I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 135 - Binge Eating Immortal Pills

Chapter 135: Binge Eating Immortal Pills

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If it wasn’t for the fact that he still needed to help An Lin refine five immortal pills, Yi Xi definitely would have swept these two retards out with a broom.

The young daoist returned after gathering the medicinal ingredients.

The storage ring flashed, and all kinds of rare and exotic medicines were piled into a small hill on the floor, emitting strong waves of spiritual energy as they lay there.

Yi Xi just wanted to see off these two retards as soon as possible. Thus, he waved his sleeve and made all the ingredients float into the air.

Immediately afterward, he blew a purple flame from his mouth, enveloping all the ingredients suspended in the air.

By the looks of it, he seriously intended to refine five immortal pills at once!

An Lin’s eyes widened at the sight of this. He thought that Yi Xi was definitely a supremely skilled master.

Being able to witness Yi Xi refine five immortal pills at once was definitely a rare opportunity. He certainly wouldn’t let go of this great opportunity to learn.

Yi Xi started the refinement process. He swayed about as if he were dancing, and the medicinal ingredients in the air also started dancing about. Furthermore, it was as if the purple flame had a mind of its own, with sparks of flames seeping into the medicines and slowly drawing out their essences.

An Lin nodded as he watched on, and even started to grade him in his mind.

Flame control—full marks.

Medicinal ingredients control—nine marks.

Dancing—negative marks.

After a while.

“Condense!” Yi Xi bellowed.

Instantly, the purple flame whistled and shone brilliantly.

Five glistening green immortal pills appeared in the air, and an extremely rich aura of vitality spread throughout the air, making one feel full of vigor with every breath they drew.

“Go!” Yi Xi waved his sleeve and the immortal pills flew toward An Lin.

An Lin caught the five immortal pills excitedly, and he looked as if he was cradling some rare treasure.

He took four hundred thousand spirit stones out from his storage ring and placed them on the floor.

Thankfully, this pill refinement room was very large. If it wasn’t, this room would be bursting with this mountain of spirit stones

After putting the spirit stones into his storage ring, Yi Xi saw that An Lin had already placed an immortal pill in his mouth.

“You’re eating it now?!” he exclaimed in surprise.

An Lin blinked in confusion. “Is there a problem?”

Yi Xi grimaced and cleared his throat. “There’s no problem per se. It’s just that… don’t you need to find a tranquil environment and meditate first or something?”

Just like eating a plate of gourmet delicacies, the experience would be greatly affected depending on whether one ate it in a serene environment or chaotic environment.

An Lin shook his head. “No need. I think right here’s pretty good.”

Saying this, he swallowed the immortal pill.

A pure burst of vitality started spreading throughout his body, causing him to feel extremely comfortable and refreshed.

The immortal pill dissolved in his body, the energy contained within coursing through his veins and invigorating him with energy essence. His flesh and bones started to become even stronger. The vital energy of the heaven and earth surged into his jade temple, expanding the sea of vital energy within and causing it to churn.

“Ah… amazing!” An Lin exclaimed in pleasure, his face glowing with health and vigor.

He never would have imagined that even the lowest ranked immortal pill would have such an astonishing effect.

After fully absorbing the immortal pill, he took out another one and popped it into his mouth.

Yi Xi jumped in fright. “You’re eating more?”

An Lin was a bit puzzled as he looked toward Yi Xi. “Can’t I?”

Yi Xi felt a bit frustrated. “This isn’t an issue of whether you can or you can’t. Didn’t I already tell you? If you repeatedly eat the same type of immortal pill, the effects of them will continue to decrease!”

An Lin nodded earnestly. “So what you’re saying is that there’s still some effect, no?”

Saying this, he swallowed the immortal pill.

“Ah… amazing!”

Powerful bursts of vitality flowed through An Lin’s body, causing him to involuntarily moan.

Yi Xi: “…”

After digesting the second immortal pill, An Lin started eating the third one.

“You…” Yi Xi’s eyes bulged. Never in his wildest imaginations did he think An Lin was going to eat more.

An Lin glanced at Yi Xi. Upon realizing that he was speechless, An Lin ignored him and swallowed the immortal pill.

“Ah… amazing!”

An Lin found that regardless of how many times he ingested this type of immortal pill, that rush of energy and feeling of reinvigoration wouldn’t change. Although the strengthening of his body and expansion of his sea of vital energy was worse each time, it still felt truly amazing!

Seeing An Lin’s look of pleasure, Yi Xi was at a complete loss for words.

He had seen people eat immortal pills before. However, he had never seen people eat immortal pills like they were candy!

Even if one was rich, this was no way to spend their money!

Shaking his head in satisfaction, An Lin tossed the fourth immortal pill into his mouth.

Yi Xi’s round face twitched. Holy f*ck! Has this guy become addicted?!

After digesting the fourth immortal pill, An Lin tossed the fifth immortal pill into his mouth.

He had already entered a mysterious state. It was as if he possessed boundless power and limitless vitality. He felt completely carefree and happy, and with every breath, he felt light and refreshed.

Seeing An Lin’s state, Yi Xi’s mind wavered.

Could it be that ingesting numerous immortal pills in succession really can make one experience extreme pleasure?

He pondered over whether he should save up some money to attempt this impressive feat.

“Ding Dong! Mission completed.”

The system’s voice sounded in An Lin’s mind.

Instantly, information pertaining to the Evergreen Technique rushed into An Lin’s mind.

A dazzling green light started radiating out from his body, and a green halo appeared above his head which shone even more brilliantly. In fact, it possessed an air of divinity about it, and it exuded a crushing aura.

Yi Xi and Xiao Chou stared dazedly at the halo above An Lin’s head, unsure of what to say. Were they supposed to yell ‘Hail, Green Hat 1 God’?

The green halo slowly faded. An Lin had successfully mastered stage one of the Evergreen Technique, his life force increasing to an insanely powerful degree as a result.

The replenishing speed of his vital energy, the regenerative ability of his body… All of his recovery attributes were elevated to a great height!

It could be said that, as long as An Lin’s heart and head weren’t critically injured, there was a chance that he could survive regardless of the severity of his injuries.

Yi Xi also felt the change in An Lin’s aura. He was absolutely dumbstruck. In fact, even his outlook on life was flipped on its head.

“Y-you’ve changed!” As if discovering something completely incomprehensible, he pointed toward An Lin.

Only Xiao Chou remained calm and composed. An Lin broke through to the Spirit Nurturing Stage simply by ingesting some beast cores. Thus, it was only normal that he would undergo transformations after ingesting numerous immortal pills.

An Lin didn’t shirk from this remark, instead answering calmly, “Yes, I’ve changed.”

“Was this transformation instigated due to eating numerous immortal pills in succession?” Yi Xi widened his large round eyes and quizzed An Lin in excitement.

“Indeed,” An Lin replied honestly, “this transformation was brought about by ingesting five immortal pills in succession!”

There was nothing wrong with this answer. After all, this was what the system said, wasn’t it?

However, he didn’t foresee how terrifying a pill taking demon his answer created.

Yi Xi felt like a new world had been opened up to him, the prospects it presented were broad and limitless.

“So that’s how it is. This is a seldom ventured domain.

“I understand now, quantitative change leads to qualitative change… No matter what it is, as long as there is enough in quantity, it will elevate to a higher level in quality!”

Yi Xi laughed heartily, his eyes full of gratitude as he looked toward An Lin.

The inspiration given to him by An Lin was truly too great.

This favor… was as if he had been recreated anew!

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