I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 525 - Solution

Chapter 525 - Solution

Zaki and Yu Chen stood by the door as the doctors and scientists inside the sanatorium were in chaos. It took hours until Kyuu’s screams finally stopped.

Staring at the ceiling, Zaki thought about what would happen once it was finally his turn to suffer like that. He would give his life to never have Hinari hear him screaming like this. Of the many things that he wished not to happen, this would absolutely top his list now.

After another hour, Zaki and Yu Chen then entered. Everyone had settled down and the place was quiet. They headed towards the room in the middle and stood by the glass window. They could see Kyuu on the bed, already unconscious.

Davi and an old man in a white coat stepped out and she immediately walked towards them.

"How is he?" Zaki asked.

Davi was a little hesitant as she looked at Zaki, but after letting out a quiet sigh, she decided to speak. It was better not keep Zaki in the dark anymore.

"Kyuu is really reaching his limit. But it’s too early to give up yet. His lifespan has been dramatically decreased because of the pain he is suffering. Zaki, you have longer life expectancy compared to Kyuu because you rarely feel these intense pain. In fact, you never suffered something this severe yet." Davi explained and Zaki’s brows creased. He knew just by hearing Kyuu’s scream that he was feeling a pain he couldn’t imagine. He knew how tough Kyuu was and how emotionless he can be. Pain that was beyond unbearable would be the only thing that could make him scream like that.

"You mean... the pain is actually the one that is killing Kyuu?" Zaki was confused.

"Yes, Zaki." Davi looked intently in Zaki’s eyes before she continued. "There’s this so called ’circulatory shock’ which is caused by intense, acute level of pain. If it’s not treated quickly, it can cause fatal damage to the organs and brain. Administering fast-acting painkilling-drugs, like morphine, could be used to prevent him from going into circulatory shock but the problem is... just like you, painkillers just don’t work to his body. It would have been better if the pain would knock him unconscious but it didn’t. He will suffer it until the pain itself subsides. And as you saw, the pain lasted for hours this time."

Silence followed Davi’s explanation. The two men before Davi had gone silent and she understood the reason why.

"But... like I said, it’s still too early to give up. That’s the reason I am here right?" Davi said brightly, before looking at Yu Chen. "I spoke with your team, and they agreed with my suggestions. I have a plan which I believe is the solution for this." She told him.

"Do what you see fit." Was all Yu Chen replied despite totally not knowing yet on what kind of plan Davi was talking about.

"Your rare condition of not feeling pain is caused by a rare genetic mutation and I have already started studying it, a few months ago. My subject that had the CIP like you is in Country A and you know I can’t leave this place freely anymore. We also can’t get that person here to avoid trouble so –"

"So you want to use my body for the experiment." Yu Chen continued Davi’s sentence, surprising her.

Zaki was also surprised as his head snapped towards him. Before Davi could even ask if he was willing, Yu Chen nodded.

"Fine." he agreed without any hesitation, surprising Zaki and Davi once again.


The days seemed to crawl by in silence for the occupants of Scarlet Hill.

It was twilight and was drizzling. Davi was enjoying her coffee outside the sanatorium, watching the rain when she noticed a tall person covered in a heavy black coat and carrying a black umbrella approaching her.

She could already tell who it was judging from the silhouette, so she quickly stood up to meet him.

"Sei..." she called out as the man put down his umbrella and took his coat off. It’s been days since they last saw each other so Davi really missed him.

The man immediately embraced her in a tight hug as he kissed her passionately.

"My wife, I miss you so much." He whispered between his deep kisses and Davi whispered the same.

They kissed for a long time until Davi’s coffee turned cold, making up for the days where they couldn’t hold onto each other.

"Is everything alright?" Sei asked. He knelt on the floor and kissed Davi’s small baby bump.

"Everything is okay Sei." Davi caressed Sei’s hair as she looked lovingly at her husband’s face. "Yu Chen’s team are very helpful. They are incredible so our work here is truly progressing at a great pace." She told him and Sei nodded in relief.

"How about our baby here?" he asked, gently caressing Davi’s stomach.

"Very fine. Nothing to worry about." She smiled and then she led him inside the sanatorium. The place was a mini hospital and everything inside it were the best of the latest health care technologies.

Davi said something to one of her subordinates before leading that gorgeous husband of hers into a room.

Sei was clueless why Davi brought him into this room but he didn’t ask and just quietly and obediently followed along.

But suddenly, Davi began removing her coat. Sei blinked while watching her. When Davi sat on the bed and started unbuttoning her shirt, the man’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. And then, abruptly, he moved and held her hands.

"Let me," he whispered and the he kissed her. Davi was surprised. Hold on, Sei!

The man started caressing her chest as he kissed her. His breath becoming shallow as he kissed her hard. Davi couldn’t even protest because the man was too intense!

Davi m.o.a.ned against his lips and then, there’s a knock on the door. But Sei didn’t stop.

"Mmmm... Sei..." she could only push him.

When their lips parted, Sei turned to the door with menacing eyes, scaring the female doctor who was standing by the door with shocked expression.

"Er, darling... uhm... don’t scare her. We need her here." Davi said and the man looked at her with utterly confused expression. "Uhm... she’s the ultrasound technician I called." She added and Sei froze. U-ultrasound? So this was why his dear wife brought him into this room?! He actually thought that his wife was seducing him when she started undressing!

Davi couldn’t help but smile seeing her husband’s bewildered face.

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