I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 2032 - Extraordinary Talent  

Chapter 2032: Extraordinary Talent

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“Hmm… what’s her name again…”

“Oh, right, it’s Hong Ling, and her dao title is Little Hong Ling…”

An Lin was already very familiar with all of the information regarding the Divine Essence Pavilion cultivators.

As for why her dao title was Little Hong Ling, that was because she was indeed very petite.

In fact, she had the appearance of a three or four-year-old little girl and wore an intricate little red hat along with a little pink dress that revealed her fair and slender calves. Her large, black eyes seemed to constantly be shimmering with tears, evoking within the onlooker an urge to protect and cherish her.

Unfortunately for her, the Ancient Dragon Empress didn’t want to protect nor cherish her.

Thump thump thump!

The Ancient Dragon Empress rammed three consecutive, vicious punches into Little Hong Ling’s face, making her intricate features bruised and battered. She had already thrown up mouthfuls of blood and was in an extremely pitiful state. However, the little girl gritted her teeth tightly and refused to cry or shout. She wore an expression of unyielding determination and willingly took the Ancient Dragon Empress’ attacks, as if she really were trying to attain heaven crushing true intent from her punches.

“Do you feel it? Do you feel my heaven crushing power?!” The Ancient Dragon Empress’ fists rained down relentlessly and mercilessly upon the adorable little girl.

Little Hong Ling was throwing up blood relentlessly from the barrage of punches, but she still forced herself to reply, “I… I do…”

“Hahaha… That’s great!” An expression of approval appeared on the Ancient Dragon Empress’ face, and she chortled with glee as she continued to engage in heinous child abuse!

An Lin looked on from nearby with astonishment on his face.

Was this kind of teaching method really ok?

It was pretty enjoyable to watch the Ancient Dragon Empress pummeling the rough brutes and beautiful Celestial Maidens, but beating up a child like this… Even though her age belied her appearance, wasn’t this still a little too much?

All of the Exalted Immortals who had already been brutally beaten were licking their wounds on the sidelines. They were all full of praise for the courageous Little Hong Ling and simultaneously embarrassed by their inferiority in comparison.

“She’s the one who has lasted the longest without begging for mercy, right?”

“Not only that, but you can tell from her expression that she really wants this!”

“My God! She must have prodigious talent!”

All of the Exalted Immortals were in amazement, and even Wang Chen was feeling extremely embarrassed as he had begged for mercy after lasting only seven or eight minutes. He couldn’t even compare to this tiny little girl.

The Ancient Dragon Empress continued to pummel Little Hong Ling’s delicate body to the extent that there was no patch of skin on her that wasn’t bruised and battered. However, Little Hong Ling still didn’t say anything, and even the Ancient Dragon Empress was feeling a little sympathetic now.

Why wasn’t this little girl begging for mercy?

Why was she still holding on?

Just as she was about to stop her brutal assault, the little girl’s eyes suddenly lit up. “I get it now! I can feel your spirit and your dao realm true intent… Ah!”

Little Hong Ling let loose a loud cry, and she launched herself forward by stomping her foot violently into the ground. Her body transformed into a pink afterimage, and her hand shot forth like lightning. Her little palm struck the Ancient Dragon Empress’ voluptuous chest violently as heaven crushing true intent surged forth.

The terrifying power seemed to be threatening to destroy all things and crush this entire heaven and earth!

The Ancient Dragon Empress was caught off guard and was struck in the chest by this palm. Even though she tried to defend herself with all her might, the devastating force was simply not something that she could completely nullify.


Little Hong Ling blasted Ancient Dragon Empress flying with a single palm.

The Ancient Dragon Empress flew back before tumbling to the ground. Her long legs were pressed tightly together, and she gripped her chest as she curled up into a ball. She clenched her teeth tightly and was on the brink of tears. “Ow ow ow ow…”

Everyone instantly fell silent with the exception of the Ancient Dragon Empress, who was groaning with pain.

Everyone looked on with incredulity at the scenes unfolding before their eyes.

“Little Hong Ling… managed to hurt Teacher Ancient Dragon Empress?”

“My God! She’s only a Return to Void Pinnacle Stage Exalted Immortal!”

“I thought it was already very impressive that she was able to withstand that onslaught for so long, but who would have thought that she could stage a successful retaliation! She is a role model for all of us!”

“Why do I get a strange sense of satisfaction when I see the Ancient Dragon Empress getting beat up…”

All of the Exalted Immortals were in amazement and admiration at the sight of the little girl who was riddled with wounds.

An Lin was even more astonished as he could sense that the heaven crushing true intent Little Hong Ling unleashed was extremely pure. One had to realize that Little Hong Ling had only been studying the way of heaven crushing true intent for less than a day, and the entire course consisted of her being brutally assaulted. How could she have learned so much so quickly?!

“Teacher Ancient Dragon Empress, are you alright?” Little Hong Ling rushed over to the Ancient Dragon Empress with an apologetic expression. She was even more embarrassed and guilt-ridden at the sight of the Ancient Dragon Empress clutching her chest. “Um… Should I rub it for you?”


All of the immortals’ eyes widened and their nostrils flared.

“No need!” The Ancient Dragon Empress got up from the ground and straightened out her clothes with a nonchalant expression. “I’m fine. I-I was only surprised! You did very well, Little Hong Ling…”

Little Hong Ling was very happy to be praised by her teacher, and she smiled sweetly, revealing two rows of cute little teeth.

The Ancient Dragon Empress was quite depressed. She was thinking that she would be able to take advantage of this lesson to give her students a thorough pummeling. However, she was still the one who was injured in the end, and to compound matters, this was a chest injury. Was this fate? Was it pre-ordained that she had to get injured if she were to come and teach at the Four Nine Immortal Sect?

After a brief episode of awkwardness, the Ancient Dragon Empress regained her composure and announced in an authoritative voice, “Everyone, please learn from Little Hong Ling and improve in the process of being beaten!”

Everyone’s face lit up with excitement upon hearing this, and they all vowed to make an extra effort!

Thus, their cultivation continued.

Perhaps it was just their imagination, but all of the Exalted Immortals felt like the Ancient Dragon Empress’ punches seemed to be heavier and imbued with more heaven crushing true intent than before. Each and every one of the punches inflicted excruciating pain, and bloodcurdling cries reverberated incessantly across the drill ground. Thus, the long and painful lesson continued.

Little Hong Ling had achieved initial success and was meditating off to the side in order to familiarize herself with her newly-attained heaven crushing true intent.

Her intricate, flawless features were heavily bruised, as was her entire body. Furthermore, her entire pink dress was drenched with sweat, but she didn’t mind in the slightest and wore a satisfied smile on her face.

At this moment, a white-robed man made his way over to her and handed her a high-rank spirit pill. “Here, this will help you recover from your external injuries.”

Little Hong Ling faltered momentarily before a deep blush appeared on her face. She accepted the spirit pill, and her voice trembled as she replied, “Th… thank you!”

She was extremely nervous, and her heart was thumping like a jackhammer. The man before her was An Lin! This was the man that she admired the most, and never would she have thought that An Lin would take the initiative to offer a spirit pill to her.

Little Hong Ling was extremely tense, much more so than when the Ancient Dragon Empress was pummeling her.

There were so many injured immortals, why was he only offering a spirit pill to her?

Why is he so good to me? Is he interested in me? Could it be that he likes my type?

The more Little Hong Ling followed this train of thought, the deeper the blush on her delicate cheeks became.

“What are you spacing out for? Eat the pill.” An Lin was perplexed.

“Oh, ah, yes!” Little Hong Ling hurriedly placed the spirit pill into her mouth with an obedient expression.

An Lin sat down beside Little Hong Ling and appraised the adorable little girl.

Little Hong Ling was getting more anxious by the second under An Lin’s gaze, and she had no idea where to put her hands or where to look.

“Can you tell me about yourself? I’m very interested in hearing about your past,” An Lin asked with a warm smile.

Every being who managed to attain extremely powerful heaven crushing true intent had very unique stories. An Lin discovered that hearing about these people’s experiences could inspire him to a certain degree and improve his mastery of heaven crushing true intent.

“Eh?!” Little Hong Ling was initially taken aback by this question before she shuddered.

Sect Leader An Lin really is interested in me!

So what now?

Do I accept his feelings or turn him down?! 

The Divine Phoenix Maiden is very powerful; I won’t be a match for her in battle…

Little Hong Ling was at a complete loss for what to do, and her blush deepened further as her breathing became a little jagged.

An Lin thought that he had triggered some unpleasant memories in the little girl’s mind with his question upon seeing this, and he offered warm words of comfort.

Finally, Little Hong Ling began to speak about her past while in a state of extreme anxiety and excitement.

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