I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 106 - New Team Member

Chapter 106: New Team Member

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“Venture out with Big Brother An for a while? That sounds pretty good.”

The Golden-Eyed Monkey King fell deep into thought, evidently taking An Lin’s suggestion into serious consideration.

Luo Ziping and the others gulped, and they looked nervously toward the monkey king.

They were unable to describe their feelings right now. If the monkey king agreed to An Lin’s suggestion, would that mean their team would gain a Spirit Beast of the Spirit Nurturing Intermediate Stage?

It was way too shocking!

“Alright, I’ll follow Big Brother An for a while!”

After a moment, the Golden-Eyed Monkey King finally gave his answer.

Hearing the monkey king’s answer, An Lin was delighted. He turned to his teammates and exclaimed happily, “I hereby announce Xiao Chou as a new member of our team!”

The Golden-Eyed Monkey King stood up and bowed toward An Lin’s teammates. “I look forward to working with you guys!”

“Hi, Big Brother Chou,” Miao Tian chuckled, “I look forward to working with you too…”

Sun Shenglian: “…”

A string of curses raced through Zong Yongyan’s mind. He forced a smile and laughed, “Haha, looks like destiny has brought us together. We’ll definitely get along wonderfully!”

Only Luo Ziping had a hearty smile on his face. “Haha, with Brother Monkey here, it’ll be much easier to hunt beasts!”

Hearing this, his three teammates grimaced. Is this the f*cking key point?! they roared in their minds.

The key point was that their team now had a weird monkey!

Xue Zhuoming had found the events absurd right from the beginning. Now, his mouth hung so wide open that an entire apple could be stuffed in.

The perplexing chain of events had him questioning life.

From where did this divine deity come?

So be it if he just stole the immortal fruits…

Now, he’s actually snatching away the owner as well?

How insanely cruel!

“Jin Zhenzi, from now on, you’re the temporary leader of the Mountain of Fruits and Flowers!” the Golden-Eyed Monkey King announced loudly.

A solidly built monkey knelt on one knee and accepted this order with pleasure. “It is my honor, great king!”

Just like that, after the feast finished, the Golden-Eyed Monkey King carried his silver staff and followed An Lin and the others back to Ding’an City.

During this time, An Lin gave three immortal fruits to the hunting group, then gave one immortal fruit to each of his team members.

His teammates were quite sheepish about this. During the battle, they didn’t contribute much at all. Rather, it was An Lin who expended dozens of paper talismans.

However, they had no choice but to accept it as An Lin insisted that they take it.

Not only did An Lin’s actions move his teammates, but they also had the Golden-Eyed Monkey King deeply moved.

In a private estate within Ding’an City.

This was the location where their class gathered every day in order to tally their results.

Night slowly set in, and there were currently sixty or so people gathered within the estate.

Some of the students still hadn’t come back. There were also some who had ventured further out, and thus decided to spend the night outside.

Sword Immortal Ling Xiao was currently tallying the results.

He would take into account the students’ and soldiers’ feedback, and from these, tally the teams’ results.

“Tian Hui, your team performed fairly well. You guys killed fifteen beasts and exceeded the set target.”

Hearing the homeroom teacher’s praise, Tian Hui scratched his head in embarrassment.

In reality, he was obsessed with tool refinement. During their trip, it was all thanks to his teammates’ exceptional performances that they could exceed the target number.

“Wang Xiaobai, what’s up with your team? How come you guys only slaughtered one beast?!” Sword Immortal Ling Xiao glared at the five students in front of him, a look of incredulity on his face as he tallied their results.

Wang Xiaobai tossed his long hair. “I can’t help it,” he said unhurriedly, “my appearance is too handsome, and my power is too great. Once the beasts see me, they flee into the distance…”

Seeing Wang Xiaobai’s actions, his four teammates all facepalmed.

Being assigned such a shameless team leader, they were also in great despair!

Hearing Wang Xiaobai’s response, Sword Immortal Ling Xiao also grimaced. He really wanted to slap him to death.

Right at this moment, a startled cry sounded from the courtyard. “Student An Lin is back!”

With all the legends surrounding him, An Lin had already become a figure who was closely followed by the students.

As he walked into the courtyard, he attracted the attention of most of the students.

Then, the students all became bewildered.

Because next to An Lin, they saw a mighty monkey suited in armor…

“Holy f*ck! Why does that monkey look so familiar? I feel like I’ve seen him in portraits before. It’s not the Handsome Monkey King, Sun Wukong, right?”

“No… Sun Wukong isn’t that ugly. He must be fake, he’s probably the Ugly Monkey King!”

“That’s not the main point! The main point is, where the f*ck did this monkey come from?!”

Compared to the stupefied students, Sword Immortal Ling Xiao’s expression wasn’t much calmer.

He walked up to An Lin with a dark expression on his face. “Student An Lin, what’s with this monkey?”

“He’s our team’s new member—my summoned beast, Ugly Monkey King,” An Lin chuckled. “You guys can call him Xiao Chou or just Brother Monkey!”

At this moment, the Golden-Eyed Monkey King gave an ugly smile. He waved at the students and said, “Hi everyone, nice to meet you all.”

Sword Immortal Ling Xiao grimaced when he heard An Lin’s explanation. It’s another f*cking summoned beast! he roared in his mind.

Last time, in the free-for-all battle, it was that gigantic dog. This time, in the end of year exam, you bring me a bloody monkey!

However… the end of year exam didn’t specify that students couldn’t bring Spirit Beasts…

Sword Immortal Ling Xiao suddenly felt exhausted.

Why can’t Student An Lin cause fewer troubles? Will it really kill him to stop causing trouble?

In the end, however, Sword Immortal Ling Xiao could only sigh in exasperation. “Tell me, how did your team do today.”

Hearing the homeroom teacher say this, An Lin’s eyes lit up, and he started to report their results. He knew that his homeroom teacher had reluctantly accepted Xiao Chou’s existence.

In total, they killed twenty-five mutant beasts today. In addition to that, they also slaughtered three Spirit Beasts.

Hearing this, Sword Immortal Ling Xiao’s expression changed slightly. Evidently, the results of An Lin’s team was exceptional.

Although they weren’t required to slaughter Spirit Beasts, oftentimes it was these Spirit Beasts which made up the core power of beast tides. Exterminating more of them would always be helpful.

Highly intelligent beast tribes—such as that of the Golden-Eyed Monkey King’s—were usually not very hostile toward humans. It was because of this that Sword Immortal Ling Xiao was so lenient toward Xiao Chou.

Just like that, An Lin’s team gained an extra member.

The students all looked at An Lin and his team in awe.

Would you look at that! While we were busy slaying mutant beasts, he was already starting to recruit Spirit Beasts as reinforcement…

As expected, Student An Lin is extraordinarily strong and amazingly tactful. This is the difference between him and us!

This feeling was strongest amongst Wang Xiaobai’s team. His teammates simply wanted to devour him.

Look at their team leader, they brought back a Spirit Beast after taking a single trip!

What about their team leader? All he knew was how to flaunt his appearance and chat idly! Killing one mutant beast a day… what the f*ck!

Right at this moment, a stunningly beautiful girl walked up to An Lin.

Seeing this girl, a smile appeared on An Lin’s face. She was Su Qianyun.

“Student An Lin, congratulations on getting a beast pet!”

Su Qianyun looked at Xiao Chou with her dreamy eyes, clearly curious about him.

An Lin shook his head and wrapped his arm around Xiao Chou’s shoulder. “He’s not my beast pet, he’s my brother!”

Hearing this, Xiao Chou was deeply moved. “Yes, we’re brothers!”

Seeing An Lin and Xiao Chou standing there with their arms around each other’s shoulders, Su Qianyun covered her mouth and chuckled. She found them to be very adorable.

Her laugh was absolutely gorgeous, and it made An Lin’s heart flutter.

Then, as if thinking of something, Su Qianyun took a dazzling golden pearl out of her storage ring and held it toward An Lin. “I came across a Fiery Demonic Tiger today. I slaughtered it with my Moonlight Disc and retrieved this Beast Core. Here you go!”

An Lin was ecstatic when he saw this Beast Core.

He didn’t expect to receive a Beast Core on the very first day. Now, he was much closer to ranking up to the Spirit Nurturing Stage!

“Thank you so much! Say, is there anything that Student Su wants? I have a lot of pills and elixirs here!” An Lin realized that the only things of value he could offer were spirit pills and elixirs.

Su Qianyun smiled faintly. “It’s fine. You don’t ask for anything in return either when you help me with mortal studies. Students all ought to help each other out, that’s what you taught me!”

Saying this, she smiled at An Lin and took her leave.

Watching her beautiful figure disappear into the distance, An Lin sighed with emotion. Su Qianyun truly was a fine and beautiful girl.

“Xiao Chou, do you think that Su Qianyun’s beautiful?” An Lin suddenly asked.

“The female cultivator just then?” Xiao Chou picked his upturned nose and replied, “So-so… Human cultivators all look the same to me. I guess you could say I’m face-blind.

“Perhaps this is just an inter-special barrier.

“Take me for example. Can you identify me in a boundless sea of monkey faces?” the Golden-Eyed Monkey King added.

An Lin nodded seriously. “Of course I can! You’ll definitely be the ugliest monkey there, so it’s very easy to identify!”

Golden-Eyed Monkey King: “…”

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