Wuhua’s body swayed and she almost collapsed from anger.

This was a really massive blow!

Gao Peng also came to his senses at this moment, and with a livid expression, he retracted his hand.

“Big Brother An, are you going to play house with these two? Don’t forget the proper business!” Xu Xiaolan spoke sweetly as she continued holding An Lin’s arm shyly.

Many passers-by saw this, and they looked at An Lin with envy and jealousy.

Hearing this, An Lin shook his head in exasperation. “Let’s go. I was just passing by coincidentally. Who knew that a clown would suddenly jump out and start performing…”

When Lin Wuhua heard this, her face flushed red. Gao Peng was also shaking in fury. However, he couldn’t find anything to retort An Lin with.

Just the Ferrari Enzo that the girl was driving was worth thirty million. With this money, she could purchase his company three times over!

An Lin appeared to be her boyfriend. In what way did he look like someone who owed millions?

It was quite obvious how laughable his actions just then were.

Thinking back to An Lin’s look of indifference before, An Lin really did treat him as a clown this entire time…

All Gao Peng wanted to do now was find a hole to crawl into. So f*cking embarrassing!

Just like that, under the attention of many passers-by, An Lin and Xu Xiaolan got into the Ferrari. Under the blazing sun, the car was like a ball of flames as it zoomed off into the distance…

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