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Chapter 42 - Final Battle

Chapter 42: Final Battle

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Before the cloud of blood had a chance to fully disperse, Vice-principal Yu Hua had already rushed beside An Lin.

He flicked the sleeve of his robe and the cloud of blood disappeared. Then, he saw the male—who looked like a bloody statue—standing there.

Holy f*ck! What’s with these injuries?! He’s not dead, right?!

Vice-principal Yu Hua was momentarily dazed. Then, he didn’t hesitate for any longer before fishing out a spirit pill and tossing it into An Lin’s mouth.

At the same time, he used an insanely powerful immortal healing spell to heal the wounds within An Lin’s body.

Earth Immortal Cang Qing also rushed over. “Vice-principal, how is Student An Lin doing?” he asked anxiously.

An Lin’s self-detonation had given him quite a large fright.

Now, looking at An Lin’s blood-covered body, he became even more anxious.

“The blood essence in his body has totally melted away. His body was also going to disintegrate, however, a mysterious force helped keep his body intact.

“Even so, his condition right now is still very poor. I’m going to transfer him into the Soul Locking Ice Coffin!” Yu Hua said with a heavy expression.

Hearing this, Earth Immortal Cang Qing was especially startled. The Soul Locking Ice Coffin was an immortal tool used to prevent the soul from dissipating. This was already the last resort at the school’s disposal when they needed to save a life. He didn’t expect for An Lin to be so gravely wounded!

“Vice-principal, let me come with you.” Cang Qing was extremely worried about An Lin, so he requested to go along with the Vice-principal.

“Mr. Vice-principal, I also want to go, woof!” Da Bai said to Celestial Immortal Yu Hua.

Da Bai also ran over and he anxiously looked toward the blood-covered An Lin.

“Alright then. It will also be easier for you two to care for An Lin if you follow me anyway,” Yu Hua nodded.

Saying this, Vice-principal Yu Hua transformed into a streak of light as he dashed out of the spell formation with An Lin. Earth Immortal Cang Qing and Da Bai followed closely behind him.

Witnessing this sudden change of events, the students on White Jade Plaza instantly broke into a frenzy.

“Heavens! How come Student An Lin suddenly exploded?!”

“Could it be the after-effect of the move he used just now?”

“If that’s really the case, then this move feels like it harms the user more than it does the enemy… Can he still survive after sustaining such injuries?”

“Even Vice-principal Yu Hua came. Student An Lin should be fine.”

Just as the students were engaged in fervent discussion, a girl suddenly stood up and started running away from the plaza.

Her injuries weren’t fully healed yet and now that she was running so vigorously, her wounds opened up again. Her daoist robes became stained red with blood.

Without any care for herself, this lithe and graceful figure dashed out of the healing formation spell and ran off into the distance.

“Xu Xiaolan, slow down! I’ll go with you!” A shout suddenly sounded from behind her.

Xu Xiaolan raised her head and she saw Xuanyuan Cheng flying over on his sword.

“Don’t you need to treat your wounds?” Xu Xiaolan asked.

“It’s nothing. As class captain, I can’t ignore it when something happens to the students in my class.

“Let’s go, the medical facility is quite far from here. I’ll fly you there on my sword.”

Xuanyuan Cheng spoke with a warm smile on his face.

“Thanks, class captain.” Xu Xiaolan was also very worried about An Lin. Thus, she nodded her head and accepted his offer without any hesitation.

Carrying both Xuanyuan Cheng and Xu Xiaolan, the sword once again dashed into the sky, becoming a streak of light as it flew towards the medical facility.

Within the Forest of One-Thousand Peaks, the boundary had already shrunk to an area of just ten square miles.

The powerful cultivators of the Immortal Rankings Board had already begun their final battles. When individuals of the Dao Body Stage came across more powerful individuals of the Spirit Nurturing Stage, they would be defeated very quickly.

Students of the Dao Body Stage were eliminated one after another and eventually, this became a battleground for students of the Spirit Nurturing Stage.

In these final battles, the most eye-catching individuals were Liu Qianhuan and Yang Chengwu.

Liu Qianhuan’s vital energy was especially rich and abundant. She cast all types of weird and wonderful immortal spells and she defeated a few powerful individuals of the Spirit Nurturing Stage in succession.

Yang Chengwu’s swordsmanship was without equal and no one would dare to face his blade. The more he battled, the more fearless he became, and his aura had already accumulated to a peak level.

Just as he thought that the final battle would be fought between him and Liu Qianhuan, an unexpected opponent appeared.

She was the new student who had maintained a low profile this entire time—Su Qianyun.

Yang Chengwu was stunned by her beauty. No wonder she’s said to be the goddess of our university. She’s almost as beautiful as Chang’e.

Perhaps ordinary cultivators would be distracted by Su Qianyun’s beauty. However, Yang Chengwu would not.

He was loyal only to his sword. Apart from his sword, there weren’t many things which interested him.

This was a battle between a cultivator of the Spirit Nurturing Final Stage and a cultivator of the Spirit Nurturing Initial Stage. There was no doubt as to how this would end!

Yang Chengwu was brimming with confidence as he started fighting against Su Qianyun.

Then, one of his hands was lopped off…


Yang Chengwu gripped his arm in pain. “What on earth is your weapon?!” he gasped in astonishment.

A blue, semi-transparent crescent was circling around Su Qianyun and it appeared extremely nimble.

“Immortal Weapon, Moonlight Disc,” Su Qianyun answered softly.

Yang Chengwu’s eyes bulged. Holy f*ck, Immortal Weapon?

In the Kingdom of the Nine States, immortal tools are the essential treasures of the finest sects. This girl actually owns one?!

It was under the attack of this Moonlight Disc that Yang Chengwu was injured, as he didn’t expect for the Moonlight Disc to fly in such a peculiar manner. When it moved, it was as if it had teleported, appearing before him in an instant and slicing off his arm.

Su Qianyun knew that only Celestial Immortals could utilize the full power of Immortal Weapons.

In her hands, only a small portion of its power could be released. It could be said that this was an enormous waste of such a weapon.

However, she couldn’t do anything about this. Sister Chang’e truly adored her and forcefully made her accept the Moonlight Disc!

If Yang Chengwu learned of how she obtained this weapon, would he become infuriated to the point of vomiting blood?

Due to his carelessness, Yang Chengwu found himself in an unfavorable situation. However, he calmed himself down quickly and once again launched an attack on Su Qianyun.

Although immortal tools were powerful, when faced with a great gap in cultivation base, there were still ways to deal with them.

After a period of intense battle, Yang Chengwu finally emerged victorious.

The ‘genuine strength’ cultivator finally beat the ‘whale’ cultivator!

Seeing the golden defensive barrier in front of him, tears brimmed in Yang Chengwu’s eyes. He gripped his broken sword tightly and headed toward the final battleground.

Just like that, Liu Qianhuan was greeted by the sight of a heavily wounded Yang Chengwu.

Not only was his weapon broken, but one of his arms was also severed. There were numerous gashes on his body and his aura was extremely weak.

Liu Qianhuan gasped slightly. A look of surprise burst forth from her purple gem-like eyes, and this quickly changed into a look of delight.

“Oh! I love finishing off the critically injured!” Liu Qianhuan yelled childishly.

Immediately afterward, she cast her Final Spark!


Her six-feathered staff spun in the air and a laser beam of light burst forth, penetrating through Yang Chengwu in an instant.

Yang Chengwu, deceased…

No, hang on. A golden defensive barrier had already appeared around his body and teleported him, along with his severed arm, out of the spell formation. Presumably, his arm could still be reattached.

Liu Qianhuan’s expression didn’t relax much after defeating Yang Chengwu.

This was because one person still hadn’t appeared, that being the top-ranked individual of the Immortal Rankings Board—Wang Xuanzhan…

“Hmm, so annoying. I feel like I only have a twenty percent chance of winning even if I use my secret move.”

There was a look of vexation on Liu Qianhuan’s face. Thinking about how painful it would be when she was defeated, she felt even more bothered.

As she stood awaiting her opponent, Sword Immortal Ling Xiao suddenly appeared in front of her.

“Congratulations, Student Liu Qianhuan! You’re the last student remaining in the Forest of One-Thousand Peaks (apart from Chen Chen). You’ll receive a special reward from the university. Now, follow me out of this spell formation!” Sword Immortal Ling Xiao chuckled warmly.

“Hah? I’m the last one remaining? What about Wang Xuanzhan?” Liu Qianhuan asked in shock.

“M-hm… Wang Xuanzhan has already been defeated by An Lin. However, An Lin was also gravely injured and he’s been teleported out too,” Sword Immortal Ling Xiao explained patiently.

Liu Qianhuan became even more astonished, and her pretty purple eyes widened.

“What! Wang Xuanzhan was defeated by An Lin?

“Aiyah… If An Lin’s become so strong, then how am I going to force him to play games with me in the future?!”

Sword Immortal Ling Xiao winced. Shouldn’t she be complaining about why An Lin has become so strong? How come she’s focused on the gaming side of things?

The rumors are indeed true. This web-addict thinks about things in a very peculiar manner…

Sword Immortal Ling Xiao came to a decision in his mind. He definitely needed to protect Student An Lin and prevent him from being negatively influenced by this web-addict!

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