I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 119 - When A Graceful Woman Encounters A Ruffian

Chapter 119: When A Graceful Woman Encounters A Ruffian

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This was half a month’s worth of painstaking effort, all down the drain…

The woman stared blankly at her ruined work of art. At that moment, she developed a profound understanding of the saying, a dollop of rat’s poop could ruin a whole pot of soup.

“Eh, there’s someone here after all?”

An Lin was a little taken aback at the sight of the woman painting under the tree.

The woman was very beautiful. Her brows were like two artful wisps of delicate smoke, her features were like the reflection of a beautiful flower in a pool of clear water, giving off a sense of delicate grace.

“Hi there, I’m really sorry for barging in without your permission.”

An Lin knew he was in the wrong and immediately apologized.

The woman suppressed her anger and didn’t say anything, instead carefully sizing up the handsome man in front of her.

She released her powerful divine sense to assess An Lin.

After a while, her brows furrowed even further.

That’s strange, he’s only at the Spirit Nurturing Initial Stage.

The Energy-Vanquishing Array Formation should have been able to easily keep out even cultivators of the Soul Formation Final Stage, how was he able to break his way in?

“How did you get up here?” The woman asked lightly, her voice soft and gentle.

“Me? I flew up here!”

An Lin blinked his eyes, looking at the woman as if she was retarded.

The woman was filled with anger and disgust upon hearing An Lin’s reply and seeing his contemptful expression.

“What I’m asking is… how were you able to break through my barrier array formation!”

If it wasn’t for her gentle personality, she probably would not have been able to hold back from attacking An Lin.

“Oh… well, I’m really strong, so I was able to break through.” An Lin rolled his eyes.

What kind of question was this…

This was like someone asking you why you got one hundred percent on your math exam.

It was of course because I was good at math, that’s why I was able to score one hundred percent.

Why was she asking a question like this? Was she f*cking looking down on him!?

A flush of bright red began to appear on the woman’s face, that’s right, it was from anger.

“Ha, you really are strong then. May I inquire what business your excellency has in trespassing on this summit?”

The woman didn’t know how to communicate amicably with the man, hence she cut straight to the chase.

An Lin scratched his head apologetically. “I’ve come here only because I want to bungee jump from the summit.”

The woman was at a loss. “Bungee jump? What’s that?”

An Lin immediately came to a realization. She wasn’t a student from the Heavenly Court, so she had naturally never heard of bungee jumping.

Hence, he began to elaborate in different terms. “The reason I’ve come here is because I want to jump off from the summit!”

The woman’s expression completely soured upon hearing this. “Are you f*cking around with me?”

Are you kidding? To make such an effort to fly to the summit, then break through the barrier array formation, just to jump off the summit?

What kind of bullsh*t was this!?

An Lin splayed out his hands in resignation. “It’s up to you whether you believe me, I’m gonna jump anyway.”

He began to walk around, looking for the best spot to jump from.

And then, he caught sight of the woman’s artwork.

“Hahahaha… what’s wrong with this white crane’s eyes? It’s so ugly, hahahaha…”

It had to be said, the white crane’s huge bulbous eyes were quite hilarious.


The paintbrush snapped in half in the woman’s hand.

She had always felt like she was quite easygoing and was a quiet and graceful gentlewoman.

Until she met An Lin.

Very good… her rage levels were off the charts!

“You dare to repeat that!?” the woman said through gritted teeth.

It was too bad that An Lin was too intent on laughing and didn’t hear what the woman had said.

He was still staring at the hilarious white crane. “What? Could you repeat that? I didn’t hear you the first time, hahahaha…”

“You didn’t hear me, eh?”

The woman smiled with an extremely cold look on her face. An extremely terrifying aura suddenly burst forth from her seemingly slim and frail body.

A chill ran down An Lin’s spine, immediately halting his laughter.

Such powerful killing intent!

And then, he saw a petite white fist expanding in his vision.

And after that…

That was it.

An Lin was pummelled halfway to his death.

He was at the Spirit Nurturing Stage already, but he still had the crap beaten out of him, as if he was a frail newborn chick in the face of the woman.

After giving An Lin a thorough beating, her rage had mostly dissipated.

A red flush lingered on her pretty face, making her beauty even more vibrant.

She looked on in a daze at the bruised and battered man crouching on the ground.

Ever since she became engrossed in her art, how long had it been since she’d raised her hands toward someone?

Who would have thought that the man in front of her could anger her to the point of attacking? His ability to piss people off was truly extraordinary, and on top of that, he was completely self-unaware. She felt as if he was definitely f*cked in the head.

An Lin was also in fear of this woman, who seemed to have attacked him with minimal provocation. He didn’t know that the artwork was only in its current state because of him, hence, he also felt as if the woman in front of him was f*cked in the head.

Both of them looked at each other as if they were looking at mental asylum patients.

An Lin blinked his eyes. “Whatcha lookin’ at?”

The woman’s brows furrowed slightly. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

An Lin laughed. “How am I supposed to look at you then? Can you teach me?”

The woman’s breathing faltered slightly. “You…”

That’s right, he was no match for the woman in combat strength, so he had to claim a moral victory! Thus, the two of them continued to glare at each other.

Heavens, was this man sent here by God to test my Dao Heart!?

The woman’s body trembled with rage as she repeatedly told herself to not get enraged.

Impatience and negative emotions were taboo in the way of art, how could a quiet, graceful maiden like her commit such a sin?

The woman forced a smile onto her face. “Hi, my name is Lin Junjun.”

An Lin was slightly taken aback at the woman’s new attitude.

Although doubt remained in his heart, he still introduced himself. “Hi, my name is An Lin.”

He got up from the ground and retrieved some medicine to reduce swelling from his storage ring before applying it to himself.

He had just applied some to his face this morning, and now he had to apply more to his body.

He was about to run out and would have to buy some more soon…

“Oh, I see. Well then, Mr. An, may I ask why you have come to this summit?” Lin Junjun asked softly whilst struggling to calm her anger.

An Lin’s lips curled slightly. Hadn’t he already told her? He was here to jump off a cliff!

Seeing as Lin Junjun was speaking to him politely, he had no choice but to return the favor. “I really am here to jump off a cliff. Why else do you think I would come here? There’s nothing to see here, do you think I’d come all this way just to visit you?”

Lin Junjun blushed upon hearing this, at a loss for words. In the end, she could only wave a hand in anger. “Then go jump!”

An Lin nodded his head at Lin Junjun. Sigh, I’ve finally gotten through to her.

The veins on Lin Junjun’s forehead began to pop as she took in An Lin’s sympathetic expression.

Did he think she was retarded!?

Keep calm, keep calm… I am a graceful maiden.

Lin Junjun repeated this mantra to herself in her heart as her hands balled into tight fists and her body began to tremble slightly.

An Lin turned his attention away from her, doing a lap of the mountain before coming to the top of a particularly steep cliff.

“Ding dong,

“Detected that host has reached a cliff of one hundred thousand feet.”

He smiled to himself. The system was still quite useful, even giving him notifications for things like this.

He waved his hand toward the graceful woman behind him. “Sorry for the intrusion, goodbye now. But it has to be said, the white crane you drew is hilarious, hahahaha…”

An Lin immediately jumped off the cliff in a leap of faith as his sentence trailed off.

He was just about to make his escape.

He’d just had the crap beaten out of him, but at least he was leaving with a moral victory.

Besides, that white crane really was quite hilarious.


His head collided with an invisible barrier, stopping him cold.

An Lin: “…”

Lin Junjun’s gentle voice drifted into his ears from above.

“What did you just say? Could you repeat yourself?”

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