I Made Beast-taming Widespread Across The Globe

Chapter 902 - 902 Beginning (1)

902 Beginning (1)

On the wall, a younger legionary looked at his squad leader, his tone puzzled.

After all, for these soldiers who were paid to guard the city, they had always been the marginalized group of the army.

It was never their turn to gain benefits. If there were any bad things, they would take the blame.

They were also the first to die.

Therefore, as time passed, these soldiers guarding the city would pay attention to the various changes in the city.

Otherwise, people without discernment wouldn’t live long.

The captain was also a tactful person.

Regarding his subordinates’ worries, he looked at the dense forest outside and nodded slowly.

“There’s something wrong with the wind these two days.”

“Moreover, I realized that many high-ranking officials and nobles have… kept a low profile.”

“Didn’t you notice? Those playboys who went out to hunt every day in the past have disappeared in the past two days.”

“It’s fine if only one or two are missing, but why are they all gone now?”

Hearing the captain’s words, the legionary’s expression turned ugly.

After all, Iron Rock City, which was located at the border, only had a population of 500,000 to 600,000. It was not a big place.

Therefore, logically speaking, it was very easy for news to spread.

But this time, it didn’t happen.

Most of the people in the city were still doing what they were supposed to do. Instead, these soldiers guarding the city discovered some clues.

After all, something that required a death order to hide from the people at the bottom was definitely a big deal.

However, even if small fry like them realized that something was wrong, they had no way to deal with it.

“Be careful for the next two days. Tell the brothers to perk up.”

“If anything goes wrong, we’ll run towards the house that’s been built! It’s right under the city wall, understand?”

The young city guard nodded and looked at the dense forest less than a hundred meters away from the city wall with his gun.

Their main target was a dense forest.

Qingquan City, which was known for its dense forests, paled in comparison to Iron Rock City.

Just as he looked at the forest and began to let go of his thoughts, his eyes suddenly saw that the trees in the forest… had begun to sway.

And it was getting more and more intense.

“Boss! Something… something’s wrong!”

“Look at the forest!”

The captain also looked at where the commotion was coming from.

As soon as he turned his head, he saw a strange beast with four limbs on the ground. It looked like a big crocodile, but there was a hollow ball full of spikes hanging from its tail. Inside, there were small crocodiles biting each other.

Without another word, it swung its tail and the spiked ball filled with little crocodiles flew towards the city wall.

“Enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

The captain immediately roared at the top of his lungs on the city wall.

Then, he rushed to the signal tower not far away and pressed the alarm.

After the ear-piercing alarm sounded, the first to react were the soldiers guarding the city wall.

They immediately began to organize a line of defense there.

Although everyone was scolding the high officials and nobles in the city.

However, no one would immediately put down their weapons and run.

After all, deserters would be dealt with in the end.

Of course, the prerequisite was that the city could be defended.

Obviously, these guards thought that this beast tide was similar to the usual.

As long as they could withstand the previous few attacks, it would be a tug-of-war.

There were many veterans on the city wall who had participated in the beast tide several times, so they were not that panicked.

However, when the spiked ball landed on the city wall, the soldiers quickly realized that something was wrong.

Looking at the little crocodiles that were faster and could bite through the crystal core gun in one bite, one of the veterans’ faces was filled with fear.

“This… this shouldn’t be!”

“Why does the baby crocodile have… the strength of a Level 3 crocodile?!”


No one answered the old soldier’s question.

This was because these little crocodiles that landed on the city wall were a little too powerful.

Although each of them was only more than a meter long, it was exceptionally agile and had a huge bite force.

Although these little crocodiles that had been thrown up two years ago could cause them trouble, it was only trouble.

After all, those little crocodiles were only Level 1 shrimps at that time.

Although it could also cause damage, it was easy to deal with. It could still be sent flying with a kick.

But this year…

The one who had just screamed was a veteran who had kicked a crocodile two years ago.

Then, a piece of his leg was bitten off.

The sudden change caused the morale of the city guards on the city wall to plummet.

As for the mutated beasts outside that were about to reach the bottom of the city wall, no one cared anymore.

After all, they could not even protect themselves on the city wall.

Just now, more than ten of those mother crocodiles threw many small crocodiles at the city wall.

In less than a minute, there were nearly a hundred casualties.


“Those crocodiles are Level 8! Level 8!”

“Let’s run! There are more than ten of them. They’re all Level 8! We can’t hold them off!”

The captain who came out of the signal tower looked at his subordinate who was still “talking and laughing” with him with a terrified expression. Then, he looked at the broken limbs that could be seen everywhere on the city wall and felt as if he had fallen into an ice cave.

He just went in to send a signal and make a call. Why… Why did the city wall become such a purgatory?

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