I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 1513 - Emperor Yi Deng’s Dire Situation

Chapter 1513: Emperor Yi Deng’s Dire Situation

The Celestial Thearch’s emergence shocked everyone on this battlefield.

Almost everyone had turned toward the man who had pressed Emperor Bei Xing firmly into the ground.

At that moment, his figure was more dazzling than any being present.

“He’s the Celestial Thearch?” A man only several decades young stared blankly at the proud figure standing in mid-air.

Even in the face of the Dao Integration Stage Emperor Bei Xing, his expression remained completely calm and collected.

The young man was struck by a sense of profound respect and admiration upon seeing this.

Even though a hundred years had passed, legends of the Celestial Thearch were extremely widely renowned.

Even now, many cultivators in battle were still fantasizing about how good it would be if the Celestial Thearch hadn’t died. At the very least, this war would not be as arduous as it was now.

Today, their dreams came true! The Celestial Thearch was back, and he had announced his return in grand fashion!

“Howl! Celestial Thearch, you didn’t die?!” Emperor Bei Xing struggled on the ground, but it was unable to escape from the Celestial Thearch’s palm.

“That’s right. Are you disappointed?” The Celestial Thearch smiled, but his palm was mercilessly pressing downward with a crushing force.


The ground began to cave in.

The spherical Emperor Bei Xing was compressed into a pancake, and its inky-black body began to crack open, having clearly sustained injuries.

Right at this moment, its body squirmed, and it suddenly produced a small, skeletal wooden carving. A vast, ethereal power of chaos began to emanate from the wooden carving.

The Celestial Thearch’s expression shifted. He knew what this thing was.

“Heheahahaha… Divine tool, Heavenly Skeleton, show your power!” Emperor Bei Xing chortled as its vast power of the divine dao was slowly being absorbed by the Heavenly Skeleton.

Its body became more and more feeble while the skeleton’s energy fluctuations became more and more powerful.

“Open the heavens!” Emperor Bei Xing roared.

The small wooden carving’s eyes suddenly lit up with a red light, and it began to move on its own.

It pressed its hands to the sky, and a flash of red light erupted from chaos before tearing through the heavens and crashing toward the Celestial Thearch’s Celestial Thearch Seal.


A red light parted heaven and earth.

An indescribable sharpness that seemed to be imbued with the true intent to cut through all things erupted. The living beings in the distance only had to look at the red light, and their heart rates would accelerate as they were simultaneously struck by a sense of asphyxiation!

This was a peerlessly powerful spell technique that could break through all obstacles and even destroy chaos itself. The Heavenly Skeleton only possessed one percent of this true intent, but it was still extremely fearsome.

The Celestial Thearch Seal, which was imbued with boundless divine might, was completely sliced in half!

Emperor Bei Xing had paid a heavy price to break through the Celestial Thearch’s spell technique, and it immediately fled into the distance, unleashing a sacrificial mystic technique at the same time to further enhance its speed.

A gash appeared on the Celestial Thearch’s palm, but his expression remained unchanged. Instead, he gave chase as a mocking smirk appeared on his face.

Emperor Bei Xing was trying to escape through the use of a sacrificial mystic technique? The Celestial Thearch was a super mighty figure at the Dao Integration Pinnacle Stage! He could easily match Emperor Bei Xing’s speed through the use of any of his acceleration mystic techniques!

Of course, it would be impossible to slay his enemy in a short time, but he could certainly stall him! He unleashed a relentless barrage of terrifying binding and sealing spell techniques, which posed as a series of bothersome obstacles for Emperor Bei Xing.

Meanwhile, on the Nan Chao City battlefield.

The three million cultivators led by several dozen Return to Void Stage mighty figures steamrolled the Heavenly Human Tribe United Army and annihilated all ten million of their cultivators without any survivors!

There were over twenty million bodies lying on the battlefield, presenting an extremely astonishing sight. This was one of the most brutal battles between the human race and the Heavenly Human Tribe.

Lan Yan of the Vermilion Bird Sect supported Mo Hai, who was on the brink of unconsciousness from exhaustion, and she looked around at the mountains of bodies around her with a dazed expression. Never would she have thought one hour ago that she would witness something like this. Most of the bodies on the ground were bodies of her enemies!

As for enemies left standing, there wasn’t even a single one!

“We won… We finally won…” Some cultivators half-knelt to the ground and finally wept tears of relief and elation.

Some cultivators were uttering the names of their fallen comrades as a gesture of remembrance.

Some of them turned around to the fallen Qiu Guang City and knelt to the ground before kowtowing several times.

In the eyes of these three million cultivators, this battle was over. However, it was actually far from over as there were two Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures who were still alive.

A Dao Integration Stage battle was not something they could take part in.

They could only turn to look up into the sky with expressions of anticipation.

Yi Deng was in an extremely miserable state. He was being brutally beaten by Xu Xiaolan, her phoenix, Zhu Xuze, and Situ Feng. Not to mention the Starfire Battleship, which was loitering off to the side and unleashing a devastating blast from time to time.

If it weren’t for his insane life force as a Blood Tribe super mighty figure, he would have died quite a few times already.

“You’re going too far!” Yi Deng was extremely disheveled, and he let loose a roar of despair.

Xu Xiaolan chuckled coldly and inflicted another deep wound upon him with her Dragon Sparrow Sword…

“Ah!!!” Emperor Yi Deng roared with rage as his crimson power of the divine dao erupted into the sky.

Situ Feng was enshrouded in Holy Flames, and he swept his hands through the air to instantly shatter Emperor Yi Deng’s power of the divine dao. Zhu Xuze took this opportunity to launch an almighty punch that almost pulverized Emperor Yi Deng’s head.

However, Emperor Yi Deng was growing more and more powerful the more he battled and the more injuries he sustained. This was a unique characteristic of the Blood Rakshasa dao, and he was already on the brink of losing control.

Xu Xiaolan knew that once Emperor Yi Deng lost control, he would transform into that Infernal Rakshasa. In that state, he would be unable to discern friends from foes, but he would gain power superior to even Empress Helen and Emperor An Mang!

At a time like this, it was not a good thing for him to be unable to discern friend from foe as basically everyone around him was an enemy. As such, it would be of no detriment to him at all if he was to attack without any discretion.

However, to Xu Xiaolan’s surprise, Yi Deng had been forced to the brink of insanity several times, but he repressed the urge every single time. His face was turning purple from the strain of holding himself back, and even Xu Xiaolan was beginning to feel a little sorry for him.

Finally, he made his move.


Emperor Yi Deng suddenly roared as his entire body expanded, and he self-detonated to create a devastating explosion!

Xu Xiaolan, her phoenix, Zhu Xuze, and Situ Feng were all knocked back by the explosion.

Right at this moment, the sound of horse hooves erupted in the air.

Emperor Yi Deng rode atop a flaming, crimson horse, which covered a distance of a hundred kilometers with every single stride, and fled into the distance at an extremely fast speed!

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