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Chapter 1847 - Surprise Attack on the West Sea Alliance by Three Heavenly Gods

Chapter 1847: Surprise Attack on the West Sea Alliance by Three Heavenly Gods

In the westernmost region of the West Sea…

This was a realm where the sky and the sea were reversed.

A boundless expanse of the surging sea appeared above the sky.

Meanwhile, the original location of the sea had transformed into a limpid, mirror-like sky.

This was the westernmost region of the Tai Chu Continent—the Sky Realm.

A gate that measured one hundred thousand feet tall stood magnificently in this Sky Realm.

Meanwhile, the gate pillars pierced through the sky and sea, appearing especially majestic and spectacular.

Three beings who had divine halos hovering above their heads were currently huddled together and gazing at a mirror. The images shown on the mirror were that of a continent that was held up by a gigantic column of water. This was none other than the main base of the West Sea Alliance.

Capturing these images was the Heavenly Mirror God’s ability. The Heavenly Mirror God could transform the sky into a mirror, thus reflecting everything that occurred in the world. As such, this Heavenly God knew the world like the back of its hand.

“We must retrieve the heavenly water power before the paramount Heavenly Sea God returns,” one of the Heavenly Gods said. This Heavenly God’s entire body was silvery-grey, and the divine halo above its head flowed like a body of rapidly churning liquid.

“Heavenly Liquid God, we must act immediately lest unforeseen circumstances arise,” a Heavenly God said in a shrill voice. “I heard that a battle broke out at the Eastern Heavenly Gate not long ago, resulting in the loss of another two Heavenly Dao-wielding Heavenly Gods. Both Chen Chen and An Lin had a hand in this battle.” The divine halo of this Heavenly God was like a mirror that reflected both sky and water. Moreover, the body of this Heavenly God was also like an oval-shaped mirror.

This was the well-renowned subordinate of the Heavenly Sea God—the Heavenly Mirror God!

“F*ck! An Lin and Chen Chen are just sh*t-stirrers!” the Heavenly Liquid God cursed in anger.

A fatty whose body was made up of various types of gasses sucked on its finger. Then, it giggled stupidly. “Hehehe… If An Lin and Chen Chen are sh*t-stirrers, then what does that make us?”

The surroundings suddenly became deathly silent.


The fatty’s head was suddenly smashed into Sky Realm by the Heavenly Liquid God.

“If you can’t speak properly, then sit still and shut the f*ck up!” The Heavenly Liquid God flared up in rage.

“Waah… Waah…” As the fatty struggled, a burst of energy suddenly erupted from its massive belly. A terrifying wave of clouds, mists, snow, and ice surged out and swatted the Heavenly Liquid God’s hand aside. At the same time, it also blasted the Heavenly Liquid God tens of thousands of kilometers into the distance.



Wind and snow continued to lash through the surroundings.

The Heavenly Mirror God—who held a large mirror in its hands—stared at the deranged fatty speechlessly. Then, he said in exasperation, “Heavenly Liquid God, what’s the point of arguing with a retard?”

The Heavenly Liquid God cut a sorry figure as it flew back. “When we’re retrieving the heavenly water power, we’ll just toss the Heavenly Weather God into the West Sea Alliance’s base. We’ll let this retard wreak havoc through the West Sea Alliance, and our task will be done!”

“Is there really no way to recover the Heavenly Water Goddess?” The Heavenly Mirror God was still a little hesitant.

“Recover my a*s! Who knows how the human tribe managed to brainwash her. She’s completely on the human tribe’s side now. When I went to persuade her before, she started attacking me without even saying a word! In what way is she like a fellow Heavenly God?” The Heavenly Liquid God seethed in anger as it recounted this matter.

It had initially wanted to hold a secret meeting with Lan Xiaoni to discuss how to destroy the human forces. Unexpectedly, however, Lan Xiaoni had launched a vicious attack and almost killed it on the spot. The Heavenly Liquid God became angry every time it thought about this matter.

“I even used the Sigil of the Sea that the Heavenly Sea God gave me,” the Heavenly Liquid God spat. “Theoretically speaking, this sigil can forcefully elicit compliance from a Heavenly God. However, by relying on her extraordinary willpower, Lan Xiaoni actually managed to free herself from the Sigil of the Sea’s control…”

The Heavenly Mirror God sighed upon hearing this. “It’s clear that the Heavenly Sea God made an incorrect move… Although fusing a heavenly god power with a native life form can indeed suppress the backlash from the Heavenly Dao, what’s the point if we can’t control them?”

A bright blue and semi-transparent nail that was carved full of divine patterns materialized in the Heavenly Liquid God’s hands. “Let’s go. It’s time to retrieve the heavenly water power and strip that mermaid of everything that she’s got. I’ll have her understand that, without the heavenly water power, she’s nothing but a measly fish!”

Within the West Sea Alliance’s base…

In the Immortal Land Above Water…

Dark clouds suddenly blotted out the sun in the sky. It was as if the rumbling black clouds were about to crash down upon the Immortal Land Above Water.

Lightning roared through the dark clouds.

The sea started to freeze over, with ice emanating all the way from the distance to the Immortal Land Above Water. Eventually, even the water column that held the continent up was frozen into a ginormous icicle.

The blare of a warning siren blasted through the entire West Sea Alliance.

The West Sea Alliance was the core power of the army that fought against the western front of the Heavenly Human Tribe United Army. Right now, the siren that was sounding signified the highest level of threat. In other words, the West Sea Alliance was facing an existential crisis.

Within the Immortal Land Above Water, countless sea monsters gazed at the three distant light orbs in terror. Each of these light orbs instilled a sense of indescribable fear in their minds. It was as though they were facing the supreme gods of heaven and earth, and it was as though they could do nothing but give up and surrender.

“Heavenly Sea Formation, activate!” Lan Xingyang—who was suited in a sea-blue battle cloak—roared in rage.

A gigantic blue spell formation rose up from the Immortal Land Above Water and expanded thousands of kilometers outward.

The five Dao Integration Stage cultivators of the West Sea Alliance all unleashed their divine dao powers as they stood at different locations around the Immortal Land Above Water. These powers converged at the center of the spell formation and summoned a colossal figure that blotted out heaven and earth. This was a mermaid goddess who held a golden divine trident and had an oily-green turtle shell on her back.

This was the West Sea Alliance’s supreme Battle Spirit—Amor!

Battle Goddess Amor raised her divine trident and spoke in a holy and ethereal voice, “I am the Holy Ruler of the Great Sea!”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Countless columns of water suddenly shattered the frozen sea surface and burst into the sky.

“Hahaha… Trash, trash, trash… This is nothing but a false facade of power!” The grey-bodied Heavenly Liquid God immediately lunged over and swatted a hand toward Amor.

A black liquid that contained an unimaginable momentum shot out of the Heavenly Liquid God’s palm and violently tore the blue spell formation apart. Then, it hammered into Amor’s chest.


Amor’s body swayed dangerously as a gaping hole was blasted into her chest.

“I’ll finish you off with my next strike.” The Heavenly Liquid God smiled sinisterly as it unclenched both its hands. Black liquid appeared on its palms again, and it was just about to shoot these toward the distant Amor.

“Heavenly Liquid God! Your opponent is me!”

A crisp shout suddenly sounded above the Heavenly Liquid God.

The sea suddenly started to churn, further obliterating its frozen surface

Like a celestial sword descending from the heavens, a blue streak of light viciously crashed toward the Heavenly Liquid God’s body.

“Origin Water Divine Sword!” Lan Xiaoni’s raven-black hair billowed behind her as she shot down from the sky. A blue shell guarded her comely chest, but large parts of her delicate and smooth skin were left uncovered and exposed.

Her slender waist swayed with the movement of her fishtail, and the sea-blue sword in her hand radiated with a piercing aura. At this moment, she was like a Battle Goddess who was raging with battle intent.

Meanwhile, a blue divine halo hovered above her head and pulsed with a supreme divine light.

A burst of supreme power fused into her sword and bestowed upon it a boundless and magnificent might.

The Heavenly Liquid God hastily shot the black liquid on its palms toward Lan Xiaoni.


Lan Xiaoni slashed her sword down with a relentless might.


The sea-blue sword tore through the black liquid and slashed a bloody wound into the Heavenly Liquid God’s chest.

“Damn it!” The Heavenly Liquid God frantically flew back in retreat.

After fusing together with the heavenly water power, the Heavenly Dao suppression that Lan Xiaoni faced was extremely minimal. Thus, the heavenly god power that she could unleash right now was even more impressive than the three genuine Heavenly Gods!

One had to realize, Lan Xiaoni was only at the Dao Integration Initial Stage!

If she reached the Dao Integration Pinnacle Stage, then how devastating would the might of her heavenly god power become?

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