I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 11 - An Lin's Disaster in Love

Chapter 11: An Lin’s Disaster in Love

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An Lin’s face was flushed as Su Qianyun’s comment almost made him lose his mind.

After a long while, he recovered from Su Qianyun’s words and asked in surprise, “Chang’e? Moon Palace’s Chang’e? She’s your sister?”

“M-hm, she isn’t my biological sister though. She’s my sworn sister.

“She’s really nice to me and she’s my best friend.”

At the mention of Chang’e, a smile spread across Su Qianyun’s face.

This also piqued An Lin’s interest, as he didn’t expect the fabled Chang’e to actually exist in this world.

Thoughts involuntarily ran wild in An Lin’s mind and he continued to ask, “Is there also a rabbit in the Moon Palace who knows how to pound medicine and a man who chops trees every day 1 ?”

“Ah! The rabbit you speak of is probably Xiao Yue who refines pills in the Moon Palace.

“Also, there are written rules in the Moon Palace that explicitly forbid males from setting foot upon it. The man chopping wood that you speak of, that’s impossible!” Su Qianyun replied with a smile.

“Is that so,” An Lin nodded.

It appeared as if the legends on Earth did somewhat overlap with the realities in this world.

“Then are Hou Yi and Chang’e still husband and wife?” An Lin continued to ask curiously.

“How is that possible! Sister Chang’e is the number one beauty in the Heavenly Court. People pursuing her could line up from the Heavenly Court all the way to the Dragon Court of the Eastern Seas. How would she fall in love with an Earth Immortal who only knows how to shoot arrows at the Moon?”

“Shoot arrows at the Moon?” An Lin was even more confused at this point.

“Because there are too many people courting Chang’e, she created a rule whereby only those who could shoot an arrow from the ground up to the Moon Palace would have the right to meet with her once,” Su Qianyun explained.

“Oh, so that’s how it is,” An Lin exclaimed in realization. “So did he eventually manage to shoot an arrow up to the Moon Palace?”

Su Qianyun shook her head. “No, I heard that he persisted for nine years and attained enlightenment in archery, breaking through to become an Earth Immortal. Afterwards, he left happily.”

An Lin: “…”

This differed so vastly from his impression of Hou Yi that he didn’t even have the strength to cuss.

“So, how did you become sworn sisters with Chang’e then?”

“It all began when I was five years old. At that time, Sister Chang’e came to the Purple Star State to collect some Wintry Lunar Water when she passed by the Green Wood Imperial Palace…”

An Lin had only asked the question in a casual manner and did not expect Su Qianyun to be so open and talk so incessantly about her and Chang’e’s relationship.

Su Qianyun spoke earnestly and recalled how Chang’e had identified her extraordinary natural endowments when she was still a child. She told him about all the matters, regardless of whether they were big or small, and detailed to An Lin all aspects of her relationship with Chang’e.

The more An Lin listened, the more uneasy he felt.

Oi… Oi! You trust me way too much, okay?

You’re even telling me about how Chang’e kisses you every time you visit the Moon Palace?

Hang on a second… Chang’e cuddled you as she slept when you were sixteen?

An Lin realized that he had heard something extraordinary.

In order to avoid the unexpected calamities that might befall upon him if he knew too much, he hastily stopped Su Qianyun’s rambling.

An Lin felt a bit ashamed. Why was Su Qianyun telling him everything? It made absolutely no sense.

In addition, she answered all the questions that he asked. Did she have any awareness of the fact that she was the number one goddess at the university?

At this moment, a suspicion arose in An Lin’s mind.

Could it be that she’s a natural airhead?

“Hey, hey… I think we should stop wasting time and study a bit more,” An Lin suggested weakly.

Although Su Qianyun was interrupted by An Lin, she wasn’t annoyed at all, rather she nodded her head cutely. She then placed her hands on the desk and quietly waited for An Lin to continue the lesson.

Looking at her current appearance, an idea suddenly appeared in An Lin’s mind.

After some conflict, he decided to give it a go.

“Next, let’s try to say some short and simple sentences,” An Lin said earnestly.

He wrote two short sentences on a piece of paper and said, “What we are practicing next is the simplest subject-verb-object structure. Read after me, okay?”

“Yes, I’ll definitely try my best,” Su Qianyun replied attentively.

“I love you.”

“I love you.” the voice that could melt one’s heart sounded once again.

“I love you (Mandarin).”

“I love you (Mandarin),” Su Qianyun read after him word for word.

An Lin’s blood was churning, and he felt like he was going to faint from excitement.

Hehe, the goddess has confessed her feelings for me…

An Lin smiled stupidly next to her.

“Are you smiling so joyfully because my reading is very good?” Su Qianyun asked happily as she saw the smile on An Lin’s face.

An Lin came to his senses and nodded profusely. “Your reading is very good, although I feel you should read it a few more times to familiarize yourself with it…”

“M-hm, okay. Can you please tell me what this sentence means though?” Su Qianyun asked inquisitively.

Sh*t, how should I explain this to her?

An Lin was stupefied. They all say that impulse is the devil. Only now did he realize that explaining this phrase to Su Qianyun would be a huge problem!

Ultimately, after a great struggle in his mind, An Lin could only gamble on the fact that Su Qianyun was a girl with a simple and pure mind.

I’m only teaching you a simple subject-verb-object style short sentence. Please, you must believe me!

“This means ‘I love you’,” An Lin said in a serious tone.

“Oh, so it means I love you,” Su Qianyun nodded unthinkingly.

After a moment though, it appeared as if she became aware of something, and she soon fell silent.

It was most frightening when everything suddenly turned quiet. It was as if something was brewing in the silence…

An Lin was extremely nervous. He had only wanted to jest and was hoping that she wouldn’t take it too seriously.

Okay, An Lin conceded that he was seeking death by choosing to teach Su Qianyun such a sentence.

Ah… Who told him to suddenly feel like flirting? He couldn’t stop himself at all.

An Lin looked at Su Qianyun uneasily. He realized that tears had welled up in her bright blue eyes and that her delicate face had blushed bright red. Her lips were pressed together tightly, and it appeared as though she was going to burst into tears.

An Lin started to regret his decision upon seeing her expression and hastily tried to explain himself. “I have no other intentions but to teach you grammar. Please don’t misunderstand!”

Su Qianyun raised her head and stared at An Lin as if in a trance. Her expression was as if she had been wronged yet had no means to complain.

Her small lips were curled as she scolded in sobbing tone, “Sister Chang’e was right. There are no good men in the world…”

When a girl of unsurpassed elegance and beauty pouted at you with misty eyes, what kind of sensation would you feel?

My goodness! So adorable!!!

An Lin’s blood boiled. He was so excited that he ended up fainting…

Su Qianyun didn’t realize just how deadly her expression was to An Lin!

She was rooted to the spot when she saw An Lin pass out with a stream of blood trickling from his nose.

“Student An Lin, are you alright?

“Wake up, don’t scare me!”

Seeing that there was still no reaction from An Lin, Su Qianyun was flustered. She thought that her comments were too hurtful and had caused An Lin to pass out in anger.

Thus, feeling extremely ashamed of herself, she ran to the infirmary with An Lin on her back…

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