I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 328 - Interrogation and Leads

Chapter 328: Interrogation and Leads

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An Lin looked down at Battle God Zi Yang’s blue underpants with a thoughtful expression.

Hmm, the material should be quite unique if it was able to survive an atomic bomb explosion.

However, he still shook his head as he discovered the kindness within his heart. “Senior Zi Yang, I understand the importance of not going too far and burning my bridges, so you can keep your underpants.”

Battle God Zi Yang’s lips twitched violently.

Not going too far?

F*ck you, you spout that kind of nonsense after taking everything I have?

Sword Immortal An Lin, is your skin made from diamond?!

“Then, can I leave now, Sword Immortal An Lin?” Battle God Zi Yang forced a smile onto his face.

An Lin blinked lightly. “I only promised to spare your life if you gave me all your stuff, I didn’t say I’d let you go.”

“What the f*ck!” Battle God Zi Yang’s eyes widened with rage. He had underestimated just how thick An Lin’s skin was.

“Don’t worry, I just want to ask some questions.” An Lin smiled at Battle God Zi Yang before turning to the Gundams. “Put some shackles on Battle God Zi Yang!”

The two Gundams immediately sprang into action and conjured up dazzling electromagnetic shackles with locked around Zi Yang’s neck, wrists, waist, and ankles.

“What… what do you want to know?” A strong sense of humiliation welled up in Battle God Zi Yang’s heart.

An Lin gathered Xuanyuan Cheng and the others, and they all surrounded Battle God Zi Yang with sinister smiles on their faces.

An Lin was the first to speak, “First question, do you know where the other Divine Weapons and Divine Flames are?”

Battle God Zi Yang shook his head. “I don’t, but I’ve heard that they are located in the Ancient Barren Realm.”

He had only just finished his sentence when powerful waves of electricity shot through the electromagnetic shackles.

“Beep! Zap zap zap…”

Electricity ravaged his body in powerful waves.

Battle God Zi Yang’s eyes rolled over as a white plume of smoke escaped from his mouth.

An Lin chuckled lightly. “These electromagnetic shackles have a lie-detection function. Hehe, it’s perfect for dishonest people like you…”

Battle God Zi Yang was shocked beyond belief. So this was also that “technology” witchcraft? How terrifying!!

“I’ll ask again, tell me where the other Divine Weapons and Divine Flames are,” An Lin asked again.

Battle God Zi Yang didn’t dare to lie anymore. “The Setting Moon Flame is located at the bottom of the ocean under the Giant Turtle Island of the Blue Sea. It merges with the seawater at times and condenses into a flame at the bottom of the ocean the rest of the time and it is next to impossible to tame. As for the Heavenly Void Flame, I’ve only heard that it’s in the northern region of the Ancient Barren Realm, but I’ve never seen it. The Divine Weapon, White Radiant Bead, is currently under the ownership of Battle Goddess Bi Qiong, and as for the Divine Weapons, Azure Ocean Sword and Divine Thunder Plaque, I’ve only heard of them in legends.”

An Lin looked at the electromagnetic shackles and nodded with satisfaction after discovering no further bursts of electricity running through them.

Battle God Zi Yang collapsed to the ground in exhaustion. He had been severely injured and also mentally scarred. How could he endure torture by electrocution now? Of course he was going to provide all the answers An Lin wanted, everything else could wait until after he ensured his own survival.

“Second question, how much do you know about Celestial Immortal Shou Yang?” An Lin continued with his interrogation.

Battle God Zi Yang didn’t seem surprised to hear An Lin ask this question. “Celestial Immortal Shou Yang had appeared in this world a thousand years ago. Or to put it more accurately, he was only passing by.

“Hehe, I had just reached Battle God rank at that time and thought myself to be invincible, but I was defeated in one move by him. I knew then that he was on a level above mine. He was the same as you all in that he too used some other form of energy as opposed to Battle Qi. He only appeared briefly on the Zhan Qi Continent before disappearing without a trace. It is said that he was last seen at the northernmost tip of the Ancient Barren Realm.”

An Lin and the others all heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing this.

The fact that Celestial Immortal Shou Yang had once appeared here meant that they were on the right track. All they had to do now was to follow the leads provided to them.

Xuanyuan Cheng thought briefly before posing a question of his own. “Have you seen any other otherworldly travelers aside from us and Celestial Immortal Shou Yang?”

Zi Yang shook his head. “No.”

An Lin looked toward everyone else. “Do you guys have any other questions? Ask him while he’s weak.”

Zi Yang: “…”

A curious expression appeared on Hu Guan’s face. “What material is your underwear made out of?”

Zi Yang’s lips twitched, and he didn’t want to answer this stupid question.

But then— “Beep! Zap zap zap…”

Electricity ran through his body yet again!

He frothed at the mouth, and his body quivered spasmodically as he cursed An Lin’s group to death in his heart!

“My underpants are known as Pure Yang Underpants which are just below the level of Divine Armor. The material is soft and breathable and can release a barrier of pure yang to protect the wearer upon sensing the wearer is in danger. Under normal circumstances, it has the effect of boosting vitality, clearing the meridians, and condensing the power of yang…” Battle God Zi Yang replied with a suicidal expression.

His description making An Lin seriously reconsider his decision to leave the underpants behind.

Even Hu Guan and Yao Mingxi were looking at Battle God Zi Yang’s crotch with scorching gazes.

Tears began to flow down Battle God Zi Yang’s face. “You’re not going to take my underpants too, are you?”

“Ahem… Classmate An Lin, remember what you said about not burning bridges.” Xuanyuan Cheng reminded with a light cough.

As for Xu Xiaolan and Su Qianyun, they had already averted their gazes as they were unable to bear any more of this.

“Alright then! Senior Zi Yang, make a Heavenly Dao Oath that you won’t seek vengeance on us and you’ll be free to go,” An Lin finally decided against stripping him of his underpants and spoke again.

Battle God Zi Yang made the vow as instructed. All he wanted to do was to leave this place as soon as possible.

F*ck, if he stayed here any longer, these bastards might change their minds and really strip away his underpants!

“I hope we meet again, Senior Zi Yang!” An Lin waved in farewell.

“I’ll be taking my leave then, Sword Immortal An Lin.” Battle God Zi Yang nodded.

Meet again my arse!

He never wanted to see these bastards again!

After the electromagnetic shackles were retracted, he immediately fled into the distance without so much as a glance behind him.

An Lin and the others all sighed with emotion as they watched him depart. After all, it was quite a humbling experience to see one of the most powerful beings in this world reduced to such a sorry state.

They then came to the site of the explosion, where there was an indescribable huge crater in the ground.

Flames, thick smoke, and lethal radiation hung around in the air, reducing the once-beautiful mountain to hell on earth.

An Lin and the others did not enter the radiation zone. Instead, they delegated that task to the two Gundams.

As expected, they soon returned with a longsword.

It was the sword of Battle God Xu Ming, the Divine Weapon which was known as the Dark Flash Sword!

An Lin pulled the sword out from its sheath excitedly and a series of powerful black ripples appeared in the air.

There was a ferocious black monster carved onto the sword with the body of a lion and two horns on its head, giving it the appearance of the mythological beast, Bai Ze.

“The weapons on the Zhan Qi Continent all react to Battle Qi, so we’d have to modify them if we wanted to use them. However, these Divine Weapons are receptive to vital energy as well…” An Lin’s eyes lit up.

He pulled out the Universal Mirror to find that that too was also receptive to vital energy.

It was a bit perplexing that the five Divine Weapons had clearly already come into existence in this world prior to Celestial Immortal Shou Yang’s arrival.

Just as everyone was puzzling over this question, An Lin suddenly spoke again.

“These Divine Weapons all rival the best spirit tools and are most definitely rare treasures. What say we split these two now and let them choose their owners for themselves.”

He wiped away the ownership seal within the Universal Mirror and the Dark Flash Sword before placing them on the ground.

Everyone looked at each other. The standard procedure was to use their blood essence to attract the spirit tools, and the owner would be decided by whoever the spirit tools went to.

An Lin, Xuanyuan Cheng, Yao Mingxi, Hu Guan, Xu Xiaolan, and Su Qianyun all released a drop of blood essence which floated in the air before them.

They then made a series of seals with their hands, and the drops of blood essence all shone with a blinding light.

The two Divine Weapons on the ground seemed to have suddenly come under the influence of some invisible force and suddenly began to tremble and vibrate.

The Dark Flash Sword released a beastly roar, and the whole sword levitated up from the ground.

The Universal Mirror released a mix of black and white light and also levitated into the air before flying off in a certain direction!

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