I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 38 Step #11

Feeling the extremely suffocating and terrifying aura coming from him, Davi decided to try coaxing him.

"Ah, this is... it’s because I left my heels when those men chased me and I jumped and ran recklessly..." She bit her lip and couldn’t continue talking. It was because, the air surrounding Sei went even colder. She was supposed to coax him but it seems the effect was not good at all. And knowing it was senseless to lie to him, she couldn’t think about anything else.

After a while of silence, the masked man raised his head and his gaze fell straight into her hand. Still in his squatting position, he held her wrist. Then he lifted her fist which was also bleeding a little.

Noticing the bleeding in her knuckles, "Ah... this is because I punched those idiots," she continued as though she was a bit looking proud that she actually took down two of them through her signature magnificent and precise jaw kick.

However, Sei’s silence made her felt that his negative atmosphere has no sign of subsiding at all.

At that moment, her eyes were focused into his jet black hair while she’s whacking her brain to find something that she could say to him. And unexpectedly, gazing at his hair made her remember something and an underlined note appeared in her head.

’Step #11: Reflect his gestures’

According to her great romantic adviser, the purpose of mirroring your man’s gesture was to create a closer bond with him. And this trick was actually one among the few that was actually psychological. However, with the current situation, Davi’s purpose in using this step was to make him feel better. She always felt warmed whenever he pats her head so she wanted to do the same for him, she wanted him back to his usual calm demeanor. Thus, making this step a double edged, if incase, it did work.

At that same moment, Davi then instantly switched into her mission mode.

And the next second, she lifted her other hand and landed it on his head.

The moment her hand touched his hair, Sei instantly went motionless like stone, as if her hand was akin to king Midas’ golden touch or Medusa’s eyes.

Davi on the other hand, was suddenly smiling so wide as though she was overjoyed that she finally able to pet his head. Truth was that, Davi really liked it every time Sei caresses her hair and she always wanted to touch his hair as well. She always loved the warm feeling and his warm hand.

However, at that moment, she doesn’t know why the feeling when she’s the one doing it to him seems different. She unexpectedly felt a fuzzy electrifying sensation as though he was a scary dark beast that has a really soft and cute silky black furs, she couldn’t help but love. The supposed to be romantic caressing scenario turned out to be a cute petting scene. And she couldn’t stop herself from petting him.

Meanwhile, Sei was currently frozen. His brain once again seemed to stopped, this time, for a while longer. He doesn’t know how to even react. And worse was that, the girl’s eyes suddenly twinkled bright as ever as though she finally found her dream fuzzy pet.

Sei was confused, and the girl didn’t stop from running her fingers into his hair, as though he already became a furry little dog in her eyes. Making his stunned face turned a bit darker because he couldn’t even get angry at her despite it all. And he wanted to stop her, but seeing her face looking as though she was currently flying even higher than cloud nine made him waited for a while. He wanted to watch her ecstatic face for a little longer.

And at that same moment, Sei was being mystified, for her hand just felt a little too warm, as though tiny little white hands suddenly appeared within the dark void inside him, touching every corner as though they’re trying to embrace the overwhelming solid darkness that no one has ever dared to even try reaching. As if they’re hands of an angel, leaving sparks of warm tiny lights within him.

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