I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 137 - Come Tour Around the Mythological Beast Sect

Chapter 137: Come Tour Around the Mythological Beast Sect

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During this one month holiday, An Lin’s friends all had their own matters to attend to.

Su Qianyun had returned to the Green Wood Imperial Palace to assume her position as princess and Xuanyuan Cheng had also returned to the Ten-Thousand Spirits Immortal Sect to enjoy his stature as ‘young master’. Even Xu Xiaolan had returned to the Vermilion Bird Sect to report on some matters.

As for An Lin’s old teammates, they also returned to their homes or their sects. Only a few people decided to stay at the university.

Luckily, he had Xiao Chou and Xiao Hong to accompany him. Otherwise, he really would have been cold, lonely and empty.

Life at university really was quite boring. An Lin tempered his beast core every single day.

After ingesting five immortal pills in succession, his cultivation base had improved markedly. However, he had no idea when he would be able to break through to the Spirit Nurturing Intermediate Stage.

Before he knew it, a few days had passed by. The human, monkey and flower had even become bored of playing ‘Fight the Landlord’.

An Lin felt that he needed to enrich his holiday life.

How would he enrich it?

For some reason, that white figure drifted into his mind…

Uh-huh… I’ll go to the Mythological Beast Sect!

Without any hesitation, An Lin arrived at the university’s teleportation spell formation, teleporting directly to a county within the Stone Dragon State.

The Mythological Beast Sect was located in the White Lake County of the Stone Dragon State.

An Lin had wanted to visit Da Bai since long ago. However, he had been unable to do so due to the end-of-year exam.

Now that he had time, he wanted to see how Da Bai was doing. Taking this opportunity, he could also tour around the fabled Mythological Beast Sect. If he could sign a beast pet contract with Da Bai, that would be even better.

One Heaven, Four Great Sects, and Nine Imperials. The four sects mentioned here were the Ten-Thousand Spirits Immortal Sect, Vermilion Bird Sect, Heavenly Sword Sect, and Mythological Beast Sect.

These four sects were transcendent above all other sects in the Kingdom of the Nine States. They were extremely powerful and their influence reached over almost all of the kingdom.

The Mythological Beast Sect that An Lin wanted to visit was a colossus of the cultivation world. What more, the nucleus of this sect was formed by the beast tribe. Here, the standing of humans was much lower than that of the beasts. They could probably only assume responsibilities for internal affairs or act as sh*t shoveling slaves.

The Mythological Beast Sect was located atop a beautiful immortal mountain of picturesque sceneries. It was indeed a wonderful holiday destination.

Following the coordinates on the map, An Lin arrived at the entrance of the Mythological Beast Sect.

To the sides of the main gate, there were two gigantic stone turtles. These stone turtles were vivid and lifelike, and there was an air of arrogance about them.

Glancing at their eyes, a feeling of inferiority unexpectedly surfaced in An Lin’s mind.

There were two humans standing guard at the main gate, and they were expressionless as they watched An Lin fly over on his brick.

“What are you here for?” one of the guards asked.

An Lin was just about to say that he wanted to find Da Bai. However, he suddenly remembered that Da Bai might still be undergoing an acceptance of heritage right now. Thus, he replied. “I’m looking for Zhao Huaiyin.”

The guard nodded. Walking to the side, he took out a voice transmission talisman and spoke into it.

Soon after, a male youth hurriedly ran over.

“Hey, An Lin! Long time no see!” Zhao Huaiyin was all smiles as he greeted An Lin.

Seeing that Zhao Huaiyin was in fairly good spirits, An Lin also greeted him enthusiastically.

“Huh? Who’s this monkey on your shoulder?” Zhao Huaiyin had a look of curiosity after seeing the adorably ugly monkey.

“He’s called Xiao Chou. He’s my brother,” An Lin answered.

“Oh, hi Xiao Chou!” Zhao Huaiyin enthusiastically shook hands with Xiao Chou.

He acted very naturally and didn’t appear the least bit surprised that An Lin called an ugly monkey his brother. This caused Xiao Chou to develop quite a good first impression of this sect.

Afterward, Zhao Huaiyin acted as An Lin and Xiao Chou’s tourist guide, showing them around the Mythological Beast Sect.

“The Mythological Beast Sect is the largest sect established by the beast tribe in the Kingdom of the Nine States.

“The beast tribe here is different from those wretched bastards of the Myriad Mountain Realm. We have organized systems and regulations, and also strive to peacefully coexist with nature. These past few years, we’ve been continuously expanding and growing in power.

“Moreover, a large number of talented individuals have appeared in recent years. There’s the Four Young Dragons of the Beast Tribe, the Three Immortal Beast Overlords and so on. I trust that you’ve heard of all of these, right?”

Zhao Huaiyin was brimming with pride as he introduced the Mythological Beast Sect. It looked as if he had a great sense of belonging in this place.

Although An Lin was clueless about the Four Young Dragons of the Beast Tribe and whatnot, he still cooperatively gasped in admiration, so as to avoid awkwardness for their guide.

“The training plaza is just ahead!” Zhao Huaiyin pointed in front of them.

An Lin looked over. It was a vast stretch of level ground, and there were numerous cultivators walking their pets.

There were all kinds of weird and wonderful animals. Smaller ones included mice, dogs, and cats, whilst larger ones included mini-alligators, mini-elephants, mini-lions, and mini-tigers.

There were also some animals which he could barely comprehend. For example, winged wolves, some furry ball, and an ice cube which was walking on two feet.

The cultivators trailing behind these beasts would follow them wherever they ran. It made one feel as if it was actually these animals which were walking the cultivators instead.

An Lin glanced at Zhao Huaiyin in sympathy. However, he discovered that he was brimming with happiness.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to the inner district,” Zhao Huaiyin said.

“This place is divided into an inner and outer district?”

“Of course,” Zhao Huaiyin replied. “The outer district is the area where beasts who have yet to form their beast cores roam about. Here, there are a lot of human cultivators responsible for logistics. The inner district, on the other hand, is the area where beasts who have already formed their beast cores cultivate. This is also where Da Bai is situated.”

Upon hearing this, An Lin was instantly eager with anticipation. He was also a little nervous though, feeling as if he were going to meet the parents of a child-in-law.

On the way to the inner district, he saw many adorable little animals and could barely resist petting them.

However, almost all of them glanced at An Lin with a look of disdain in their eyes. This hurt An Lin’s feelings quite a bit.

“Don’t worry, these little critters are all scared of strangers. That’s just how they are.” Zhao Huaiyin tried to console him after seeing the gloomy expression on his face.

“That can’t be! Why isn’t Da Bai scared of strangers then? He even wanted to become my pet beast!” An Lin was a bit puzzled.

Hearing this, Zhao Huaiyin felt as if a sword had been pierced through his heart.

Fine, now it was his turn to be gloomy.

Walking past a clear and limpid stream, another large gate loomed before their eyes.

This time, it wasn’t human cultivators guarding the gate. Rather, it was two thick and sturdy tigers.

A powerful aura emanated from their bodies, and it was clear that they were of the Spirit Nurturing Stage already.

An Lin clicked his tongue in wonder. As expected of the Mythological Beast Sect , he thought to himself.

In the Myriad Mountain Realm, such tigers could rule over countless beasts. Here though, they were merely gatekeepers.

Another question drifted into his mind.

Don’t they say that two tigers cannot share one mountain? How come two tigers can share a gate here?

This is completely at odds with nature!

An Lin’s mind was full of messy thoughts as he followed behind Zhao Huaiyin.

As he continued walking along with Zhao Huaiyin, a large white dog suddenly walked over from the opposite direction.

Thinking that it was Da Bai, An Lin suddenly lit up in joy. Looking closely, however, he found that this dog was completely different from Da Bai.

The fur of this dog was just as beautiful as Da Bai’s. However, its body was more thin and slender, and its face was also more soft and graceful. This was completely different from Da Bai’s adorable yet mighty appearance.

Seeing An Lin and the others, the large white dog paused.

“Zhao Huaiyin, who’s that human next to you?” it asked in a soft and feminine voice.

Seeing this large dog, Zhao Huaiyin instantly became tense, losing all the composure he had before.

Finally, as if unable to withstand the large dog’s withering glare, he muttered, “H-he’s that An Lin…”

“What?! You’re An Lin?!”

Hearing Zhao Huayin’s answer, the large white dog’s fur spiked up, and its eyes bulged as it glared at An Lin.

An Lin felt a chill run down his spine.

There’s killing intent!

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