I Made Beast-taming Widespread Across The Globe

Chapter 678 - 678 I Like To Be Reasonable (2)

678 I Like To Be Reasonable (2)

Then, a few mercenaries covered in blood rushed out and shouted.

“Mom! Monster! There’s a monster!”



“Don’t kill me!”


Seeing the mercenaries rushing out in panic, the onlookers couldn’t help but stop them and ask curiously.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you… not dead?”

When a mercenary who was stopped heard this, he paused for a while before speaking with dull eyes.

“There, there was a bear. He, he slapped our boss to death. He, he only used a slap!”

“His head flew so far away, and his body has also become several pieces…”

“The second-in-charge is also dead. He tried to sneak up on him from behind, but he was kicked to the wall and became stuck to it.”

“The kind that can’t be undone. It’s as if he’s been pressed by a steamroller…”

“This is too scary, too scary!”

“That’s a monster! It’s a monster!”

Looking at this mercenary who ran out again while howling, everyone fell silent.

They tried to imagine the scene described by the mercenary and couldn’t help but wave their hands.

Even they, who were used to seeing dead people, could not accept such a scene.

“Who… dares to go down and take a look?”

Some brave mercenaries in the crowd came up with an idea.

As soon as he said this, many people immediately responded.

After all, humans were the best at courting death.

Moreover, the mercenary who ran out said it was so scary, so it was normal for them to be curious.

There were even people who started betting.

Yes, the kind of small gambling that was pleasurable.

Under the leadership of Li Mao, who had been completely conquered by Blackie’s strength, they eradicated a total of eight such underground mercenary venues.

In addition to controlling the betting services, these people also organized and coerced women to go out and “work”, and also brought children stolen or snatched from other cities to beg…

In any case, in terms of being inhumane, manipulating the betting pool and coercing the contestants to fake the competition was already the most gentle of methods they used.

Many times, even Blackie, a beast, felt that these people were inhumane compared to him.

No, it should be said that even the most irrational beasts would not torture and bully their own kind like this.

Even if the strong preyed on the weak, it would be eaten up in a few moves.

But these people were different. They took pleasure in torture.

They were really worse than a beast.

Hence, the further Blackie went, the harder it hit.

Moreover, it did not use the Metal Source Breath at all. It was purely using his physical strength to crush these people.

In its opinion, using the Metal Source Breath to kill these people in an instant was really letting them off lightly.

It was best to let these people suffer physical torture before sending them to their deaths.

As for the mercenaries who went to see Blackie’s masterpiece, they all bent over and vomited after entering.

They were truly disgusted.

It was true that everyone had seen mountains of corpses and seas of blood.

However, they were all corpses of mutated beasts.

To put it bluntly, they were not humans.

The two sides were already like fire and water. After a few glances, they got used to it and became even happier.

But this time was different.

There were all kinds of broken arms, fragments, and some colorful organs inside. Those were all human, the same species as them.

This feeling was completely different from seeing the corpses of mutated beasts on the ground.

Then, a little bit more…

These mercenaries could only start vomiting.

In the beginning, many people didn’t believe it when they saw the mercenaries vomiting.

However, as the people who entered vomited every time, no one else wanted to go in to have a look anymore.

Wasn’t it good to live well?

Why must one put oneself to suffer…

As time passed, it was almost noon. Blackie had basically cleaned up the forces of the underground mercenaries that Li Mao had mentioned.

This slightly remote three-story old-fashioned bungalow was the last underground mercenary stronghold that Li Mao knew of.

Well, there was no need to question why Li Mao knew so much.

This was because the underground mercenaries were just a form of address. It didn’t mean that these people’s strongholds were hidden.

Those who were observant would know after asking around.

As for the real secret stronghold, Li Mao could do nothing about it.

However, he felt that after Uncle Blackie’s saturated attack, these underground mercenaries probably wouldn’t risk their lives to come out again.

“This is the last place?”

Li Mao nodded.

“Yes, it’s said that this is one of the strongholds of some vampire elder.”

“I heard… I heard that their main business is to buy and sell blood. Then, they use this blood to maintain their own physical appearance or someone else’s, making them younger and more energetic.”

At this point, Li Mao subconsciously lowered his voice.

“Furthermore, they are also one of the few existences who have a close relationship with many masters in the city.”

“Sometimes, when they meet someone with a good physique, they will force them to buy and sell.”

“But small mercenaries like us have only heard of such things. I don’t know if it’s true or not.”

After all, with his physique, he might not be accepted even if he sold his blood…

What’s more, they were forced to buy and sell.

Hearing Li Mao’s words, Blackie nodded.

“It’s fine ~”

“I’m a reasonable man.”

“As long as they don’t do anything heartless, I’m still very easy to talk to.”

Hearing Blackie’s words, Li Mao opened his mouth but didn’t say anything else.

It was indeed reasonable.

However, not many people would listen to this logic.

After all, it was very difficult for people who listened to Uncle Blackie’s reasoning to act like humans…

“Hello, can I help you?”

Li Maotian walked to the door of the three-story building. As soon as he pressed the doorbell, a nurse in a nurse’s uniform with a sweet voice and appearance asked Li Maotian with a smile.

Seeing this girl, Li Mao admitted that he was tempted.

This was the 128th woman he had met who fell in love at first sight.

Unfortunately, he had met those girls when he was young and powerless.

Li Mao knew that it was impossible for them to like him.

Therefore, after being surprised for a moment, Li Mao said very politely,

“Um… Can we go in and have a seat?”

The nurse looked at the skinny Li Mao in front of her and then at Blackie beside him. She felt the powerful blood in his body and nodded with a smile.


After bringing the man and bear in, the nurse led them to a room.

There were only two stools and a table inside.

After sitting down, the nurse looked at the two of them and said warmly,

“Do you have any business to attend to?”

Hearing this, Li Mao was a little embarrassed.

He had never been here before. How would he know what business there was here?

“So… what business do you have here?”

As soon as Li Mao asked this, the sweet smile on the nurse’s face froze.

Was this person… here to cause trouble?

Even though this place was rather secluded, it had existed for so many years that news of what they were doing had long spread.

How could someone who took the initiative to find this place not know what business there was?

Therefore, the nurse immediately pressed a button under the table and stood up to look at the two of them coldly.

“Since you don’t know, I’ll get someone to bring you guys to understand the process!”

“You’re so strong, and you’re a beast-type mutant. Those customers will like you very much.”

“As for you…”

The nurse looked at Li Mao with disdain.

She didn’t even know how such a mercenary survived.

Could it be that the mercenaries had all converted to Buddhism?

“You can barely be food for those treasures. Anyway, they won’t be picky.”

With that, the nurse turned around and left the room.

Li Mao, on the other hand, felt that the few mutation abilities in his body were no longer under his control.

“No, Master Black, we…”

“Don’t worry, let’s see what they’re up to!”

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