I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 144 - Xu Xiaolan’s Embarrassment

Chapter 144: Xu Xiaolan’s Embarrassment

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An Lin and Xu Xiaolan called each other’s names out at the same time.

The crowd in the practice arena was slightly dazed. Then, they all came to their senses.

An Lin was also a student of the Heavenly Court. The two of them were classmates!

Moreover… An Lin had most likely come to the Vermilion Bird Sect to visit Xu Xiaolan…

Just like that, the atmosphere of the practice arena became fragile and delicate.

It was especially so for some male students. They felt as if part of them had been ripped away and they grew despondent.

How could this be put…

The fact that An Lin specially traveled over to visit Xu Xiaolan proved that there was definitely something special about their relationship.

With her stunning beauty and outstanding aptitude, however, Xu Xiaolan was a goddess in many disciples’ hearts.

This male had come over to hit on their goddess and even his pet beast was absolutely kick-ass. From this, it could be deduced that he was also extremely powerful.

As it was now, they couldn’t even taunt or ridicule him. How could they not feel conflicted?

Being stared at by so many disciples, Xu Xiaolan’s pretty face flushed red.

Normally, she could remain calm and composed even under the gaze of tens of thousands of people.

However, these people weren’t gazing at just her right now. They were gazing at her and An Lin…

“W-why did you come here?” Xu Xiaolan was a bit flustered, and she spoke in a soft and pleasant voice.

“I came here to see you.” An Lin blinked his eyes as if to say, ‘Isn’t that obvious?’

“Oh—!” The female disciples in the crowd started to hoot.

The male disciples felt as if a sword had stabbed through their hearts. So painful!

The hoots caused Xu Xiaolan’s face to flush red up to the ears.

She was completely ruffled and didn’t know how to reply. Eventually, she clenched her teeth and grabbed onto An Lin’s hand, pulling him onto her sword. Flying up, she said, “Let’s talk somewhere else!”

Saying this, she sped away from the practice arena.

“Woof! Wait for me!” Da Bai yelled. He started to run after them.

Xiao Chou and Lan Yan also became streaks of light as they chased after Xu Xiaolan and An Lin.

The disciples in the practice arena stared dazedly at the two disappearing figures. Their hearts were running amok with emotions.

In less than half a day, news of this spread through the entire Vermilion Bird Sect.

Shocking news!

A mysterious male fearlessly charged into the Vermilion Bird Sect, roasted Mo Hai, then flew off with Goddess Xiaolan like a pair of lovers!

Xu Xiaolan flew with An Lin to a courtyard.

She slightly composed herself before grumbling, “Why didn’t you give me a heads up before coming here to visit me?”

“It was a spur of the moment decision,” An Lin explained apologetically. “After all, the holidays are bloody boring and I wanted to travel around a bit. Um… Did I cause you any trouble?”

Hearing An Lin’s explanation, Xu Xiaolan humphed softly. She didn’t reply, but a warm feeling spread around within her body.

At this moment, Da Bai descended from the skies. Soon after, Xiao Chou and Lan Yan also descended into the courtyard.

“Haha! Sister Xiaolan, so this is the An Lin that you always mention?”

Lan Yan felt that this was all super interesting. The weirdo that she saw was the An Lin that Xu Xiaolan always spoke of!

“Who always mentions him?” Xu Xiaolan retorted in panic. “I only mention him occasionally, okay?”

“No wonder Big Brother An has been sneezing so much lately. So it was because Xiaolan was thinking of you,” Da Bai teased.

An Lin stroked his chin, a look of realization on his face. “So that’s how it is.”

Xu Xiaolan had just composed herself, and now her face flushed red again. “That’s how it is your ass! Don’t overthink it!”

Lan Yan was unfazed by all this. She studied An Lin carefully and eventually nodded in approval. “M-hm… This An Lin is fairly attractive. Furthermore, it’s buy one get two free. Sister Xiaolan, this is a decent deal.

“Your sister approves of this.”

Saying this, Lan Yan looked toward An Lin in encouragement.

Xu Xiaolan’s chest tightened in frustration. “Who asked for your approval? An Lin and I are just friends! Understand?!”

She felt that she couldn’t let them continue on like this. “Let’s go,” she urged An Lin, “it’s such a rare opportunity for you to visit here. I’ll take you around the Vermilion Bird Sect.”

After saying this, she turned around to glare at Lan Yan. “You’re not allowed to follow!”

Lan Yan raised her hands into the air. “Okay, okay!” she said with a grin still plastered on her face. “I won’t third wheel. I understand, I understand…”

Xu Xiaolan faltered. She really wanted to yell, ‘Understand my ass!’

In the end, she managed to hold herself back from yelling this. Taking An Lin with her, she flew off on her sword.

In the courtyard, Da Bai and Xiao Chou exchanged a glance.

“That um… Are we considered third wheelers?” Da Bai asked.

“I’m not sure whether you count or not,” Xiao Chou replied. “However, my eyes are almost as large as wheels themselves. I can’t not be counted as one, right?”

“Hahahahahaha… You guys are hilarious! Hahahaha…”

Lan Yan’s low amusement threshold was triggered by Da Bai and Xiao Chou’s exchange. She could barely stand up straight as she laughed hysterically.

Da Bai: “…”

Xiao Chou: “…”

Up in the sky, An Lin saw where Xu Xiaolan usually cultivated and where she carried out observation of the flame element. He also saw the Holy Vermilion Flame from afar.

The Holy Vermilion Flame was a pure white flame which floated in the air. According to legends, it was an undying flame which could purify all matter. It was also an important token of the Vermilion Bird Sect.

As long as the holy flame burned, the Vermilion Bird Sect would exist in this world.

After touring around the Vermilion Bird Sect, the two of them landed on a thick branch at the outermost edge of the tree crown.

This branch was large and wide, and the two of them could walk side-by-side.

“Eh? There’s a wooden bench here!” An Lin exclaimed in surprise and ran over to it.

Xu Xiaolan smiled and followed after him. “This is one of my favorite places,” she said in a pleasant voice. “Also, this chair is mine!

“Come, sit down.”

An Lin sat down next to Xu Xiaolan. This bench was similar to the long benches found in parks. However, this was the first time that he had sat on a bench which rested on a tree.

Above them, the tangle of branches and leaves blocked out most of the scorching sunlight. Only a scattering of rays shone down, and they flitted about like a swarm of golden fireflies.

The gentle breeze rustled the lush green leaves, carrying their delicate fragrance along as it blew past.

An Lin stretched lazily and sighed, “So relaxing…”

“M-hm, this place is really peaceful.” Xu Xiaolan held her cheeks in her hands and smiled faintly. “Looking at the clear blue skies and the vast stretch of land below as the gentle breeze blows by, one involuntarily feels carefree and at ease.

“Oh, that’s right. Aren’t you acrophobic? Are you not scared while sitting here?” Xu Xiaolan turned toward An Lin, her clear and limpid eyes full of amusement.

An Lin winced. “You’re underestimating me,” he protested. “At any rate, I’m a man who can perform Brick Kinesis Flight! What great turmoils have I not seen?”

Thinking back to An Lin’s deathly pale expression that time she sped around on her sword, Xu Xiaolan couldn’t help but chuckle.

She swayed her slender legs around and continued, “Where do you plan to go after this?”

An Lin fell into thought. This was a serious problem. There were still twenty days left in the holidays.

He’d initially planned to travel to the Ten-Thousand Spirits Immortal Sect to visit Xuanyuan Cheng, then go to the Green Wood Imperial Palace to visit Su Qianyun.

However, now that his strength had increased greatly after learning the Six Strikes of the War God, he couldn’t help but have other thoughts.

“I might go to the Abyss of Evil,” he answered honestly.

Hearing this, Xu Xiaolan’s expression changed. “Why do you want to go there? There are sinister devils there!”

An Lin nodded. “That’s exactly why I’m going. I’m heading over there to slay a sinister devil.”

“Then you’ll receive some strange benefits after doing that?” Xu Xiaolan raised her eyebrows.

An Lin: “…”

You know me so well, how am I going to answer you?!

Seeing An Lin remain silent, Xu Xiaolan pursed her lips. “So be it. I’ve dealt with all my matters at the sect as well. I can go and act as your guard or something.”

An Lin’s eyes lit up. “Really? But the Abyss of Evil is really dangerous…”

“That’s why I’m charging one hundred thousand spirit stones! This can also cover the cost of that garment!” Xu Xiaolan chuckled.

An Lin blinked. “Wasn’t it already paid for with that photo?”

“That doesn’t count; how can I take advantage of you like that? It’s settled.” Xu Xiaolan waved her hands, a look of determination on her face.

An Lin thought about this for a while. It was indeed beneficial to have a helper of the Spirit Nurturing Stage.

“Okay, deal!”

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