I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 110 - Truly Dealing With Wild Beasts

Chapter 110: Truly Dealing With Wild Beasts

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“Shield!” Zheng Qianqiu roared.

Atop the city wall, a white glow radiated in the hands of thousands of soldiers, and they all slapped toward the surface of the city wall.

Instantly, a white barrier covered the city wall.

At this moment, the beast tide had already arrived at the foot of the walls and was fiercely ramming into it.

The heavy blows caused the city walls to shake, yet were unable to shatter the defensive barrier.

Hundreds of flying mutant beasts swooped toward the battlements, their bloody maws wide open and gnashing toward the soldiers.

Right at this moment, Sword Immortal Ling Xiao marched forwards. In the instant that he drew his sword, a sword projection cut thousands of feet through the air.

The terrifying sword intent caused the air to tremor. Hundreds of mutant beasts were struck by this sword projection, and they instantly became mincemeat.

This was the first time that An Lin had seen his homeroom teacher launch an attack, and he had to admit, his posture was magnificent!

One after another, the students cast long-range immortal spells, firing them toward the mutant beasts below.

As the mutant beasts were closely packed together, the students didn’t even bother aiming, only focusing on firing off as many spells as possible.

The spellcasters on the city walls also repeatedly launched fireballs and ice arrows at the mutant beasts.

In no time, another two to three hundred mutant beasts had been killed.

The only powerful immortal spell at An Lin’s disposal was his Mountain Quaking Fist.

If he was lucky, one strike of this fist would be able to kill one or two mutant beasts.

Just like that, An Lin cast seven or eight Mountain Quaking Fists without pause. After killing ten mutant beasts, he was completely spent.

Leaning on the battlements, he swallowed two energy restoring pills and silently observed the battle.

Sword Immortal Ling Xiao’s presence meant that the flying mutant beasts were unable to attack the soldiers guarding the city walls.

As for the mutant beasts below the city walls, they could only stand there and take a beating as they were unable to penetrate through the strong defenses.

Most of the students stood atop the city walls and swallowed pills as they cast immortal spells relentlessly. Not only was this safe, but it was also efficient. Moreover, the students were exhilarated with this killing spree.

Seeing this, An Lin silently nodded his head.

This battle… is in the bag!

However, just as he thought this, a black spear suddenly shot over from the distance.

It was insanely quick, and it drew out a black streak which cut thousands of feet through the air.

Mutant beasts which accidentally came into contact with it were all torn to shreds.


The white barrier was shattered by the spear, and a massive hole was also punched into the thick iron wall.

Seeing this massive breach, the mutant beasts surged toward it in a frenzy!

Sword Immortal Ling Xiao’s expression darkened, and he looked coldly into the distance. “I’ll be back shortly. Xuanyuan Cheng, Su Qianyun, take charge of guarding the skies!”

Hearing this, Xuanyuan Cheng and Su Qianyun both nodded solemnly.

Becoming a streak of white, Sword Immortal Ling Xiao jumped onto his sword and flew off into the distance.

With the city gate suddenly being breached, the spellcasters all concentrated their attacks near the city wall, preventing the mutant beasts from surging in.

Thousands of spearmen started swiftly converging behind the city gate, stabbing the mutant beasts which rushed inside, sending them to their deaths.

Xuanyuan Cheng flew up on his sword, charging toward the mutant beasts in the sky.

Su Qianyun, on the other hand, stood silently atop the battlements. Her light blue Moonlight Disc cut through the air, drawing deadly arcs and slicing the flying mutant beasts into two.

Right at this moment, a black horse shrouded in green flames charged through the city gate.

Sounds of metal clashing could be heard as the spears stabbed toward the horse, and it was as if they were stabbing toward solid steel.

Great amounts of flames shot from the black horse’s body, and they leaped toward the nearby spearmen.

The faces of the soldiers who were struck started to rapidly age and shrivel.

Wisps of vitality were torn from their bodies, and instantly, anguished cries sounded from behind the city gate.

“T-that is the Spirit Beast, Infernal Horse!” the soldiers cried in alarm.

Hearing this, panic gripped the soldiers defending the city gate. Each and every Spirit Beast was extremely difficult to counter.

The Infernal Horse sucked in the wisps of vitality ripped from the soldiers’ bodies. “The life force of human cultivators is absolutely delicious,” it sighed in satisfaction.

However, even though it was a Spirit Beast, the soldiers still charged toward it fearlessly.

Behind them were the millions of residents of this city. They had to guard the gate at all costs!

Countless weapons stabbed at the Infernal Horse. However, these attacks couldn’t even force it back a single step, much less cause it any injury.

“Too weak… Let me feast to my heart’s content…”

Saying this, the green flames whipped up into a blazing tornado, expanding viciously toward the surroundings.

Suddenly, a mighty figure descended from the skies.

A silver staff ripped through the flames and smashed toward the Infernal Horse’s head.

The Infernal Horse’s reaction was insanely quick, and it leaped backward to avoid the strike.


The earth started tremoring and an imposing monkey walked out from the clouds of dust. It was none other than the Mountain of Fruits and Flowers’ Golden-Eyed Monkey King!

“Where’s this stinking monkey from? You’re actually aiding the human cultivators?!” Seeing the Ugly Monkey King, the Infernal Horse was furious.

“Where’s this stinking monkey from? I’m the Ugly Monkey King from the Mountain of Fruits and Flowers. My dream is to one day journey to the west to find my idol!” The Golden-Eyed Monkey King brandished his staff and leaped toward the Infernal Horse. “Enough with this nonsense! Accept your death!”

The Infernal Horse also charged at the Golden-Eyed Monkey King, and the flames enveloping it burnt even more brilliantly.

Clashing together, the two Spirit Beasts instantly obliterated the earth within a one hundred feet radius.

The soldiers all fled from their combat zone and sought out other mutant beasts to slay.

Seeing Xiao Chou take charge and leap down from the battlements, dozens of students who were well-versed in close combat also leaped down, clashing together with the mutant beasts on the ground.

An Lin also leaped down from the city walls. Jumping down from one hundred feet in the air was truly exhilarating.

However, he was already a cultivator of the Tenth Stage Dao Body. His muscles and bones were all tempered to an extreme degree, and he didn’t receive any injuries from this. His feet merely trembled a bit when he landed.


At this moment, a crimson-colored wolf leaped toward An Lin.

An Lin drew his golden glazed sword and slashed toward the Crimson Wolf.

This time, he didn’t use his Mountain Quaking Fist. Although this immortal spell was powerful, it drained a large amount of his vital energy, meaning that it was unsuited for long and drawn out battles. Against normal mutant beasts, he only needed to hack at them with his sword. Moreover, he may as well take this opportunity to hone his swordsmanship.

He had already mastered the ‘Complete Collection of Sword Technique Basics’ he bought from Dreamy Voice Fairy for five spirit stones.

When he attacked with his sword now, he already possessed a bit of the demeanor of a master swordsman.

His cuts, slashes, and thrusts all looked masterful, and he killed the Crimson Wolf in no time.

At this moment, a gigantic white bear which was emitting a chilly aura leaped at An Lin and swiped its paw toward him.

“Unbounded Sword God Slash!”

An Lin roared and a golden sword flashed toward the bear’s paw.


A powerful shock traveled through his body and he was swatted back by the gigantic bear.

“Spirit Beast?”

An Lin narrowed his eyes. The gigantic white bear was exuding a powerful aura and there was no doubt that it was a Spirit Beast.

After thumping to the ground, he grunted in pain.

Seeing the gigantic bear leap at him once again, he summoned his semi-immortal weapon, the Evil-Slaying Sword.

As before, the gigantic white bear swiped at him with its paw. Its strike contained an ice-cold power.

An Lin didn’t dodge or evade. Instead, he charged toward the bear and slashed down with his Evil-Slaying Sword.


Blood spurted into the air as the gigantic white bear’s arm was sliced off!

“Human, you actually have the ability to injure me?!” the bear howled.

After having an arm chopped off, the gigantic white bear stumbled back in fright. There was an alert look on its face as it glared at the sword in An Lin’s hands.

He was extremely thick-skinned and tough, and even cultivators of the Spirit Nurturing Stage would struggle to cut his arm off. This cultivator, however, was only of the Dao Body Stage. Thus, the problem definitely lay with his sword.

An Lin brandished his sword and a confident smile crept onto his face.


The earth started to tremor, and a gigantic elephant appeared before An Lin. Spikes grew all over its body, and it was looking at An Lin coldly.

Behind it, a terrifying aura suddenly appeared.

Two lions slowly walked out, a black aura radiating from their bodies. They regarded him with their crimson eyes, and they opened their mouths to reveal their sharp, pitch-black fangs.

Beads of sweat formed on An Lin’s forehead.

He discovered that he was surrounded…

By four Spirit Beasts…

One had to realize, there were probably fewer than ten Spirit Beasts in the entire beast tide!

Sh*t! Could I be any unluckier?!

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