I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 116 - I Have A Special Flight Technique

Chapter 116: I Have A Special Flight Technique

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This was all the system’s fault, transforming him into some inhuman creature.

Sigh, if he knew this was going to happen from the start, he would’ve done away with the damn system and just relied on himself to materialize a spirit root.

An Lin wiped away his tears. Although there was endless remorse welling up in his heart, he couldn’t change reality, so he could only accept his fate.

Life had to continue, he still had to fill his stomach and the end-of-year trial had to be completed.

Although a large part of the criteria had been completed due to the beast tide of the previous day, for students like him, it was always better to overperform and complete the trial in excess of the given criteria.

An Lin brought together Miao Tian and the others before once again making their way toward the Myriad Mountain Realm.

The news of his breakthrough to the Spirit Nurturing Stage last night had already been made known to all the students by Xuanyuan Cheng.

Thus, An Lin had become the fifth person in their class to ascend to the Spirit Nurturing Stage.

All the students reacted differently in response to this.

Some students were shocked at An Lin’s terrifying speed of progression.

Of course, there was a large number of students who didn’t really think much of this, instead regarding this as nothing out of the ordinary.

In comparison to An Lin’s prior legendary feats, this really wasn’t even worth mentioning.

“Big Brother An, I heard that you’ve broken through to the Spirit Nurturing Stage, which makes our group even stronger than before. Could we just take it easy for today?” Miao Tian asked with his arms tucked behind his head.

An Lin grimaced, thinking to himself, Haven’t you been taking it easy for the past few days anyway? I don’t think it matters whether I broke through or not.

“Oh right, I heard about that too, congratulations Big Brother An.” Zong Yongyan smiled slightly.

“Congratulations to Big Brother An for breaking through to the Spirit Nurturing Stage” Luo Ziping also chimed in.

Only Sun Shenglian humphed coldly, clearly still angry about the events from this morning.

To these words of congratulations that were few and far in between, An Lin could only sigh in resignation.

It was his fault for flexing too much earlier on, now no one really even felt inclined to celebrate his breakthrough in the wake of his many legendary feats.

Only Xiao Chou was actually excited for An Lin.

The group began to move deeper into the mountains.

Ever since the beast tide, there were a lot less mutant beasts in the surrounding area.

After a whole day of hunting, everyone could only tally a total of twenty-six mutant beasts, which really wasn’t worth much in the eyes of An Lin and Xiao Chou.

Having broken through to the Spirit Nurturing Stage, An Lin was thoroughly enjoying himself by releasing extremely powerful sword projections with each stroke of his golden glazed sword.

As expected, with the progression of his cultivation base, even low-level sword techniques could unleash devastating power.

That day, An Lin and the others ate the eggs of the Gale Sword Bird.

The eggs were as big as watermelons, and there were eight of them in total!

Amongst all the wild game they could’ve hunted, An Lin and the others chose these eggs as their yolks were extremely delicious. It was not so much a crunchy texture but was fragrant and crispy instead.

This was a very unique characteristic amongst eggs.

Just as everyone was cooking the eggs, An Lin held his golden glazed sword and made a few hand seals, after which the sword began to levitate in mid-air.

He leaped lightly and landed on the sword.

Yes, he was going to try sword kinesis flight now!

It was the dream of countless Dao Body cultivators to be able to soar through the heavens

Although An Lin didn’t really have a strong urge to fly, the convenience offered by sword kinesis flight was undeniable.

He cast a light concealment spell first, according to how he was instructed at school.

The golden film of light encapsulated the sword as if it were a solid layer of gold. The area encapsulated by the film of light was several times wider than the sword and the film itself had the effect of stabilizing the user’s body.

An Lin could use spells to make the film of light encapsulate his body as well, thereby allowing him to keep out wind, rain, and the sun.

Sword kinesis flight required cultivators to have great control over their vital energy.

He had just broken through to the Spirit Nurturing Stage so this was not a problem.


An Lin called lightly as the longsword quivered and rose shakily into the sky.

And after that…

After rising to a height of one hundred meters, An Lin’s legs began to feel weak.

“F*ck, how am I so high up already? Luo Ziping and the others are all just little dots now…”

An Lin complained to himself as he carefully controlled the sword’s motions under him.

After rising into the air, his horizons widened considerably.

However, the wider his horizons were, the less safe he felt.

What if… what if he screwed up and fell off?

He flew through the air slowly, even a mere ten meters per second was terrifying to him.

To be able to fly around at over one hundred meters per second like Xu Xiaolan…

Sigh, why is the disparity so large…

Soon, An Lin descended to where he took off.

It was not that he had mastered sword kinesis flight, it was simply that his heart couldn’t handle it anymore.

That’s right, he missed Da Bai.

His mind was filled with recollections of Da Bai’s warm and secure back.

Suddenly, the image of Lu Zhan’s saucepan lid flashed into his mind for some reason.

Of course!

He could use other magic tools for kinesis flight, so why was he restricting himself to just swords?

An Lin slapped his forehead and chastised himself for not thinking of the idea sooner.

He released all the items that could potentially be used for kinesis flight from his storage ring at once.

Aside from the high tier enchanted sword, the golden glazed sword, there was the Evil-Slaying Sword, the Realm-Piercing Nail, the Starless Sky of Slaughter Formation Disk, the Tower Shield of the White Ghost, the Demonic Blade of the Blood Dragon, and the Chaotic Alloy Brick.

An Lin immediately eliminated the Evil-Slaying Sword as one of the candidates. He did not want to consider any swords at the moment.

As for the immortal tool, Realm-Piercing Nail… Kinesis nail flight?

Are you kidding? He wasn’t an acrobat!

Thus, the Realm-Piercing Nail was also stowed away into his storage ring.

Following that was the Starless Sky of Slaughter Formation Disk. He only managed to figure out its name using the Divine Inspection Technique. Aside from that, he had no other information on it, he didn’t even know how to use it, thus, it was stowed away too.

The Tower Shield of the White Ghost and the Demonic Blade of the Blood Dragon were both high tier magic tools from the storage rings of the Blood Gods.

Blade kinesis flight seemed like a decent option. It was wider than a sword at least, giving him a better sense of security.

M-hm… this could be a potential candidate!

As for the Tower Shield of the White Ghost, this was a shield with a skull on it, making it far too hideous for An Lin’s standards. Hence, it was ignored without a second thought.

After that, An Lin picked up the chaotic alloy brick.

Hehe, this brick was even less viable. Not only was it black and ugly, but it was also quite short and narrow…

But suddenly, his expression began to change.

After breaking through to the Spirit Nurturing Stage, he felt a little different when holding the brick.

“Huh… I feel like I might be able to manipulate it.”

An Lin blinked in surprise. The brick felt like something that could be molded by his intent.



The black brick expanded in size.

An Lin stood transfixed, his mouth agape with shock.

Three seconds later, his eyes lit up, as if he’d just discovered a new continent.

“Expand! Expand! Expand…”

Bam! Bam! Bam…

Soon, the ordinary-looking black brick had become a huge brick of three square meters in surface area.


An Lin leaped onto the brick before activating the Light Concealment Spell and rising quickly into the air.

“Hahahaha! Nice!” An Lin yelled in exhilaration.

He felt much safer atop the huge brick compared to the thin sword.

Miao Tian and the others who were cooking eggs on the ground all looked toward the sky.

The sight that greeted them was one of An Lin laughing wildly whilst whizzing through the air atop a giant brick.

Everyone was dumbstruck by the sight!

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