I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 1700 - Insta-Killing a Heavenly God

Chapter 1700: Insta-Killing a Heavenly God

A flawless woman wearing a green dress appeared out of nowhere. She was the epitome of perfection, and she was standing directly before Heavenly God Long Kui.

She had a pair of dazzling, emerald eyes; a delicate nose; thin, soft lips; pointy little ears, and a pair of semi-transparent golden wings on her back.

Heavenly God Long Kui knew who this was. She was An Lin’s little fairy.

However, this fairy was now the size of a normal human, and she was outrageously flawless. Furthermore, her aura was so profound now that he was completely unable to gauge her power.

However, the fact that she was able to block his most powerful attack with a single finger was a sufficient indication of her power.

Was this God of Creation Stage power?

No! Not even a God of Creation could block his attack so easily!

The fairy was not fighting alone. Instead, she was drawing upon the power of the entire Divine Mirror World, and she was absolutely unfathomably powerful. Heavenly God Long Kui couldn’t gauge just how powerful she was, but in her current state, she might as well have “invincible” tattooed on her forehead…

“Little Na!” An Lin exclaimed with elation.

In the Divine Mirror World, he had the protection of the Goddess of Creation! How foolish of Heavenly God Long Kui to attack right now!

Tina’s arrival instantly sent waves of shock surging through everyone’s heart.

Her miraculous feat of blocking Heavenly God Long Kui’s World Creation Sword with a single finger had everyone completely astonished as everyone knew just how terrifying that World Creation Sword was!

“Nice one, Little Na.” Xu Xiaolan heaved a long sigh of relief.

However, Tina was currently in a slightly strange state. Her expression did not change in the slightest in response to everyone’s words. No, to put it more accurately, she had remained completely expressionless ever since she appeared, as if there was nothing in this world that could evoke an emotional response within her.

She was a true goddess, surveying all things in her world with cold detachment.

“I asked for peace. Why do you still attack?” Tina spoke in a cold, indifferent voice.

Heavenly God Long Kui wanted to bring his World Creation Sword down, but the sword was unable to move even a single inch, as if it had struck some sort of indestructible wall. Not only that, but the power of light imbued within the sword was being compressed relentlessly before being snuffed out like an ember!


The sword shattered.

The World Creation Sword had been shattered by a single finger from Tina.

Heavenly God Long Kui shuddered as despair appeared on his face.

He had lost.

This attack had been a gamble from the very beginning.

He was gambling that he would be able to kill An Lin and the others before the backlash of the Divine Mirror World arrived.

He had lost. The Divine Mirror World had attacked before his attack could land.

“Disregarding the will of the Divine Mirror World is a cardinal sin. For that, you must die.” Tina pointed a finger toward Heavenly God Long Kui.

An expression of indignation and remorse appeared on Heavenly God Long Kui’s face, but before he had a chance to do anything, his body was pulverized by a burst of paramount power!


Heavenly God Long Kui detonated.

Yet another Heavenly God had fallen!

Tina withdrew her hand expressionlessly before turning toward An Lin, upon which a warm smile appeared on her face before her body dissipated into specks of light again.

Thus, an extremely perilous crisis had been averted.

Tina did not dare to attack the Heavenly Gods unless they attacked the Divine Mirror World. Otherwise, the backlash from the Tai Chu Continent would lay waste to the entire Divine Mirror World. However, if a Heavenly God went against the will of the Divine Mirror World, then the Divine Mirror World had the right to inflict backlash upon them.

This was the reason why the Heavenly Gods did not wreak havoc upon the Divine Mirror World. They were afraid of the backlash from the Divine Mirror World.

An Lin and the others were all ecstatic.

They had eliminated another powerful enemy, and this time, he didn’t even take anyone down with him!

This was very much worthy of celebration!

The Celestial Thearch, Dongfang Zhuangshi, and the Chaotic Element Martial Lord had all gone into battle already mentally prepared to lay down their lives. However, who would have thought that Heavenly God Long Kui would insist on indirectly killing himself…

In contrast with the God Slaying Team, the Heavenly Illusion God and the Heavenly Soul God were in complete despair.

Their biggest hope was gone; how were they supposed to fight now?

They couldn’t win!

At this moment, the pillars of light bestowing blessings upon An Lin and Xu Xiaolan were slowly beginning to disappear, indicating that the blessing ceremony had concluded.

Oh, wait, this was only the first course of a multiple course meal.

A massive boom erupted, and another pillar of light fell upon Xu Xiaolan.

This time, An Lin was reduced to becoming a spectator.

He knew what kind of blessing this was, and as such, his heart was filled with a sense of loss.

Why am I a fake cultivator?!

Even the omnipotent Tina couldn’t help him improve his cultivation base!

This was a blessing that was known as the inheritance of dao.

To put it more simply, it was a blessing that helped one make breakthroughs!

Back when the Divine Mirror World last upgraded, Da Bai, Xiao Hong, and Little Gu had all benefited greatly from this.

Now that this blessing had fallen upon Xu Xiaolan, what did you think would happen?


This was the sound of a certain shackle being broken.

Xu Xiaolan’s aura elevated explosively as it rose into the heavens.


The Great Dao of Heaven and Earth began to rumble.

She had accumulated for several decades and was finally advancing to a higher level!

Xu Xiaolan stood up, and her jade dress danced around her. Transparent, golden dragon scales appeared all over her body along with a pair of exquisite dragon horns on her head and a pair of white Vermilion Bird wings on her back.

In that instant, she was both a True Dragon that reigned supreme over the heavens, as well as a Holy Beast Vermilion Bird that had been born from chaos!

Her True Dragon divine dao and Vermilion Bird divine dao were unleashed without any reservation.

These were two of the most regal and rare bloodlines, and they fused together perfectly as her aura continued to soar.

An Lin and the others felt like they could see an azure True Dragon stretching with no end in sight above the clouds, and even one of its simplest motions could slice through the heavens.

At the same time, they saw a Vermilion Bird, which transcended beyond heaven and earth. Just an ethereal cry erupting from the distance struck everyone with the urge to kneel and concede.

“The True Dragon and Vermilion Bird have both appeared between heaven and earth! This… this is a manifestation of the divine dao… Xu Xiaolan is making a breakthrough! She’s progressing to the Dao Integration Intermediate Stage!” the Celestial Thearch exclaimed with excitement.

All Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures would trigger divine dao manifestation phenomena following successful breakthroughs.

As for tribulation transcendence? Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures were beings acknowledged by the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth, so why would the heavens strike them with lightning for no good reason?

As such, progression in the Dao Integration Stage was very safe, but it was also very difficult to come by. The only way for them to improve in their cultivation bases would be to continue to elevate their dao to greater heights, to progress further and deeper in their dao. There were no shortcuts.

Black Spirit Snake, White Spirit Snake, Dongfang Zhuangshi, and the other Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures present were all looking at her with envy in their eyes.

Progression in the Dao Integration Stage was extremely difficult. Some Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures could remain stuck for tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years. A freak like Xu Xiaolan who was making a breakthrough several decades after progressing to the Dao Integration Stage truly made one jealous…

To Xu Xiaolan, this was an immensely fortunate event.

Of course, this also applied to the God Slaying Team as her breakthrough made their victory even more assured!

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