I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 1275 - Meeting Some Familiar People

Chapter 1275: Meeting Some Familiar People

All of the Four Nine Immortal Sect representatives were a little excited.

“So we’re going to be able to meet powerful beings from all over the world soon?” Long Aotian’s face lit up with excitement and battle intent.

“I want to see just how many familiar faces there are going to be on this new Tai Chu Continent.” Xiao Tu had a warm, curious smile on his face.

“As expected of the Heavenly Court. It is truly a top-tier power.” Tang Ximen sighed with emotion.

“I wonder how much money we would earn if the Four Nine Immortal Sect held an event of this caliber.” Xiao Ze was a little envious.

An Lin drew a sharp intake of breath. “Just the presents we would receive from all of the representatives would probably amount to a figure in excess of a hundred million spirit stones!”

“More than that! If we could widen our invitation scope and hold a few more activities, we would easily break through the hundred million mark,” Liu Qianhuan spoke with excitement in her eyes.

“There’s no use thinking about this now, we need to make the sect more powerful.” Xuanyuan Cheng’s fighting spirit had been ignited, and he looked up into the sky with scorching eyes.

“The path to riches is right before our eyes. We just need to fight and get there!” An Lin summed up everyone’s words as the sect leader.

“We can do it!” Su Qianyun clenched her delicate fist and spoke in her mellow voice.

“We can do it!”

“We can do it!”

All of the other sect members also chimed in to pump themselves up.

Lin Junjun: “…”

Weren’t they going a little off-topic? Why were things developing in this unexpected direction?

Weren’t they just praising the Heavenly Court? Why was it that they were suddenly discussing how their sect could earn money through holding events like this?!

Are they shameless?!

Lin Junjun roared in her heart, but she still maintained an elegant smile on her face.

The Heavenly Peach Banquet hadn’t officially commenced yet.

Thus, everyone took a tour of the Little Green Island.

After having their fill of fruits in the Myriad Fruit Orchard, they went bathing in the Heavenly Pond, then sunbathing on the Golden Yang Mountain…

Lin Junjun acted as their tour guide, and before they knew it, they had explored all of the notable tourist attractions on the Little Green Island.

“Up ahead is the Heavenly Palace, which is the main venue for the Heavenly Peach Banquet. All of the two thousand representatives will enjoy an unforgettable banquet in there!” Lin Junjun introduced.

An extremely vast and magnificent palace stood before everyone.

It was crafted from the most intricate and beautiful immortal jade with white and gold as its main color tones. This was a holy and prestigious palace that was several hundred meters tall and took up a vast area.

An Lin felt like this palace could easily house tens of thousands of people, let alone a few thousand.

“Hi, An Lin, we meet again!” The ground suddenly began to rumble behind them.

An Lin turned to discover a few rock golems making their way toward them with smiles on their faces.

“Senior Yue Dou!” He immediately extended a greeting before turning toward Hong Dou with a hint of a smile on his face. “Hong Dou, you’re participating in the Heavenly Peach Banquet as well?”

Hong Dou blushed slightly as the flames in his chest burned with even greater ferocity. “Don’t look down on me! Why can’t I participate? I’m one of the top young prodigies of the Creation Realm!”

“Yes yes yes, you’re a prodigy.” An Lin rolled his eyes.

The noodle monster beside Hong Dou suddenly wrapped a noodle arm around Hong Dou’s neck before laughing heartily. “I’ve seen Hong Dou grow up from a wee little rock. Even though his cultivation base isn’t progressing very quickly, he has an extremely solid foundation, so I have great hopes of him becoming a top-tier mighty figure in the future!”

An Lin looked at the noodle monster wearing a red and white bowl with soup swirling around within it, and an expression of surprise on his face. “You are?”

Yue Dou laughed heartily as he made an introduction. “This is Holy Lord Noodle, one of the Return to Void Final Stage mighty being of the Hall of Creation and the most powerful being among all noodles!”

An Lin’s mouth gaped open with astonishment as he stared at the noodle monster. “It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance…”

Ye Ling was drooling beside him. “It smells so good!”

Holy Lord Noodle exuded an extremely alluring scent of hand-pulled noodles.

This was probably its natural scent.

Tang Ximen wore an expression of despair. He was inferior even to noodles now!

All of the other Four Nine Immortal Sect members were also astonished by the sight of the noodle monster.

What a weird and wacky world this was.

Even a snail could become a mythological beast, so Return to Void Stage noodles didn’t seem too far-fetched.

Bai Muyu had also arrived as a representative of the White Fox Tribe.

She pulled Bai Yao aside and scolded her in a soft voice, “Are you bullying Xiao Chou? Look at him, he has lost weight!”

A deep blush appeared on Bai Yao’s face.

An Lin sighed with emotion as he held onto Xu Xiaolan’s slender hand. “Look at Xiao Chou, his clothes are becoming more loose-fitting, and he’s willingly wasting away for his lover… When will I ever be as happy as Xiao Chou?”

Xiaolan faltered for a split second before realizing what he was saying.

She punched An Lin’s arm as a faint blush crept onto her face. “Shameless b*stard!”

Tina and Ye Ling blinked in confusion, wondering why Xu Xiaolan was suddenly angry at An Lin. Did he say something wrong?

Only Da Bai knew what was going on, and he chuckled as he looked on with relish.

“Sect Leader An Lin,” a crisp call sounded from a distance away.

An Lin turned to discover a group of ten people in lavish, palatial robes making their way toward her.

At the forefront of their group was a gorgeous purple-robed woman with a radiant and enchanting smile on her face, and she was waving at him with excitement.

“Princess Xiang Qingya.” An Lin nodded with a faint smile on his face as a greeting.

Xiang Qingya made her way over to him before extending a respectful and elegant curtsey. “Sect Leader An Lin, I have not yet had a chance to repay you for what you have done the other day. Today, I have brought with me some presents that I hope you may accept.”

She produced a storage ring from her storage ring as she spoke before handing it over to An Lin.

An Lin accepted the storage ring without any fuss. He certainly wasn’t going to refuse a present.

“I am the emperor of the Dark Wind Imperial Family, Xiang Fengyi. I must thank you again for saving my daughter’s life, Sect Leader An Lin.” A graceful man with a very friendly demeanor extended a formal gesture of gratitude toward An Lin.

An Lin was happy to have them as allies, so he began to converse cheerfully with them.

Not long after this, an extremely terrifying aura suddenly swept toward him.

An Lin felt as if there were someone laying the tip of their sword over his heart!

Danger! Extreme danger!

Before An Lin had a chance to do anything, Liu Qianhuan’s enraged roar erupted, “Liu Mingxuan, are you crazy? This is the Heavenly Court, what the hell are you trying to do?”

The pressure on An Lin’s body instantly disappeared.

An Lin turned to discover a handsome man making his way toward him with a group of close to thirty powerful sword immortals behind him.

This was the Heavenly Sword Sect representative group!

“Liu Mingxuan, if you do that again, you’ll be barred from all future Heavenly Peach Banquets,” Lin Junjun spoke with a frosty expression.

She was very displeased that someone would threaten her friend with their aura when she was around.

“That was just a friendly greeting. I’ll make sure not to do it again.”

Liu Mingxuan chuckled before turning to look at An Lin.

“How have you been, Sect Leader An Lin?” The man extended a warm greeting, as if nothing had happened.

“I’ve been pretty good. It’s just that there are too many cultivators trying to join the Four Nine Immortal Sect, and I’m having a hard time dealing with all of them,” An Lin replied with a calm smile.

“Oh? Do you personally attend to all cultivators that try to join your sect? Does the Four Nine Immortal Sect just accept any random cultivators as disciples?” Liu Mingxuan was a little surprised.

“There are nuggets of gold even in the most mundane sand, so I have to choose diligently and carefully. For example, someone like Sun Yuluo who has a decent aptitude and a sword spirit isn’t too bad,” An Lin said with a nonchalant expression.

The veins on Liu Mingxuan’s forehead began to bulge.

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