I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 1594 - Heavenly God An Lin

Chapter 1594: Heavenly God An Lin

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The Vermilion Bird Princess chose to detach herself from the Southern Heavenly Wing Nation and hide somewhere for now.

She would only come out again once the human race was extinct, or the Heavenly Human Tribe and the representatives of the Heavenly Dao were all exterminated. As for her choice, everyone expressed their understanding and wished her well.

The Vermilion Bird Princess wasn’t all that worried. In fact, she was a little excited.

The world was so vast, and she had been itching to get away from the Sun Tree to explore it. Now that the opportunity had arisen to her, it could be said that this was a case of every cloud having a silver lining.

After sorting out the issues revolving around the Vermilion Bird Princess, An Lin turned to Chen Chen again. “Can you tell me your secret now? Why did you think that I could destroy those two energy pillars?”

There were so many people present, yet Chen Chen specifically requested for him and specifically requested a dark-type spell technique from him. Everyone knew that Chen Chen had to be hiding something.

Everyone else also turned to Chen Chen with curiosity on their faces.

In the face of everyone’s scrutiny, Chen Chen remained silent.

An Lin looked at Chen Chen with anticipation on his face. “You promised me that you would tell me your secret after I shattered the pillars.”

Chen Chen blinked before coming clean. “Well… I changed my mind.”

An Lin: “???”

Everyone: “…”

An Lin was dumbstruck. He was not expecting an answer like this.

“You’re the second heavenly disciple of the Heaven Crushing Sect, your words hold so much weight and gravity! How could you just go back on your word like this?” An Lin was astonished.

“I’m just an ordinary person.” Chen Chen sighed with a sad expression. “Do I not even have the basic human right to change my mind anymore?”

An Lin: “…”

Everyone: “…”

What a shameless man!

An Lin was almost laughing from rage. He really wanted to bash Chen Chen, but he couldn’t beat him.

What an annoying situation…

Chen Chen hesitated momentarily before conceding to An Lin’s enraged glare. “Alright, it can’t hurt to tell you, but I hope you can keep this confidential in case some really bad things happen…”

He suddenly unleashed a realm of light to envelop both himself and An Lin.

This was Chen Chen’s world, the spotless realm!

Xu Xiaolan and the others were unable to see or hear the interaction between Chen Chen and An Lin within the spotless realm.

“Ahhhh… How could he do this?!” The Vermilion Bird Princess was about to pull her hair out by the roots! She was dying to hear this earth-shattering secret, but it wasn’t going to be revealed to her!!!

Everyone else also felt like they were about to throw up mouthfuls of blood.

Don’t f*cking build suspense if you weren’t going to tell anyone anyway!

In comparison to everyone’s frustration and rage, Xu Xiaolan was quite calm and collected.

She knew that as long as she asked An Lin, An Lin would tell her everything unless it was some extremely sensitive information.

An Lin entered Chen Chen’s spotless realm, and he suddenly felt like Chen Chen was more holy and omnipotent, as if he was the paramount god of this world, demanding reverence and worship from all of his onlookers.

This was a very familiar feeling.

An Lin suddenly discovered that this was the feeling he got from Tina after entering her Divine Mirror World! Did that mean that Chen Chen was the creator of this world?!

The fact that this spotless realm could appear on the Tai Chu Continent was extremely astonishing. It showed that Chen Chen’s personal world could already influence reality on the Tai Chu Continent!

“No one will be able to hear us in here.”

Chen Chen’s expression suddenly became extremely serious. “I hope you can keep what I’m about to tell you a secret from everyone forever. If this secret escapes, the consequences will not be something you and I can deal with, agreed?”

Upon hearing this, An Lin faltered slightly before nodding. “Alright.”

He was expressing verbal agreement, but in his heart, he was using Chen Chen’s logic against him.

I’m just an ordinary human being, so I can go back on my word and change my mind!

Chen Chen continued, “I’ll start with what I felt when I first came into contact with those energy pillars. At that time, as soon as I came into contact with the pillar, I was struck by an extremely terrifying engulfment power…

“You know that I have cultivated in a special cultivation method that can sever my karma with the heavens. Even a normal Heavenly God would not be able to suck away my power so easily and so quickly…”

An Lin nodded upon hearing this. At that time, a very rare expression of shock had appeared on Chen Chen’s face. After that, Chen Chen told him to come and touch the pillar as well. If this were someone else telling him to do the same thing, An Lin would’ve slapped them in the face!

“So why did you think I would be immune to the pillar’s power?” An Lin asked.

Chen Chen extended a finger. “The energy pillars are imbued with the power of the Heavenly Dao, and it’s a dark-type power. You possess the Tian Ming Dao Physique, so you are very close and intimate with the Heavenly Dao, and as such, the heavens would not reject you.”

An Lin nodded. This made sense.

He had heard similar things from the Night Monarch of the Abyss of Evil.

The Night Monarch and Daolord Lu Ya also possessed the Tian Ming Dao Physique, so he was not unique in that respect.

Chen Chen continued, “Just that one point alone is actually not enough. The second point is the most important point. You possess the powers of the Heavenly Gods, and if the pillar is also imbued with the power of a certain Heavenly God, you would have a certain degree of immunity to its power…”

“But I tried to use my powers of the Heavenly Gods, and it didn’t work.” An Lin was perplexed.

“That’s the third point that I have to tell you about…”

Chen Chen’s expression suddenly became even more solemn. “An Lin… you probably don’t even know who you are yourself, right?”

An Lin smiled. “I am the sect leader of the Four Nine Immortal Sect, the Heavenly Court War God, the Heavenly Court Chef God, the Super Heavenly Lightning God, the Tamer of Divine Lightning, the—”

“Stop! Stop!” Chen Chen massaged his brows as a headache began to develop.

“What I’m saying is… you still don’t know your true identity…”

Chen Chen looked into An Lin’s eyes. “Think about it. Why was Heavenly Goddess Lin Yu’s attitude toward you so strange? Why did she target you? Why did her emotions swing drastically when she was interacting with you? And those final words she spoke to you before she died…”

An Lin faltered slightly as he recalled back to the exquisitely beautiful Heavenly Goddess.

Her soft and disconsolate words echoed in his mind.

An Lin, will you be my friend?

When you stare deep into the abyss…

But the abyss ignores you…

That… that’s great… We still became friends in the end…

I wanted to kill you then follow you to the afterlife, but who would have thought we would be able to become friends even when we’re both still alive.

An Lin, I’ll be waiting for you in death and eternal darkness…

An Lin simply thought that she had been driven insane by the power of her ninth divine halo, so he didn’t think much of her inexplicable words.

However, thinking back carefully now, his heart jolted with shock.

Chen Chen could see from An Lin’s drastically shifting expression that he had already gleaned something. “What kind of power can absorb the powers of the Heavenly Gods to be used by you? What kind of being could draw such attention and even attachment from one of the most powerful beings in the Heavenly Human Tribe?

“The final divine halo of Divine Heaven Stage powerful beings is darkness, right?

“If there is some sort of power that can absorb even my power, then I can only think of one. It was left behind on the energy pillars, and the best way to dispel it was to use a power of the exact same nature…”

An Lin’s face was becoming a little pale.

The mystery was slowly unraveling in his mind, and he was struggling to breathe.

Chen Chen continued with a calm and collected expression, “An Lin, what would you do if you were the paramount Heavenly God, the Heavenly Darkness God?”

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