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Chapter 1408 - An Lin vs Emperor Yi Deng

Chapter 1408: An Lin vs Emperor Yi Deng

The morale of the Holy Worshippers received an additional boost at the sight of Tina hunting down the two holy golden guardians.

Emperor Yi Deng was quite alarmed to see this, and his attacks became more and more violent, each of which was imbued with the power to annihilate heaven and earth.

His divine dao was the Rakshasa blood dao. The more he battled and the more his hands became stained by blood, the more power he was capable of unleashing.

An Lin could sense the terrifying might behind each and every one of Emperor Yi Deng’s attacks. Just the simplest punches and strikes were imbued with unstoppable force, and he felt like he would be reduced to nothingness if he was to let any of those attacks strike him.

“Rakshasa blood dao, Heavenly Wheel Seal!” Emperor Yi Deng’s body became embroiled in blood mist as a crimson divine dao light erupted over the entire heavens. He roared as he made a circular seal with his hands, which he abruptly pressed toward An Lin’s body.


The heavens began to collapse.

A massive seal enshrouded the entire sky before descending with boundless might.

Countless Blood Tribe powerful beings’ expressions shifted drastically, and all of them fled for their lives.

The terrifying power in the sky struck them with a crushing sense of asphyxiation, and the devastating seal hadn’t even fallen yet, but the earth was already beginning to crack open.

An Lin sensed the power imbued within the seal, and he finally used his Star Vein Divine Technique again!

This was the second time he was unleashing his Star Vein Divine Technique, Fire God Mode, and Origin Energy of the Netherworld at the same time!

If it weren’t for the fact that he had his body of the War God to provide him with insane structural integrity, his body would instantly explode from the extreme and drastic increase in power.

“Vanquish the Heavens and Slay All Evil, Eternal Night!”

He roared as an inky-black domain erupted from his Evil-Slaying Sword, and he slashed up toward the seal in the sky at the same time.

In An Lin’s current state, he was able to completely pummel the Dao Integration Stage Feng Wuya even without using any weapon. Just how terrifyingly powerful was he now after using his Evil-Slaying Sword?

Boundless black sword intent crashed into the seal in the sky, and two different types of powers clashed in a frenzy.

A series of massive rifts appeared in the sky as destructive gale-force winds swept outward wildly in all directions for several dozen kilometers.

The massive seal in the sky was slowly beginning to crack open.

Emperor Yi Deng was astonished to see this.

The Heavenly Wheel Seal was his signature spell technique, and it was quite a threatening attack even to other Dao Integration Stage super mighty figures, but it was now being broken by a Return to Void Stage cultivator?

An Lin’s Eternal Night sword strike and the Heavenly Wheel Seal dissipated at almost the exact same time.

The clash between the two spell techniques had razed over a hundred mountains within the Immortal Spirit Paradise to the ground.

The immortal paradise was now a destitute land of destruction.

An Lin panted heavily in the aftermath. He had expended a lot of energy in that last attack, but it was only good enough to cancel out Emperor Yi Deng’s attack.

Emperor Yi Deng was indeed extremely powerful. He was on a completely different level to Feng Wuya!

An Lin pulled out an immortal pill from his storage ring and swallowed it.

He knew that he wouldn’t be a match for Emperor Yi Deng if he were to fight like an idiot, but with the regenerative effect of his Evergreen Technique and the large number of immortal pills within his storage ring, he felt like he had a chance at victory in a prolonged battle…

An Lin was a little disheartened by his lackluster combat prowess.

However, unbeknown to him, all of the Blood Tribe spectators felt like their eyes were popping out of their sockets upon witnessing that last clash.

Emperor Yi Deng was already one of the most powerful beings within the Blood Tribe. In their hearts, Emperor Yi Deng was a paramount being, but he was now fighting on par with a Return to Void Stage cultivator…

Ada and Jin Ling were still waiting for Emperor Yi Deng to finish off An Lin before coming to save them, but it looked like that wish wasn’t going to come true anytime soon.

“Was Sect Leader An Lin supposed to be only comparable in power to a Return to Void Final Stage mighty figure? How is he able to fight on par with a Dao Integration Stage super mighty figure now?”

“He was only at the Soul Formation Pinnacle Stage before, but he has since advanced to the Return to Void Initial Stage, so of course he’s different!”

“Holy f*k! If he keeps going like this, isn’t he going to be able to beat up Gods of Creation when he reaches the Dao Integration Stage!?”

“Long live the Holy Leader!”

“The Holy Leader is the future of the Blood Tribe!”

All of the Holy Worshippers were extremely proud to have a leader as powerful as An Lin.

Only the Holy Leader could stand up to a Dao Integration Stage emperor at just the Return to Void Stage!

Emperor Yi Deng’s expression became even more grim. An Lin was already this terrifying at just the Return to Void Stage. How powerful would he become if he was allowed to continue to develop?

He had too much potential and had to be taken care of right here, right now!

An Lin also wore a heavy expression. He had already sent messages to Cassidy and the others, telling them to come out from the Blood Tribe holy land. He was going to take them away from here.

However, such a long time had passed, but they had still yet to emerge.

Could it be that they were in trouble within the holy land?

Emperor An Mang had also entered the holy land to pursue them, so they might well be in a difficult situation.

With this in mind, An Lin decided to enter the Blood Tribe holy land himself.

The Blood Patriarch could sense the blood of Cassidy and the other Holy Disciples, and the holy land’s enchantment barrier only granted access to living beings with blood that he approved of. Hence, as the master who had transformed the blood of Cassidy and the others, would he also be granted entry into the Blood Tribe holy land?

An Lin was a little curious, so he decided to give it a try.

However, he would be leaving Tina behind if he did this.

Tina’s Feng Wuyan puppet was the guardian of the Divine Mirror World and could not come out of the Divine Mirror World. At the same time, Tina would not be able to enter the holy land, so if An Lin left, she would have to face the holy golden guardians as well as Emperor Yi Deng.

In that case, she would be thrust into an extremely perilous situation…

An Lin had to think of another course of action.

Right at this moment, an extremely powerful force began to approach them at high speed from the northern direction of the Immortal Spirit Paradise.

“Emperor An Mang’s personal guardian squad is here to help!”

A black cloud floated over from the distance.

On top of the cloud stood over ten thousand Blood Tribe powerful beings, of which several were Return to Void Stage mighty figures. All of them stood in a certain battle formation, exuding a vast and fearsome combined aura.

Another terrifying force was approaching from the western direction of the Immortal Spirit Paradise.

“Emperor Fu Tian’s personal guardian squad is here to help!”

Countless powerful beings in crimson robes descended atop crimson pegasi, unleashing a collective aura even more fearsome than the previous group.

An Lin was a little depressed. He still hadn’t thought of a viable course of action yet, but the Blood Tribe reinforcements were already piling in. This was not a good situation!

Emperor Yi Deng chortled gleefully. “Our reinforcements are here! They’ll use a special trapping method to ensnare all of you. You won’t leave this place alive no matter what!”

The Blood Tribe powerful beings roared collectively like thunder atop the black cloud.


An enormous power swept forth, striking An Lin with a sense of crushing oppression.

However, change suddenly struck.

The black cloud beneath the feet of Emperor An Mang’s personal guardian squad was somehow set alight.

White flames quickly spread for hundreds of kilometers, releasing terrifying temperatures, as if it were threatening to incinerate the entire heavens!

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