I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 133 - Finally Graduated

Chapter 133: Finally Graduated

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An Lin and the others walked back toward Ding’an City. They had spent a total of five days on this journey.

Everyone’s power increased significantly after receiving the inheritances. On their journey back to Ding’an City, they were all adapting to and exploring their new bloodline powers.

In truth, the bloodlines and inheritances Bai Ling chose for them all suited them very well.

After receiving the Metal Inheritance, Sun Shenglian’s swordsmanship improved by leaps and bounds. Adding the bloodline inheritance of the Sword Dragon to that, her strength increased twofold, and her sword strikes now contained a dragon’s might within them.

Miao Tian’s Silver Rabbit Inheritance allowed her to become even more agile and nimble. Regardless of whether she used daggers or flying discs, her attacks all became more shrewd and deadly.

As for Zong Yongyan, he had specialized in wind immortal spells right from the beginning, so the effects of receiving the inheritances were most evident on him. The Wind Weasel Inheritance simply and crudely increased the power of his immortal spells.

The Demon Ape Inheritance made Luo Ziping even bigger, taller and stronger!

M-hm, that’s about it.

An Lin’s observations led him to believe that the strength of his team members was already equivalent to that of cultivators in the top quartile of the Immortal Rankings Board.

One had to realize that during the free-for-all battle event, only a dozen or so members of his class could enter the Immortal Rankings Board.

Apart from Xuanyuan Cheng and Su Qianyun, the only other individuals who could rank amongst the top quartile were An Lin, Xu Xiaolan, Lu Zhan and Lu Yiqing.

It was all as a result of their inheritances that their strength was now able to reach such levels.

He believed that not long after, they would also be able to successfully break through to the Spirit Nurturing Stage.

As for Xiao Chou’s Dark God Inheritance, even he himself couldn’t describe what transformations it brought about. However, he felt that because of this inheritance, he was able to sense the barrier leading through to the Spirit Nurturing Final Stage.

As for Xiao Hong’s inheritance… she also revealed a bit of its power. She said that it was some photosynthesis power, and had to do with the sun’s light waves and whatnot. Emitting a light beam, she managed to start a wildfire.

In the end, adhering to the fact that humans should peacefully coexist with nature, An Lin and the others had to act as firefighters, using immortal spells to create torrential rains and put out the wildfire.

The spell technique that Xiao Hong used was probably related to the bloodline inheritance she received from the Golden Crow. As for her other Mirror Combining Inheritance, she was still clueless about it.

Just like that, they hurried back to Ding’an City.

In the courtyard, An Lin and the others reported back to Sword Immortal Ling Xiao about their exploits of these past few days.

In the end-of-year exam, their class’ target was to slay three thousand Mutant Beasts. Dividing this evenly amongst the teams, each team only needed to slay one hundred and fifty Mutant Beasts.

Now, however, An Lin’s team had already slaughtered five hundred and twelve Mutant Beasts. Their result was ranked first amongst the twenty teams, and this made their homeroom teacher a little surprised.

However, Sword Immortal Ling Xiao quickly accepted this. An Lin and Xiao Chou were both already of the Spirit Nurturing Stage, so it was only normal that they could achieve such results. Moreover, the auras of his other team members also felt a little different from before.

Smiling as he looked toward them, Sword Immortal Ling Xiao remarked, “It looks like you guys had a very rewarding trip.”

“Naturally. It looks like our team is going to become the champion!” An Lin replied triumphantly, ignoring the implicature in Sword Immortal Ling Xiao’s remark.

After reporting their exploits, An Lin and his team left the courtyard, each of them returning back to their own rooms.

In the last two days of the end-of-year exam, An Lin and his team didn’t venture deep into the Myriad Mountain Domain, only hunting in the regions surrounding Ding’an City.

Even so, An Lin’s team still placed first when the end-of-year exam drew to a close.

Because Lu Zhan’s team found a spider den full of mutant beasts, they placed second.

Following him was Xuanyuan Cheng, Su Qianyun and Xu Xiaolan’s teams.

One had to admit, strength played a vital part in this exam.

Not surprisingly, Wang Xiaobai’s bludger team came last, successfully dragging down the class’ result. It was rumored that Wang Xiaobai was even beaten up by their homeroom teacher.

In total, their class slaughtered more than 5100 Mutant Beasts, far exceeding the target set by the university.

Many of these kills could be attributed to the beast tide. Of course, it also had to do with the students’ efforts. Apart from a minute number of bludger teams, most teams performed exceptionally well.

Sword Immortal Ling Xiao was very satisfied with this result. As a reward, he didn’t force the students to run thousands of miles in a single day when they were returning to the Stone Dragon State.

An Lin was actually quite disappointed when he heard this news.

He still wanted to show off his Brick Kinesis Flight and brag about his flying skills. Who knew, there was no opportunity for him to display his prowess, and he could only trundle along slowly with the other students.

In no time, they arrived back at The United University of Cultivation.

The results achieved by their class was outstanding, and Vice-Principal Yu Hua praised them in front of the entire school. He also presented a lot of rewards, though these were nothing more than just some pills, elixirs, spirit stones and refinement materials.

An Lin’s team received a lot of rewards.

Tycoon An didn’t care much for these rewards, so he gave them all away to his teammates.

His teammates were especially moved and they all expressed their desire to follow Big Brother An in the future.

Worthy of mention was the fact that Class One of the Fourth Year also received public praise in front of the whole school.

It was said that in a battle against the Blood Tribe in the dark marshlands, a dozen or so students of their class got caught up in a deadly situation.

In that battle, Wang Xuanzhan broke through to the Soul Formation Stage on the battlefield. He slaughtered two Blood Gods in one fell swoop and forced the Blood Tribe’s army into retreat, turning the battle situation back into their favor.

Due to this achievement, his name was once again spread throughout the Heavenly Court, his deeds becoming a story shared amongst the students.

Once the new semester ended, the students of the fifth-year would leave the university.

Some students would choose to stay and work for the Heavenly Court.

Of course, some others would choose to return to their own clans or sects.

To these choices, the school would never interfere.

Right now, An Lin didn’t need to think about these faraway matters. All he cared about now was the fact that he was going to become a senior student and some adorable little sisters were going to join the university!

M-hm… He was getting excited just thinking about this.

Xiao Chou also sneaked into the school with An Lin.

He transformed into a palm-sized monkey, though he was still ugly nonetheless.

Massive light-bulb-like eyes, an upturned nose, a crooked mouth, and a freckled face had already become his indelible features. No matter how he transformed, he would never be able to change these features.

The only good point was, his face also shrunk along with his body.

Thus, he wasn’t the frighteningly ugly Xiao Chou anymore. Now, he was the adorably ugly Xiao Chou.

When he was bored, Xiao Chou would lie on An Lin’s shoulder and take a rest.

Of course, most of the time, he would be cultivating on the Full Moon Mountain.

The vital energy at The United University of Cultivation was even richer than that at the Mountain of Fruits and Flowers, so he liked this place very much.

In no time, An Lin’s life as a first-year student came to an end.

The fifth-year seniors also started to leave the university.

An Lin especially inquired about where Chen Chen had gone, and learned that he had left the Heavenly Court.

No one knew of his sect or clan, and no one cared either. Thus, where exactly he had gone after leaving the Heavenly Court was a complete mystery.

An Lin had initially thought that Chen Chen would actively seek him out due the matter regarding the Finger of the Heavenly Dao.

After all, An Lin had stolen his technique after seeing him use it just once. Even if one was incredibly insensitive, they wouldn’t let such matters slide.

However, that’s exactly what Chen Chen did. Up till his graduation, he never once sought out An Lin.

In fact, this was fine too. Otherwise, An Lin wouldn’t know how to explain the matter regarding the Finger of the Heavenly Dao anyway.

University holidays started and there was still one month until school started again.

This one month was a holiday period for students and An Lin also needed to make good use of this time.

What should I do first?

He suddenly thought of something, and his eyes lit up.

I’ll go to Dou Shuai Palace!

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