I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 51 Cant imagine

In a Victorian style gazebo, Davi and Mr. Kazuki sat facing each other and looking serious as if the most awaited interview of the century is about to begin.

"So? What’s your question?" The elegant looking old man began as he smiled softly, breaking the quiet atmosphere. Davi immediately awakened from her moment of deep thinking and she straightened her back and looked at the old man intently. Looking as though she was a treasure hunter and the hunt was about to begin.

"H-how was Sei when he was young?" she asked. Her voice was soft, filled with curiosity and sincerity. Her eyes suddenly shone intensely and the feeling she’s emitting almost felt out of this world. The way she asked him at that moment was indescribably strange that even an old man like him felt a faint feeling of something like... a comfortable danger. Her eyes, her voice, and her words were like a magic potion that was powerful enough to might even make the most secretive person answer whatever she’ll going to ask.

At that moment, the old man smiled secretly within him as if he just discovered a hidden treasure. A treasure so beautifully breathtaking and at the same time, comfortably dangerous. And the most interesting thing was that, she doesn’t seem to have any awareness about her natural prowess at all. She was just being curious and sincere not knowing she’s doing even greater than that.

The old man then smiled at her as he speaks. "How young?"

"Mmm... around ten and younger?"

Looking pleased with the girl’s question, the old man nodded happily as if he was excited to tell a certain bed time story to his little grandchild. "The young master that age was... mmm... will you believe me if I’ll tell you he’s quite really adorable specially when he was five and younger?"

"R-really? Does he laugh and talk a lot?" Davi’s eyes were sparkling as if she was a child getting really excited about what will happen next to her favorite character in a certain fairy tale her grandfather was telling her.

"Haha, not a lot but yes he does around those age. He’s quite a bright kid too. He’s really clever and really sweet."

"Eh? S-sweet?" upon hearing that Sei was sweet, Davi reflexively tried imagining him being sweet and her smile slowly faded. She imagined a frozen statue with a cold black mask being sweet and all and it left her pretty speechless. She even tried visualizing the masked man feeding her with chocolate as he says words like ’say ah’ while smiling sweetly and her brain burst as she choked with her own saliva. Davi coughed slightly as the old man patted her back, laughing mischievously at her as if he completely understands why she’s reacting like that.

Davi didn’t know it would felt so damn strange, as if the man in her brain wasn’t Sei at all, it’s a completely different person. All she could imagine was him being adorable as she pets his head while he was sitting motionless and expressionless like a soft ice statue.

"Haha. So you can’t imagine the young master being sweet huh. I understand, I understand. Did you know that he even kisses me in my cheeks and hugs my thigh when he cries back then?"

Davi’s brain started to spin as the old butler continued. And she could only felt that part of his story-telling was to tease her, and the mischievous old man’s plan was more than a success. Davi started imagining Sei kissing her cheek and telling her words ’sweetheart, let’s cuddle’ as he hugs her legs while kneeling in front of her and it made her completely thrown off and she shook her head violently like a broken robot. "No, no, no. Stop it gramps. It’s impossible for Sei to act like that."

Amused with her priceless reaction, the old man could only laugh wholeheartedly.

"What are you even thinking anyway young miss? Please don’t forget that I am talking about the little, five years old young master."

Mr. Kazuki’s tone was mischievous and as soon as Davi heard his words, she face palmed and laughed at herself as well.

Ha ha ha. What the hell am I imagining in the first place?

It was indeed felt impossible for Davi to even imagine the current Sei suddenly being all sweet and cuddly, however, when the adult Sei shrunk into an irresistibly adorable five years old boy in her mind, Davi started fantasizing. She would really love to shower little Sei with hugs and kisses even if he is just as cold and emotionless as the current him.

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