I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 14 - I Apologize, I Wronged You

Chapter 14: I Apologize, I Wronged You

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An Lin attracted the gaze of numerous prodigies as he entered the classroom.

It wasn’t because of how handsome he was, rather it was because the left side of his face was swollen like a pig.

“An Lin, who hit you? Tell your class captain, class captain will do you justice!”

Seeing An Lin’s sorry shape, Xuanyuan Cheng had a face of indignance.

Hearing this, An Lin shook his head emphatically. “Class captain, it’s not like that… I accidentally tripped by myself…”

As he finished saying this, he fearfully glanced behind him towards Xu Xiaolan.

Xu Xiaolan humphed with a cold expression on her face. She ignored An Lin and found a spot to sit alone.

Xuanyuan Cheng’s eyes were full of understanding, as if he was aware of what had happened.

He patted An Lin’s shoulder and consoled, “So it was domestic violence, huh. It really isn’t all that easy for you, is it…”

“Brother Cheng… How could you bear to pick at my scabs after seeing how pitiful I am!”

An Lin’s face hurt badly with every sentence he uttered.

His face was again contorted with agony as he talked to Xuanyuan Cheng.

“Is that so? Then Student An Lin must cultivate earnestly and strive to surpass Xu Xiaolan as soon as possible! That way you won’t be picked on anymore!” Xuanyuan Cheng consoled An Lin warmly with a look of understanding on his face.

An Lin grimaced. Finally, he sighed and gave up on explaining.

He nodded at Xuanyuan Cheng and turned to leave, planning to find a spot to sit down.

“An Lin, take this.”

Xuanyuan Cheng’s voice suddenly sounded from behind him.

An Lin turned around and saw Xuanyuan Cheng toss him a vial.

“Smear this on your face, it reduces swelling,” Xuanyuan Cheng explained.

An Lin was momentarily dazed as he caught the vial. When he came to his senses, he was moved to tears.

This sort of feeling was as if after being crushed by a stampede of mythological beasts, one was full of wounds and wandering alone in the wilderness. Then, an angel suddenly appeared and gently said, “Don’t worry, you’ve still got me!”

How caring and considerate…

After returning to his seat, An Lin applied the ointment to his face.

Right after he applied the ointment, a cool and refreshing sensation swept over his face, and most of the searing pain disappeared.

“Ah, this medicine is pretty good,” An Lin nodded. He carefully put the ointment away, just in case he needed it for the future.


Was it now impossible to keep raising his rank through the system?

An Lin was a bit gloomy. He opened the system interface in his mind and stared blankly at the ‘Cultivation Base’ section.

That’s right! Don’t I only need a Seventh Stage Dao Body to access the ‘Cultivation Methods’ and ‘Moves’ section?

An Lin suddenly thought of this and immediately opened the ‘Cultivation Methods’ section. The cultivation methods displayed on the interface were separated into ten main categories: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Thunder, Yin, Yang and God. Currently, only the ‘Thunder’ category of cultivation methods was lit up.

“Stage One Thunder Essence Cultivation Method—Condition: Be struck by a natural bolt of lightning which has been developed by the Heaven and Earth.”

An Lin: “…”

F*ck the hell off! Are you trying to have me get killed?!

An Lin was dumbstruck by the system’s condition.

Lightning bolts that occurred naturally all had voltages of over one hundred thousand volts and would have massive currents.

If he stood there and allowed himself to be struck by lightning, would he really be able to survive?

Life or strength, which one was more important?

I think I should just forget about the cultivation method…

An Lin shook his head and turned his attention to the ‘Moves’ section.

There was nothing under this section, except for an icon.

“Mountain Quaking Fist—Condition: Ingest ten grams of Mountain Soul-Essence.”

What’s Mountain Soul-Essence? An Lin was a bit puzzled.

Who cares what it is. At least this condition provides me with a hope that I can actually realize.

How about I ask Xu Xiaolan after school?

An Lin glanced towards the front where Xu Xiaolan—with the remnants of a furious expression still visible on her face—was sitting.

He had a bit of a headache. You’ve hit me and you’ve scolded me. How have you not cooled down yet? Clearly, I suffered the most, okay.

The classes that morning were mainly to do with spell formations and was taught by their homeroom teacher, Sword Immortal Ling Xiao.

It was clear that the handsome Sword Immortal was in a good mood today, as he gradually strayed off track and started talking about the heroic deeds that he completed in the past.

One had to admit that Sword Immortal Ling Xiao was really skilled in storytelling, as he boasted extravagantly of his deeds.

There were lows in the story, for example how a prodigy of some sect looked down upon him when he was young and slandered him in all sorts of ways.

There were also awesome moments of explosiveness, for example when Sword Immortal Ling Xiao returned mightily five years later.

A single thrust of his sword left the entire sect in awe, and the prodigy who had once ridiculed him was so frightened that he wet his pants in fear.

One after another, the stories he told were all splendid and wonderful, repeatedly eliciting cries of surprise from the students. Even An Lin felt like he was listening to a cultivation novel.

Near the end of his story, the homeroom teacher seemed to realize that he had gone way off topic and forcefully related it back to their lesson, hastily remarking, “From these stories, we can see that the journey of cultivation is a long and unpredictable one, one which is filled with splendor. We must not be discouraged easily!”

Afterwards, Sword Immortal Ling Xiao started talking earnestly about the arrangements and techniques regarding spell formations.

A chorus of boos suddenly erupted from below the lectern and many students had a look of disappointment.

Evidently, everyone preferred for the homeroom teacher to tell stories, rather than to deliver actual lessons…

Before he knew it, school had finished.

Students left the classroom one after another, and An Lin grabbed this chance to approach Xu Xiaolan apologetically.

“Fairy Lan Lan, it was my mistake today. I’m sorry,” An Lin apologized obsequiously, his face full of regret.

Xu Xiaolan raised her eyebrows and humphed, “That’s it?”

An Lin was stifled, and he roared loudly in his mind. What more do you want me to do?

Of course, An Lin didn’t dare speak his mind right now.

His mind whirred and he finally found the right words.

“Fairy Lan Lan, not only am I blind, I’m also clumsy and don’t know how to speak.

“I was the one in the wrong today. I really shouldn’t have gone against my conscience and slandered your beauty.

“That was the most heartless thing I’ve uttered in my entire life. I wronged you!

“If you’re still angry, just slap me again!

“Come on, the right side of my face isn’t swollen yet. Slap me so both sides of my face become symmetrical!”

After saying this, An Lin turned the uninjured side of his face towards Xu Xiaolan and closed his eyes, as if allowing her to do as she pleased.

Seeing An Lin act like this, a hint of a smile finally appeared on Xu Xiaolan’s frosty face.

However, before An Lin reopened his eyes, she hid her smile and purposefully put on a stern expression. “Fine. Seeing that you’re apologizing so sincerely, I’ll forgive you,” she said coldly.

Hearing this, An Lin felt a surge of relief.

Opening his eyes and seeing that Xu Xiaolan’s expression had indeed relaxed, he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief in his mind.

“Actually, there’s still something that I want to ask you about. Do you know what Mountain Soul-Essence is?”

An Lin hesitated momentarily before deciding to ask this.

“Why are you asking this? Are you up to something again?” Xu Xiaolan asked with her cheeks resting in her hands.

“It’s just that due to some unique circumstances, I need to ingest ten grams of Mountain Soul-Essence.” An Lin knew that there was hope after hearing Xu Xiaolan’s reply, and his eyes started to glisten.

“Ingest?” Xu Xiaolan was startled, and she stared straight at An Lin, her mouth slightly agape.

An Lin had a bad feeling about this once he saw Xu Xiaolan’s expression. “What, is there a problem?”

“N-no, there’s no problem, just that it’s quite difficult to find this stuff. How about this, I’ll take you to Full Moon Mountain to search for it.”

A warm smile appeared on Xu Xiaolan’s face as she suggested this to An Lin.

Full Moon Mountain was the tallest mountain on their university campus. On the mountain peak, there was a Moon Gazing Pavilion.

The scenery atop the mountain was absolutely stunning and there were all kinds of flowers and plants. Moreover, there were some adorable spirit beasts that roamed this area. As a result, this was the mountain that female students liked strolling about most.

Once he heard that there was a chance of finding Mountain Soul-Essence on the Full Moon Mountain, he instantly became excited. He and Xu Xiaolan decided to leave for Full Moon Mountain straight away.

Mountain Quaking Fist… I finally have the chance to learn the first immortal spell of my cultivation life!

There was a look of extreme eagerness etched upon An Lin’s face.

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