I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 527 - Not that simple

Chapter 527 - Not that simple

When they arrived back at Scarlett Hill, Davi wanted to call her son to tell him the news. As the phone rang, Sei kissed Davi goodbye and left her so that she could spend some time alone with her son. Davi waved him goodbye just as Little Shin picked up the call.

"Mommy! Hi, mommy. I miss you!" were the first words out of the little man which made Davi instantly smile.

"Hi darling. I miss you, too. Have you been behaving yourself?"

"Of course, mommy. Little Shin is always a good boy," he said proudly.

"Mm-hmm. That’s right. My Little Shin is always a good boy. Little Shin... I have something I want to tell you," Davi said, excitement evident in her voice.

"What is it, mommy? Is it about the baby?" Little Shin asked and Davi just shook her head at how smart her son was.

"Mn, it is. You’re going to have a little sister!"


"It’s a girl?" Zaki exclaimed.

While Davi was breaking the news to Little Shin, Sei had found Zaki and broke the news to him also. Sei beamed like a proud father as he told Zaki.

"I’ll take you out to celebrate!" Zaki said as he patted Sei’s back and the two men went back inside the house to find Davi and Little Chen.

Later that night, Zaki took Sei out to celebrate. They went to a noisy bar and got a private room for the two of them. Zaki ordered some food and a few bottles of alcohol. After he poured them both a glass, Zaki raised his glass up and said, "Here’s to you and your family, bro. Wishing you all the happiness in the world!"

Sei raised his own glass and tapped it with Zaki’s and they both drank from their glasses.

"I still can’t believe this is all happening," Sei confessed, still unable to comprehend how much his life had changed. Of all the people around him, Zaki was the only one who could understand exactly what he was going through.

"Don’t worry, Sei. In a few months, you won’t have the luxury to ponder life’s greatest mysteries because you will be too busy not getting enough sleep, changing diapers and heating up baby milk. Hahaha." Zaki broke out in a hearty laugh, as he patted Sei’s shoulder with sympathy. He just couldn’t stop himself from teasing this block of wood. "But seriously, I am happy for you."

Sei nodded, acknowledging his brother’s words.

"How’s Hinari?" Zaki asked Sei. It had only been a few days but Zaki missed her like he hadn’t seen her in months. He had gotten used to waking up next to her every day, to hearing her tell him she loved him each night before they went to sleep. He called her everyday since he left but it wasn’t the same. She said she was okay but he still couldn’t help but worry.

"Hinari is fine. She is getting spoiled, especially because it has been a while since any of us have been there to visit. Don’t worry. She will be visiting you next time."

"Good. I just hope she hasn’t been offering to cook for them. Hahaha. I love my wife very much but even I will admit that her cooking skills are almost non-existent," Zaki said with a small chuckle.

Sei chuckled too. "I’m sure mother has told everyone not to let her anywhere near the kitchen." Sei gazed down at his drink for a while and he suddenly became serious as he looked at Zaki’s jovial face. "So, when are you going to make me an uncle?"

Zaki choked at the question. It was just like Sei to be straightforward and to the point and of course Sei would be thinking like this. Sei was quite easy to read. Ever since Davi and Little Shin came into his life, he had been bombarded by more happiness than he knew how to deal with so naturally, because of this, Sei also wanted his brother to have that kind of happiness in his life.

*Cough *cough *cough. "Yo, Sei, you can’t just spout things like that out of nowhere, bro, especially when the person you’re talking to just took a drink! Are you trying to choke me to death?" Zaki said, hoping to divert the conversation.

Sei, the block, however, just blinked at Zaki and asked, "Why can I not ask the question? I am curious. When are you going to make me an uncle?"

"It’s not that simple, Sei," Zaki said, almost crying without tears. This block just didn’t get it. When he wanted to know something, he would just ask because that was the easiest way to get an answer. But this time, Zaki didn’t have an answer. How could he explain what he was thinking. Would he understand? No, no one knew what he was going through. Not even Kyuu and Juu could relate because they didn’t have someone they loved dearly like he loved Hinari. They didn’t know the internal struggle he had every day to balance his wife’s happiness with what could be a future filled with pain for her. No one really understood him, so how could he explain all this in words when he knew others wouldn’t understand. It was as easy as just making a baby. He also had to think of the future, of the possibility that he might not be around to be a father to this child and the consequences that would bring to Hinari and this imaginary unborn child.

He knew Hinari loved him and that she believed he would get better but everyday that passed by drew him closer to his demise. Everyday he hoped that there would be a breakthrough, that Davi would come home with the best possible news he could ever hear and that hope was slowly killing him inside.

He didn’t want to die. He now had reason to live and her name was Hinari. He wanted to grow old with her and yes, he wanted to have babies with her and see a bunch of little Hinari’s and little Zaki’s running around. But... but would he live long enough to see them grow up?

So he answered his brother honestly. "When Davi finds a cure."


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