I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 2190 - How Long Has Passed?

Chapter 2190: How Long Has Passed?

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Two large and ugly black pigs sprinted through the desert, leaving a trail of dust and sand behind them.

After recovering from his shock, An Lin fell deep into thought.

Only a year had passed, so what on earth had happened to Tina?

“Little Na, have you lived inside those ruins this entire time?” An Lin couldn’t help but ask.

Tina pondered for a moment before replying, “I live in those ruins sometimes, and I directly sleep on the sand dunes some other times.”

An Lin: “???

“You don’t even live in a house or sleep on a bed?!” An Lin exclaimed in shock.

“Why do I need a house or a bed?” Tina asked in confusion. She pointed at the endless stretch of desert and said, “This entire land can act as my bed. In any case, none of the other small animals dare to near me, so I can just lay down anywhere and sleep.”

An Lin opened his mouth, yet he couldn’t find any words to say. He suddenly understood why Tina had just tossed him into the desert. As it turned out, this fairy viewed this entire desert as her bed?

A mighty Goddess of Creation had fallen to the state of treating the desolate desert as her home?

“It’s just that the wind is very strong sometimes, so I’ll be entirely covered in sand when I wake up. This can be a little inconvenient,” Tina added.

An Lin’s heart shuddered upon hearing this.

Holy mother of God… This is called a little inconvenient?!

Tina’s brain has indeed been damaged!

An Lin’s heart ached as he looked at Tina’s crazy actions. However, he was at a loss for what to do.

An Lin knew that he couldn’t rush things. He had to figure out the root cause of Tina’s predicament, and then he had to figure out how to help her recover.

The two of them continued to speed through the desert.

Tina seemed to greatly enjoy riding pigs, and she would even occasionally stand up on the pig’s back to gaze at the brilliant red sunset. This sunset would paint the desert a magnificent shade of red and gold.

A Goddess of Creation was riding a pig, and she even seemed to be enjoying it immensely. She seemed much like the wild children whom he had played with in his childhood.


“Little Na, I still don’t understand. Why do you choose to live in a desert and not a place with beautiful mountains and limpid waters?” An Lin asked.

“Beautiful mountains and limpid waters?” Tina cocked her head in thought. “Are there places with beautiful mountains and limpid waters in this world?”

An Lin was stunned yet again. “How can there not be? The Divine Mirror World is so huge!”

“There genuinely isn’t,” Tina answered sincerely. “It’s all desert.”

An Lin unleashed his divine sense again.

This time, he didn’t care about the fine details but only cared about range. His divine sense quickly expanded thousands of kilometers into the surrounding. However, all that he could see was desert.

An Lin wasn’t willing to give up, so he continued to expand his divine sense, all the way until it reached tens of thousands of kilometers into the distance.

However, all that he could detect was still desert.

He furiously expanded his divine sense. Fifty thousand kilometers, five hundred thousand kilometers, tens of millions of kilometers…

In the past, such a huge distance would have already allowed him to observe the entire Divine Mirror World. Now, however, he still couldn’t see any end.

This wasn’t the most critical thing.

The most critical thing was that even though An Lin had expanded his divine sense to its limits, he still couldn’t see anything apart from the desert. Everything was desert!

The largest desert on the Tai Chu Continent wasn’t even one-tenth the size of the desert that he had observed at this moment. In other words, it was extremely likely that Tina was telling the truth. Her entire world was desert…

“How has it become like this?” An Lin wore a dazed expression as he tried to comprehend this information. In his memory, the Divine Mirror World had been a world with tens of thousands of tribes and a world that had been brimming with vitality and all kinds of wonderful sceneries. Where had all those gone?

At this moment, the two large and ugly black pigs had carried him and Tina to someplace in the Divine Mirror World.

This was a gigantic city that was covered in sand. An Lin could see all kinds of rooftops and towers. As for the lower half of these buildings and the ground of the city, they had already been buried by an endless amount of sand.

Indeed, this was a city that had been buried by sand.

An Lin and Tina dismounted from the pigs and walked into the city.

This city was gigantic, and it measured a whopping several hundred kilometers in depth.

However, its magnificence hadn’t prevented it from falling into desolation.

Desolate… This place was far too desolate!

There was nothing in this city, and all that entered An Lin’s vision was an endless expanse of decline.

An Lin walked toward a tower that hadn’t been buried by the sand. He saw some traces of activity, and he also saw some very peculiar beings. He could still determine from their form that they were members of the Light Wing Clan.

There were hundreds of members of the Light Wing Clan inside this tower, yet it was as if they had all been transformed into stone. Their bodies were hard, and their wings were already fractured and snapped. However, they all wore expressions of despair and confusion as they lifelessly gazed up at the sky.

This was the case for every single one of them. They were gathered together, and they were either praying to the heavens or crying while gazing at the sky. However, their bodies had been invaded by some power that had transformed them into stone.

This was a feeling of grief and despair. At the same time, however, this seemed like an extremely ancient scene.

The sight of this made An Lin feel extremely uneasy.

“Is this the scene of an apocalypse? What on earth did the Divine Mirror World go through? Why has it changed so much in just a short year…?” An Lin murmured to himself.

Tina’s pure and beaming smile also gradually disappeared as she gazed at the scene before her. She was overcome by a mysterious feeling of grief.

At the same time, she was slightly confused by An Lin’s words.

“What do you mean a short year? It’s clearly been a very, very long time already. If the rising and setting of the sun represent one day, then how many years has Little Na been here already? One hundred years? Ten thousand years? One hundred thousand years? Or one million years?

“It’s been far, far too long. It’s been so long that Little Na can’t even keep track of the time… From the beginning of my memory, everything has always been like this…”

Tina said this quietly, and it was as if she were recalling something from the distant past.

“This place has always been the same. The endless desert, the red sun, the wild winds, the sandstorms… I walked from one end of this world to the other, yet I still couldn’t find any being who could talk to me. All I could find was some ordinary creatures in the desert.

“I endured the sandstorms here, and I endured the beating sun here. When I got bored, I went out to hunt and find things to eat. I also made some large and stupid friends. Day after day, year after year… This is an eternal cycle with no end…

“In fact, I already became numb to this a long time ago. I became numb because of this endlessly repeating cycle. I thought that this was all there was to life…”

She clasped her heart with her hand before lowering her head and saying, “Giant An Lin, do you know? I was overjoyed when I suddenly detected the sensation in my bloodline.

“At that moment, I suddenly realized that I wasn’t alone. I realized that there was a person in another world whom I could communicate with…”

An Lin gazed at the fairy beside him. However, her head was lowered, and it seemed as if she didn’t want him to witness her sad and frail expression. A glistening tear fell from her eyes and disappeared into the earth.

Even though there were countless questions floating in his mind, An Lin naturally wouldn’t ask them now. He simply pulled the fairy into a tight embrace.

“Little Na, everything is okay.

“Haven’t I come now? I’ll accompany you forever, and you’ll never feel lonely again…” An Lin’s voice was soft and gentle.

He could feel the loneliness and unease of the fairy.

After all, who could endure living in this kind of environment for all eternity?

The suffering that Tina had endured wasn’t merely of a physical sense!

There was a throbbing pain in An Lin’s heart.

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