I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 379 - The Much-Anticipated Tribulation Transcendence

Chapter 379: The Much-Anticipated Tribulation Transcendence

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The startling change taking place between heaven and earth instantly alerted everyone in The United University of Cultivation.

A graceful middle-aged man stood on a tree branch, looking at the meditating figure in the distance with a scorching gaze.

“Earth Immortal Ming Yuan, don’t you have to teach a class right now?” A tall and slender woman in a yellow coat and a pair of red-rimmed glasses sat beside him on a giant book with a dainty smile on her face.

“I changed it to a self-study session!” Earth Immortal Ming Yuan replied with zero guilt.

He paused before continuing, “The principal did say spectating was prohibited, but I’m just looking from afar, so it shouldn’t be distracting to An Lin. This is an opportunity for me to attain enlightenment, so I have to grab it with both hands!”

At this moment, countless students and teachers were staring out the windows of the classrooms.

All the students were completely dumbfounded. They had no clue what was going on and could only speculate among themselves.

“My god, it was so bright and sunny a moment ago, why is it suddenly so gloomy outside?!”

“Could there be an approaching storm?”

“Are you retarded? The Heavenly Court is a floating academy, how can there be such dense rainclouds appearing at this altitude!?”

“Could it be some powerful enemies have arrived and their arrival is triggering weather abnormalities?”

“Bullsh*t! What kind of nutjob would come to flex at the Heavenly Court? There are much simpler ways to commit suicide!”

“Then could it be someone transcending a tribulation? That’s the only other plausible explanation, right?”

“Oh my god, could it be Liu Qianhuan!?”

All the teachers were fabricating a collective lie by telling their students that this was just Vice-Principal Yu Hua creating a new immortal spell. Hence, all the students began to focus their attention on their classes again.

Of course, this applied to all the students aside from the dozen classes that had mysteriously been changed to self-study classes at the last minute.

All the students in those self-study classes were in an uproar and were on the brink of collectively ditching class and charging out of their classrooms.

Almost all the students were engaged in heated discussions as they tried to figure out the reason for these abnormal phenomena. When they felt the devastating power surging in the dark clouds above, most of them speculated that this had something to do with tribulation transcendence. Thus, many of them reviewed the Immortal Rankings Board to find that Liu Qianhuan and An Lin were the two most likely candidates to be transcending tribulations.

As for why they included An Lin in their speculations even though he was just at the Spirit Nurturing Final Stage, this was simply because he was far too legendary a figure to be left out of a discussion like this.

But never would they have thought that their wild guesses would be so close to the truth…

A series of teachers silently appeared in the forest on the Full Moon Mountain. All of them had repressed their auras in fear of distracting the young man sitting at the summit.

“Cang Qing, weren’t you traveling somewhere with Department Head Zhu from the Immortal Spell Department?” A female teacher exclaimed when she caught sight of an elderly man with white hair.

Earth Immortal Cang Qing stroked his beard with a smile. “Hehe, I couldn’t miss out on seeing one of my students reaching Soul Formation Stage, so I made a trip back especially for this. An Lin has been under my tutelage this whole time, from zero stage Dao Body all the way to Soul Formation Stage, look how far he has come…”

The female teacher grimaced slightly at Cang Qing’s words. There wasn’t anything wrong with what he said, but it just didn’t sound right for some reason…

At this moment, An Lin had his attention focused entirely on the sky above, such that he was completely oblivious to everything happening around him.

He could feel that a certain shackle had been unlocked in his body, and his Beast Core began to glow with a brilliant light. The golden light illuminated his sea of vital energy, and he knew this was a precursor that his Beast Core was about to melt away.

When spirit beasts progressed to Soul Formation Stage, their Beast Cores would melt away into two parts.

One part would assume a liquid form before merging into all the main meridians, thereby fortifying the meridians and transferring the role of vital energy circulation from the Beast Core to the meridians.

The other part would then transform into an insubstantial divine aura which would merge into the consciousness to drastically increase vitality, essentially creating a second life. From that point onward, the consciousness would undergo a qualitative change where the divine sense would be activated to a much greater extent. At the same time, this divine aura could merge one’s domain with their consciousness, thereby consolidating the two to form a true Soul Formation domain.

Of course, all this had to be carried out during the lightning tribulations!


Dull thunderclaps finally began to erupt.

An Lin looked up at the sky to find that there were streaks of light peeking through the darkness as if they were threatening to burst through the dense layer of dark clouds.

The flashing lightning covered an area of over a kilometer, and an extremely terrifying power began to converge in the sky above. An Lin stared up at the convergence of power and felt a little overwhelmed.

Vice-Principal Yu Hua sipped some tea as he sat in an antiquated pavilion. He looked up at the thunderous dark clouds in the distance and an expression of shock appeared on his face. “Five kilometers of dark clouds and 1.5 kilometers lightning, this is far too fearsome for just Soul Formation Stage tribulations. As expected of the top prodigy of the Heavenly Court.”

Following his meditation, An Lin had already primed himself into his best possible condition.

He stood up with Evil-Slaying Sword in hand and awaited the bolts of tribulation lightning.

Divine lightning was already beginning to crackle overhead and the vast amount of power imbued within the lightning had even the teachers trembling with anticipation.


A bolt of golden lightning pierced through the clouds with peerless might and exploded in the sky above.

Vice-Principal Yu Hua instantly spat out a mouthful of tea upon seeing the golden lightning.

All the spectating teachers also drew in sharp breaths as their eyes threatened to bulge out from their sockets.

What the hell was going on? Golden lightning?

Liu Qianhuan rubbed her eyes with incredulity. “I feel like I might be color-blind… Could you guys tell me what color the lightning was just then?”

“It was a bolt of golden lightning. This is the Golden Void Lightning normally seen in the tribulations for advancement to the Return to Void Stage…” Xu Xiaolan stared intently at the man on the summit. Her nails had dug deeply into her palms but she didn’t take any notice of it.

“That should be just an anomaly resulting from weather abnormalities. The bolts fo lightning after this should be the normal bolts of blue lightning.”


Another loud bang exploded in the sky.

A thick bolt of golden lightning flashed through the sky, instantly eradicating the dark clouds in its wake.

Immediately afterward, countless bolts of golden lightning began to appear within the dark clouds overhead. They swam through the sea of dark clouds like a school of elongated, golden fish.

Xuanyuan Cheng: “…”

Zong Yongyan stared blankly at the scenes unfolding before his eyes, and he even forgot to flap his fan around. He only managed to stutter out a sentence after a long while, “Holy crap… Is Big Brother An really going to skip straight to Return to Void Stage?”

“No, he won’t be able to survive the bombardment of the Golden Void Lightning!”

Xu Xiaolan chewed tightly down on her lower lip and began to make her way toward An Lin.

A figure suddenly stood in her way.

“From the moment the tribulations began, everything came down to student An Lin’s fate, we can’t disrupt him no matter what!” Sword Immortal Ling Xiao spoke with a non-negotiable tone of voice.

Just as countless people were flabbergasted at the sight of the Golden Void Lightning.

An Lin himself was also staring up with a blank expression at the golden lightning.

“That’s not right, isn’t the divine lightning for progressing to Soul Formation Stage supposed to be blue? Why is it golden now? What does gold mean, is that more powerful or weaker?” he muttered in confusion.

Even though An Lin didn’t know what type of lightning this was, he could tell that the power imbued within was unlike anything he had ever seen! Even the purple-gold lightning unleashed by horned dragons of Soul Formation Final Stage couldn’t compare to the golden lightning in the sky.

Sword Immortal Ling Xiao instructed everyone to retreat another thousand feet, in case they sustained injuries from the shockwaves created by the golden lightning.

Right at this moment, the golden lightning in the sky was already lowly condensing into a ball of lightning.

Any bolt of golden lightning in the sky had the power to destroy a Soul Formation Stage cultivator, and there were already a few hundred bolts of such lightning converging in the sky.

The same thought suddenly occurred to all the spectating teachers— if all this golden lightning fell at once, would it raze the Full Moon Mountain to the ground?

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