I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 141 - Moonlit Night Monarch’s Decision

Chapter 141: Moonlit Night Monarch’s Decision

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On a pitch-black floating continent, there lived a mysterious tribe.

They were born with superhuman strength and even ordinary members of the tribe who couldn’t cultivate possessed a power equivalent to that of high ranking Dao Body Stage cultivators. Once they came of age, even the most ordinary amongst them could unfurl their dark wings and soar through the skies.

This tribe often roamed about in the darkness of the night. Every time they ventured out, they would bring carnage to the Tai Chu Continent.

All the living beings on the Tai Chu Continent viewed them as fiends of the dark night.

Because they had a pair of black wings, they were called the Dark Wing Tribe.

However, this tribe professed themselves to be the messengers of heaven, their actions thus being the desires of heaven.

In the center of the floating continent they inhabited, there stood a gigantic castle.

Eleven engraved seals were suspended around the castle, each of them emitting a divine aura. These symbolized the Eleven Supreme Monarchs of the Dark Wing Tribe.

There were originally twelve of these engraved seals. However, the Dark Night Monarch suddenly died due to some incident, causing one of the seals to crumble. As a result, the twelve engraved seals became eleven.

The crumbling of a seal shocked the entire Dark Wing Tribe, and the Dark Wing Emperor announced three months of mourning.

Right now, this period of mourning still hadn’t passed and the entire Dark Wing Tribe was still immersed in grief.

Within the castle, the Dark Wing Emperor stood with his hands clasped behind his back. He gazed down upon the eleven monarchs standing before him.

A desolate and distant voice left the emperor’s lips. “Starry Night Monarch, you abandoned the investigation into the Dark Night Monarch’s death. I hereby punish you to supply power at the Heart of Darkness for one hundred years.”

A sinister looking male bowed his head and saluted respectfully. “As your majesty commands!”

Toiling away for one hundred years in exchange for my life? It’s my win!

“We can’t sweep aside Dark Night’s death just like that. We must retrieve the Evil-Slaying Sword. Which of you will accept this mission?”

The Dark Wing Emperor’s cold and desolate voice cut straight into their minds.

The monarchs descended into silence, each of them evidently weighing up the gains and losses to be made.

After all, the enemy was someone who could slaughter the Dark Night Monarch before she could even use her Starless Sky of Slaughter Formation Disk. It was only natural that they treated this with extreme caution.

Moments later.

A beautiful female with long raven hair stepped forward gracefully.

Her eyes were soft and clear as the bright moon, yet her expression was cool and indifferent as water. She bowed slightly and declared, “Moonlit Night is willing to accept this mission.”

The Dark Wing Emperor nodded in approval. “Very well. Shall you succeed, you’ll receive not only a divine fruit, but also gain the right to enter the Heavenly Crevice. There, you’ll be able to able to observe the Dao Bearing Light which occurs only once every one thousand years.”

Hearing this, the other monarchs all shivered. They couldn’t help but cast envious glances toward the Moonlit Night Monarch.

Divine fruits were hard to come by; Dao Bearing Light was even harder to come by.

Being able to observe the Dao Bearing Light, one would have the chance to come into contact with the barrier leading through to the Dao Integration Stage. How could they not be envious?

However, such a chance was only bestowed upon one person every one thousand years.

The Heavenly Crevice was almost about to open. Who knew that the opportunity to enter was already seized by the Moonlit Night Monarch!

“Thank you for your rewards, Emperor.”

Even in the face of such valuable rewards, the Moonlit Night Monarch was still indifferent as she saluted and expressed her gratitude, not showing any more emotion than necessary.

Seeing this, the Dark Wing Emperor nodded imperceptibly. Ranked third amongst the Twelve Supreme Monarchs, the Moonlit Night Monarch was much more powerful than the Dark Night Monarch. Moreover, she was calm and composed when dealing with matters, only acting after devising strategies and coming up with plans. She had never once failed a mission that she had accepted.

In other words, the Dark Wing Emperor saw the Moonlit Night Monarch as the most ideal candidate for this mission.

Sure enough, she volunteered to take this mission.

With an intense gaze which felt like it was going to cut through the void, the Dark Wing Emperor looked toward a certain direction. “Evil-Slaying Sword…” he murmured softly.

Bai Hua State.

An Lin, who was feasting with Da Bai and Xiao Chou in a specialty restaurant, suddenly sneezed.

“Why are you sneezing while we’re eating? You’re going to affect our appetites, woof!” Da Bai protested.

An Lin chuckled apologetically. “Maybe some beautiful girl is thinking about me. After all, I can’t help that I’m so strong and handsome.”

Da Bai rolled his eyes. He ignored An Lin and continued eating.

They were on their way to the Vermilion Bird Sect.

Because it was the holidays, An Lin decided to have a look around as they journeyed over. It was also a great opportunity to experience the cultures and customs of the Nine States.

On their journey, An Lin didn’t come across many pretty girls. Perhaps it was because he saw too many beautiful girls on a regular basis.

However, he especially enjoyed the food along the way.

They ordered all types of specialty dishes when they went to restaurants, and they enjoyed themselves immensely.

After stuffing himself full, An Lin went to the Flowery Court to gaze at beautiful women.

This Flowery Court isn’t what you would imagine it to be. This was a place where female entertainers sang and danced. Apart from this, there were no other transactions.

It was quite similar to the theatrical performances on Earth.

An Lin had absolutely no interest in the dancing.

However, the singing of the female entertainers had him hooked.

The melodies and rhythms of the songs popular in the Kingdom of the Nine States were all amazing. The artistic concepts of these songs were absolutely mesmerizing.

The singers were all very invested in their performances, with crisp and beautiful melodies lingering around them as they stood amidst the blooming flowers and flowing streams. They painted a beautiful picture of visuals and sound, and An Lin enjoyed himself immensely.

The bright moon hung high in the sky.

In the sky somewhere above Bai Hua State, the void was torn apart by a pair of pale and slender hands.

A female walked out of the spatial tunnel, her figure appearing delicate and pure as the moonlight shone upon her.

She was none other than the Moonlit Night Monarch, the monarch who had ventured from the mobile castle to undertake her mission.

“I can sense it. The Evil-Slaying Sword is nearby.”

The Moonlit Night Monarch shut her eyes. She tilted her head slightly upwards and slowed down her breathing.

“I can’t send people directly over. That way, the threads of fate will be too obvious.

“How can I dilute fate yet still gather enough intelligence?”

A gentle breeze blew over, and Moonlit Night’s body swayed with the wind, floating higher up into the sky.

“Melt into nature and become a simple bystander.

“Like a non-sentient being, unfeeling, untouching, yet aware of all…”

She smiled faintly. Shrouded in the faint glow of moonlight, she drifted higher and higher, transforming into a star in the night sky.

This star didn’t twinkle like the others, its glow instead soft and hazy like the moon.

This was actually just a mini-moon. It was nice and round and had an especially clear contour.

A moon like the stars, a star like the moon.

Although she had melted into nature, unfeeling and untouching, she still saw An Lin.

In fact, she didn’t see An Lin. More accurately, An Lin stood out clearly due to his connection with the Evil-Slaying Sword.

In the Flowery Court, a female just finished off her song, drawing a warm round of applause from the audience.

Even Da Bai squatted on the floor, a look of excitement on his face as he applauded.

He had never come to such a place before. Seeing beautiful females sing and dance now, he enjoyed himself greatly.

It seemed as though the law of the interspecial barrier didn’t apply to Da Bai. Like a lonely old man seeing a beautiful young woman, his watery eyes would widen every time he saw a beautiful female.

An Lin became suspicious of whether Da Bai was transformed from a human male. Otherwise, how come he was even more excited than him when seeing beautiful women?


An Lin suddenly sneezed as he was applauding along with everyone else.

“Big Brother An, you’ve got quite some luck with women tonight,” Da Bai chuckled. “Another beauty is thinking of you!”

An Lin sniffed. “Ah,” he sighed in exasperation. “What can I say about these girls who silently observe me, secretly think of me, yet do not come and confess to me?”

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