I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 504 Superman is back

Zaki was holding Hinari as tightly as he could as the two dangled on air. The rope that was tied on Zaki was now being pulled up. The sound coming from the chopper was deafening and the wind was strong.

Hinari slowly clasped the man holding her. She was shocked when she heard Zaki’s voice telling her to save her goodbyes to someone else. She felt like it was so real and now Zaki suddenly fell from the sky and was now holding her? Was this heaven or was this hell torturing me?

The thoughts in Hinari’s head were in chaos. She felt like her world was shutting down, but why was it that this person holding her was just so warm? Was this Zaki real? Was she really saved by him?

As Hinari was still stuck in the clouds of disbelief, they were finally pulled up into the chopper. Kaide and Ryou, who were most worried of all, had big drops of sweat all over them as they both pulled the two inside. They felt like Zaki’s stunt just took a decade off their lives. After all, what he did was extremely dangerous but they knew it was only Zaki who could do such close to impossible things like this.

Looking at the two of them finally safe, they felt like they could finally breathe. They couldn’t imagine what the consequences would be if something happened to Zaki but truth be told, they were more scared about arriving even a little bit later and being unable to save her. Just thinking about what would happen to Zaki and what he would do if he failed to save Hinari was enough to send terror in their eyes. Thank god... she’s safe... or else I wouldn’t know how this world would face this man’s wrath!

As Kaide and Ryou were finally breathing normally as they quickly removed the rope around Hinari, Zaki finally loosened his grip on her.

"Hinari... are you okay?" he asked. His voice filled with panic and worry as he held her face. But Hinari was in a daze, tears were quietly falling on her face like rain as she clasped on his coat. Her lashes brimmed with sorrowful tears as she looked at Zaki’s face.

"Hinari... can you hear me?" As the worried to death Zaki started rubbing his thumbs on her cheeks, trying to get her to speak, Hinari’s body began to tremble.

In the next moment, the floodgates opened. Hinari let out a heart wrenching wail. Zaki’s heart sunk. As he watched her shake in tears, he felt his world breaking like mirrors smashed into pieces. It was terribly unbearable.

Zaki yanked her into him once again and buried her in his embrace, kissing her head and squeezing her tight. He wanted to let her know she was safe now and that he was now here for her. That he would always be here for her.

"I’m sorry for coming late. I’m sorry for letting something like this happen. I’m sorry." Zaki’s lips also started trembling as he said those words. In his mind, he swore to never let Hinari go anywhere alone again. Never again.

Time passed and Hinari’s painful cry slowly died down. But her tears still wouldn’t stop falling.

"Z-zaki, my beauty... i-is this really you?" Hinari was finally able to speak. Her lips were still trembling as she stammered as though she was finding it hard to speak.

Hearing her, Zaki held her hand and put them on his face. "Mm. It’s me. It’s your real beauty in flesh. You are not hallucinating or anything." He said and the beads of tears flowed down heavily on her face again.

"Really? This is not heaven, right?" she asked as she pinched Zaki’s skin.

"Silly." He just replied and what he did next was yank her into his arms again and kiss her hard. He delved deeper into her mouth and kissed her with hungry kisses. He wanted her to get lost with him, forget about her tears and stop crying and it worked.

Hinari slowly returned his kisses and the two shared a passionate kiss as they both got lost inside their own fantasy world.

When their lips parted, Hinari’s tears had stopped. Zaki wiped the traces of tears on her face as they both gasped for air.

"Do you believe me now?" Zaki asked and Hinari looked at him and then she turned her head to look around. "I jumped and saved you in time. Superman is back. Your normal knight turned into superman for a moment to save you."

Upon hearing him, Hinari was about to cry again but she smiled instead and jumped on Zaki, wrapping her arms around him as tight as she could.

"Beauty... I thought I... I’m sorry... I... I will never leave your side ever again. I promise." She said and Zaki nodded.

"Mm. I will never let you go anywhere alone again."

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