I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 112 - Starry Night Monarch

Chapter 112: Starry Night Monarch

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Behind the city gate, the Infernal Horse’s skull was already crushed by the Golden-Eyed Monkey King’s silver staff.

There were light burns all over the Golden-Eyed Monkey King’s body, and his aura was also significantly weaker than before.

Even though he was in such a sorry state after slaying the Infernal Horse, he still persisted and helped guard the breach along with the human soldiers.

Atop the battlements, a Purple Flamed Eagle was slain by Su Qianyun’s Moonlight Disc.

It was a shame that the Purple Flamed Eagle started self-immolating as it died though, or else she could have checked to see if it’s Beast Core still remained.

City Lord Zheng Qianqiu was also a mighty cultivator of the Spirit Nurturing Final Stage.

He, along with Xuanyuan Cheng, Su Qianyun, and Lu Zhan, each guarded a different section of the city wall. They defended against the attacks of flying mutant beasts and to the greatest extent, protected the spellcasters along the battlements.

Under the relentless attacks of the spellcasters and Class One’s students, over half of the mutant beasts on the ground had already been killed. With their momentum halted, the beast tide lost the imposing might it started off with.

The situation was slowly coming under control, and it was now time to exterminate the remaining mutant beasts.

On the battlefield, An Lin sliced open the gigantic white bear’s abdomen. He fished around and eventually found a white Beast Core which was emitting a chilly aura.

“Hehe, I’ve finally gathered three Beast Cores…” An Lin chuckled in delight.

Now that he had his three Beast Cores, it was time to summon Shenron.

He took the two frozen lion corpses out of his storage ring.

Since he had finished gathering the Beast Cores already, he had no need for these corpses anymore.

What he didn’t notice was, a certain part of these corpses gradually dimmed down, their luster fading away like a dying star.

Amidst the white mist, there was suddenly a sound of an elephant trumpeting.

A column of flames soared into the skies, the heatwave emanating from it melting away the white mist.

Xu Xiaolan was drenched in sweat. She wiped away the beads of perspiration on her forehead and walked over to An Lin.

Behind her, the elephant crashed to the floor, its body cooked tender and crisp.

“What are you doing? How come you’re so happy?”

Seeing An Lin squatting cheerfully on the floor with three colorful beads in his hand, Xu Xiaolan couldn’t help but be curious.

An Lin came to his senses and put the Beast Cores back into his storage ring. “It’s a secret!” he said with an air of mysteriousness, “I’ll tell you after the battle ends.”

Xu Xiaolan tut-tutted, clearly dissatisfied with An Lin’s secretive manner.

She shook her head and leaped back into battle.

Soon after, a gigantic black cockroach scuttled toward An Lin.

Like scythes, its forelegs cut toward An Lin, forcibly drawing him into battle.

Three miles out from the main battlefield, Sword Immortal Ling Xiao had slain a black armored male whose body was covered in scales.

Around him, the terrain was razed, the countless deep scars running across the earth the only features remaining.

This black armored male was the one who had tossed the black lance, and he had a rank of Soul Formation Intermediate Stage.

From his body, Sword Immortal Ling Xiao couldn’t detect the aura unique to Soul Beasts. Evidently, he was from another alien tribe.

As the male fell to the ground, an obscure glow somewhere on his body gradually dimmed.

“Huh…? What’s with this?”

Sword Immortal Ling Xiao frowned slightly. His sword flashed, and the male’s body was sliced open.

Looking at the location which was dimming, he didn’t discover anything unusual.

Scouring the surroundings, a feeling of unease arose within Sword Immortal Ling Xiao, and a thought crept into his mind.

Forget about it. I’ll go back and deal with the remaining mutant beasts first.

He jumped on his sword and flew back to the nearby battlefield.

With the addition of Sword Immortal Ling Xiao, the extermination of the mutant beasts became even more rapid.

In no time, all the beasts in the beast tide were killed.

The sky was lit a hazy red by the setting sun, and the earth was flowing thick with gore. The stench of blood permeated through the air.

Beyond the city walls, the earth was littered with the corpses of over two thousand mutant beasts. A deathly silence filled the air.

Dozens of students were bathed in blood as they returned. Many were injured but fortunately, none were dead.

Soon after, thousands of soldiers swarmed out from the city gate, cleaning up the battlefield and searching the mutant beasts’ bodies.

Some mutant beasts had treasures all over their bodies. When dealing with such corpses, the soldiers’ actions were smooth and experienced.


Zheng Qianqiu held another banquet. This time, it was to reward the commanders as well as all the soldiers who defended the city.

In this war of resistance against the beast tide, they achieved a resounding victory. Moreover, there were barely any casualties on their side, mainly because of the participation of the elite students. They fought valiantly and took a heap of pressure off the city soldiers.

After this beast tide, the number of mutant beasts in the surrounding area dropped significantly. As a result, the soldiers of this city could relax for a fair period of time.

To this, the soldiers all drank to their heart’s content. Even the students of Class One were feeling elated, all of them raising their cups and making toasts.

In this battle, they killed over two thousand three hundred mutant beasts in total.

However, Sword Immortal Ling Xiao only added one thousand to the students’ results tallies.

After all, a significant number of mutant beasts were killed by the soldiers of Ding’an City and a number of others were killed by him.

He couldn’t let the students take advantage of these kills, so he just took a rough estimate, evenly distributing the one thousand kills amongst all the students.

Even so, the students were very content.

They were able to exceed their daily target by miles with just a mere two hours of work. To them, this was already an exceptional outcome.

Just as everyone was celebrating in Ding’an City…

In a crimson palace in the depths of the Myriad Mountain Realm…

A scarlet-skinned male with two golden horns on his head knelt respectfully on the floor.

He was a Beast God of the Myriad Mountain Realm, a revered being amongst the mutant beasts.

This crimson palace was originally his. However, he could only maintain this lowly demeanor now, not daring to show an ounce of disrespect toward the male seated on the throne.

A sinister looking male dressed in black robes was currently sitting on the throne.

Stars and constellations twinkled in his eyes, and several stars eventually dimmed and faded away.

The male shut his eyes lightly, and the black wings folded behind his back trembled slightly.

“Fiery Demon Beast God, the mission was accomplished fairly smoothly this time, bar for the fact that you lost a few trusted lieutenants…

“Take this, it’s your reward.”

A soft and charming voice sounded, and the black-robed male tossed the Beast God a black lotus seed.

The Beast God caught this lotus seed and bowed his head in elation. “Starry Night Monarch, thank you for bestowing this upon me!”

The Starry Night Monarch nodded. He then tore apart the void and stepped inside.

Seeing the Starry Night Monarch disappear into the shrinking void, the Fiery Demon Beast God heaved a sigh of relief. “F*ck, that scared me to death! That hermaphrodite is so hard to satisfy!”


The void was torn apart again.

The Fiery Demon Beast God’s body shuddered and a cold chill shot through his body.

Holy f*ck! He heard me?!

My loose tongue is going to spell me trouble?

Nooo… How can I die like this?!

The Fiery Demon Beast God was terrified, yet he didn’t dare move at all.

“That’s right, I suddenly remembered that I still needed to remind you of something. It’s best if you lie low for a while and don’t cause any trouble.”

Saying this, the tear in the void started shrinking again.

The Fiery Demon Beast God lay limp on the floor, his body drenched in cold sweat. “F*ck, that scared me to death! That herma—”

He forcibly stopped himself halfway through the sentence.

No, even if the Starry Night Monarch couldn’t hear him, he still needed to stay low-key.

This was a secretive realm, and six dark winged warriors were respectfully welcoming their monarch.

“It’s been confirmed. The Evil-Slaying Sword is indeed in that cultivator’s possession.

“On the surface, his rank is indeed that of the Tenth Stage Dao Body…” Starry Night Monarch said calmly.

The warriors remained silent, waiting for Starry Night Monarch to continue.

“However, the more that it is so, the more terrifying it appears!

“If ordinary cultivators of the Tenth Stage Dao Body were attacked by four Spirit Beasts, there’s no doubt that they would be killed.

“However, through what appeared on the surface to be coincidences, he made it so that there was no doubt that he would win…

“This cultivator is definitely concealing his strength!”

The Starry Night Monarch had a solemn expression as he continued his analysis.

“After all, that cultivator slaughtered the Dark Night Monarch before she could even use her Starless Sky of Slaughter Formation Disk.

“Risking my life, I used the Star Manipulation Technique to control Spirit Beasts to launch a probing attack. Perhaps he has already caught a whiff of this. Supreme beings who are well-versed in the workings of karma are able to follow that thread and trace it to my location.


“This Monarch has decided to return to the mobile castle first! We’ll lay low for a while and temporarily halt this operation!”

The warriors bowed their heads in unison. “Your Highness is so wise!”

The Starry Night Monarch was infamous for being afraid of death. The warriors were unsurprised that he dared to defy Dark Wing Emperor’s orders and cancel the operation without approval.

There was a smug look on the Starry Night Monarch’s face. Evidently, he was extremely satisfied with his own analysis.

He certainly didn’t want to follow in the Dark Night Monarch’s footsteps. Whoever wanted this deadly mission could take it!

By defying the orders, he would, at most, only receive some punishments. Staying alive was most important, so this was totally worth it!

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