I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 511 At sunse

The light of dawn spread throughout the sky like exquisite and colorful wings of a butterfly. It was a very blissful morning, one that seemed to be filled with warmth and peace; a beautiful beginning.

Sei headed towards the airport, his face delighted to the extreme, almost like an excited little child on their way to meet Santa. The time of Davi’s arrival was still actually a bit later but Sei seemed to have lost all his patience.

In the end, Sei, the great, waited at the airport for thirty minutes before the plane landed.

The waiting obviously bothered him but the moment he saw his wife’s face, everything else disappeared and his face brightened. The couple’s reunion looked like a scene from a movie. Everyone who saw them at that moment would think they were lovers who had been separated for a long time. If they only knew that these two had only been separated for four days.

"Darling... I miss you so much!" Davi uttered as she clung onto Sei’s embrace.

"Mm. I know. I miss you too, very much." He replied, kissing her head gently.

"Where’s my little Shin?"

"He’s still asleep." Sei lied and because he was extremely bad at lying, Davi couldn’t help but raised her brow at him?

"Oh really?"

"Sorry, I purposely didn’t take him so I could monopolize you like this first, at least for now."

Sei could only surrender and admit the truth. Well, he knew his wife always saw through him.

Looking at her king turning into his chibi self again, Davi was amused. She chuckled and kissed his lips, as he eyes twinkled at the sight of him in this state. "Okay, okay. I got it. Now let’s go darling. We need to support Hinari and Zaki today. Don’t worry. You can monopolize me more once their wedding ends," she said as she a winked at him.

"Mm." he agreed but as soon as they boarded the car, Sei kissed Davi hard with hungry kisses, causing the two in front of the car to immediately raise the partition. Sigh... no wonder boss suddenly asked to change the car...

"I haven’t kissed you for four days..." Sei uttered and Davi could only surrender in bliss.

When the two arrived at the Chen mansion, little Shin was already waiting outside like the good boy that he was. When he saw she came pull up, he immediately ran towards the car and plastered his face on the window.


The moment Davi stepped out of the car, little Shin hugged her legs lightly, as if he wanted to glue himself on her so that he could go wherever she went. "I missed you, Mommy!"

After he said those words, Little Shin then glared at his dad for leaving him behind. His face was full to accusation and Sei just rubbed the back of his neck and then patted the little boy’s head, as if telling him, "Sorry, son."


After the trio’s sweet reunion, they then headed to the wedding venue. The place was a villa owned by Zaki, which was located at one of the most scenic parts of the city, overlooking the famous white harbor.

Davi went straight to where Hinari was as soon as she arrived, little Shin following behind like a cute little puppy..

Sei, on the other hand, went straight towards the wedding venue. When he spotted Zaki busily checking if there was still something that needed to be done in the already perfectly decorated venue, Sei smiled at the sight of the groom working hard.

The wedding was set to start later that day - opposite of Davi and Sei’s - at sunset.

"You are working hard... good." Sei suddenly uttered, obviously amused with what he was seeing. The place was already perfectly prepared.

Hearing Sei’s voice, the busy Zaki raised his brow and faced Sei.

"You said you would support me with everything, right? Big bro?"


"Now come with me, I need your help."

Sei followed Zaki without any hesitation but the moment Zaki gave him flowers, the man raised his brow as he accepted it.

"Because you left so early in the morning, everything is already done. All that’s left is this one. Arrange these flowers in the vase, please." Zaki explained as he pointed to an elegant porcelain vase.

"Now then, I have to go and call some guests. I’ll leave that one for you, big bro." Zaki winked at Sei, not hiding his mischievous smirk before he left the man just standing there, looking at the flowers, seemingly unsure on what to do.

Zaki thought that Sei would definitely not do it. Well, Zaki was obviously just being mischievous but to his surprise, when he looked back, he saw him quietly picking the flowers scattered on the table and seriously putting them in the vase one by one.

Of course, this stunned not just Zaki but all the staff who were present. Their eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Well, this was Seiji Chen, but here he was arranging flowers?!

Seeing him, Zaki could only sigh and he walked back to him.

"Okay, I’ll help you."

"I can do this. Compared to what you did for my wedding day, this is nothing."

". . ."

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