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Chapter 146 - Xiao Chou's Deadly Weapon

Chapter 146: Xiao Chou’s Deadly Weapon

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Tens of thousands of meters below the surface, the ground was made up of crushed rocks.

Under the illumination of Xiao Chou’s searchlights, they found that there were still gaping ravines laying all around. They could still continue down these pitch-black ravines, and where they were now was clearly not the deepest.

After a brief discussion, they decided to explore this area first.

The appearance of sinister devils was random and indeterminate. Perhaps they would come across one after wandering around here for a while.

“Xiao Chou, can your searchlights—Ah, no! Can your eyes shine any brighter?” Looking around at the horrifying darkness, Xu Xiaolan was a bit scared.

“Brighter? My Dazzling Eyes Ability is almost about to end.”

Everyone was startled upon hearing this.

“What?!” An Lin yelped in surprise, “You’re going to switch your searchlights off?!”

“Don’t…!” Da Bai wailed, “Third Brother, it’s not time to sleep yet! Why are you turning off the lights, woof!”

Xiao Chou grimaced. “It’s really taxing on me if I keep this ability on the entire time. Of course, I need to rest.”

An Lin sighed. “How much longer can you last then?”

Xiao Chou thought for a moment. “Ten seconds?”

An Lin: “…”

Xu Xiaolan: “…”


The searchlights turned off.

The surroundings became pitch-black, truly pitch-black…

A chilly wind blew over, and An Lin felt all his hairs stand on end.

“An Lin, what’s with this horror film-esque atmosphere? It’s so eerie…” Xu Xiaolan shrank back and spoke in panic. “Say, do you think that a headless female ghost will suddenly appear?”

“I told you not to watch so many horror films when we were in the mortal realm. Now you’re frightened, huh?” An Lin pursed his lips and spoke calmly.

He was a fairly steely-nerved person. No matter how eerie the environment was, he would still remain fearless and calm.

This could be seen from his display in the mortal world, where he terrified Tian Lingling to tears and also brought the hanging-eyed female ghost to tears.

“How about this. I’ll walk in front!” An Lin patted his chest and offered.

An Lin felt that it was time to show his true mettle.

Right after taking the lead, however, he stepped into empty air and fell at great speeds.

“Save me! Ahhhh…!”

An Lin screamed in fright. He wasn’t scared of ghosts, but he was scared of heights!

A fall of unknown distance was the most terrifying!

“An Lin!”

“Big Brother An!”

The others all cried out in alarm.

“I-I’m fine.” An Lin slowly flew back up on his brick. He was covered in cold sweat from the fright.

As he fell just then, he also seemed to see countless pairs of green eyes. However, they all disappeared in a flash. This made him feel slightly uneasy.

After landing back on solid ground, An Lin cast a flame element immortal spell. He found that a spiderweb of cracks stretched out before them.

“Without light, it’s impossible to traverse this place,” Da Bai glanced at the cracks and continued, “how about we take turns casting illumination immortal spells?”

An Lin sighed. “We have no other choice. We need to take care in conserving our energy, though. Otherwise, we’ll be in a pickle if we come across any enemies.”

Saying this, he took out an Energy Restoring Pill. Then, he gathered flames on his hand and then continued forwards.

This flame could only illuminate dozens of feet around them, so they were all on high alert.

Like this, they walked for quite some time. However, they still didn’t come across anything, and An Lin was starting to doubt whether there were any living beings in this place at all.


Suddenly, a hissing sound traveled over from the distant darkness.

This sound didn’t come from just the front, rather, it came from all around them.

“Have the monsters finally come?” Xu Xiaolan asked excitedly. “To be honest, it’s actually more frightening when it’s deathly silent. Being able to fight monsters now can help alleviate one’s feeling of terror.”

An Lin was a bit speechless. “Be careful guys.”

They stood back to back, forming a defensive circle and guarding against the monsters.

Like a vast sky full of stars, countless green dots started appearing in the darkness, inching closer and closer toward them.

“There are lots of them!” Xiao Chou gripped onto his silver staff and exclaimed.

An Lin also noticed this. He could feel many powerful auras slowly nearing them. Furthermore, those green dots were the eyes of the mutant beasts.

He unsheathed his Evil-Slaying Sword. In this kind of situation, he had to use the Six Strikes of the War God.

“In a moment, I’ll cast a Fiery Phoenix Tornado. This spell will attack the mutant beasts all around us.” Xu Xiaolan’s fingers danced about quickly, forming numerous hand seals in the air.

“When the mutant beasts charge over, I’ll use Wind of the Heavens to suppress their movements, woof!” Violent winds circled Da Bai’s body and he exuded an astonishing aura. He was also clearly prepared for a battle to the death.

Xiao Chou nodded solemnly. “Then I’ll turn on the lights first.”


Like two gigantic beams of light, a brilliant radiance suddenly burst from Xiao Chou’s eyes, instantly making the surroundings as clear as day.

“Hiss… hiss…!”

Loud shrills suddenly sounded in the surroundings.

As if they had been blinded by the light, almost all the green dots started dimming.


The mutant beasts scrambled as they fled, falling back like a receding tide.

Silence once again returned…

An Lin: “…”

Da Bai: “…”

Xu Xiaolan: “…”

“Xiao Chou, this searchlight of yours… is going to bring bloody world peace!” An Lin grimaced.

“As expected. Are Xiao Chou’s searchlights the deadliest weapons?” After recovering from her daze, a look of delight spread across Xu Xiaolan’s face. She felt a sense of security from Xiao Chou’s eyes!

“Third Brother, when we come across mutant beasts in the future, we’ll rely on you to dazzle them to death, woof!” Da Bai also had a look of excitement.

Xiao Chou: “…”

Thereupon, under the keen demands of An Lin and the others, Xiao Chou once again turned off his searchlights in order to save electricity… ptui! He once again stopped his ability in order to preserve his strength!

If they came across mutant beasts again, Xiao Chou would turn on his deadly weapons and blind their monstrous eyes!

They continued to walk forward.

Not long later, a red glow appeared and a powerful aura started to close in.

“Xiao Chou, switch on your searchlights!”


Two golden rays illuminated the surroundings. Several giant black lizards fled in fear.

After a long while, a yellow glow appeared and a powerful aura started to close in.

“Xiao Chou, switch on your searchlights!”


Two golden rays illuminated the surroundings. A dozen or so rock pythons slithered away in terror.





Just like that, An Lin and the others marched forward courageously, barely coming across any worthy opponents.

“Say, do you guys think that the sinister devils will also be scared off by Third Brother’s deadly weapons?” Da Bai looked at Xiao Chou in awe and veneration.

“Most likely not,” An Lin replied. “From what I know, the sinister devils exist even in places where the sun scorches brightly. Moreover, their make-up is different from mutant beasts and they aren’t as adversely affected by light.”

In order to defeat a sinister devil, An Lin had gathered a large amount of information regarding sinister devils.

The make-up of sinister devils was different from other living beings, and notions such as ranks and cultivation bases didn’t apply to them. In fact, it was sometimes impossible to detect the strength of these twisted beings. This was also what made them so dangerous.

As they conversed, another powerful aura appeared before them.

“Xiao Chou, switch on your searchlights!”


Two golden rays of light illuminated the surroundings. A gigantic black tortoise was struck by Xiao Chou’s deadly weapons.


A black mist suddenly shot out from the gigantic tortoise’s mouth and hurtled toward An Lin and the others.

“Holy f*ck! This tortoise doesn’t have any eyes! Dodge!”

They were startled by An Lin’s shout, and all scattered in different directions.

The black mist landed on the rocky floor and instantly caused it to dissolve, forming a large pit. It was clear that this mist was extremely dangerous.

“Since the searchlights are ineffective, we’ll battle!” An Lin roared. He unsheathed the Evil-Slaying Sword and charged toward the gigantic tortoise.

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