I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 36 For the first time

In front of a large gate, Sei was standing as a man in black was opening it.

The gate was around six meters high and a thick razor wires covered the top of it making it impossible for anyone to cross it single handedly.

The man then pushed the gate’s door when two men in black which obviously among the body guards were lying on the ground, unconscious.

Upon seeing them, lines on Sei’s forehead deepened as they entered the gate. And, they just took five steps passed the gate when Sei suddenly stopped. All of them could already tell that someone was behind. Ryou, already turned his head back and his eyes were already turned wide the moment he saw a girl holding onto a metal pipe as she clung above the gate’s door like a skilled ninja-like gymnast. And the moment Sei turned, she jumped right away and landed behind them. And upon landing, without even glancing at them, the girl ran out of the opened door. She was like a swift wind leaving Sei and his men surprised and speechless.

Sei then glanced at the place where his wife hid herself just now and his face instantly darkened. He could tell that she just jumped from such dangerous height. And as soon as he returned his gaze towards his running wife, the air went unbelievably thick and his coldness reached its peak the moment he saw her running bare foot.

At that same moment, Zaki who was approaching with two men in black behind him instantly halted Davi. Zaki was stunned upon seeing her. He didn’t wear his mask so he could only stop and looked at the panting girl, drenched with sweat and bare foot three meters away from him. Her beautiful hair was tied and messy.

Zaki could only bit his lip as he sensed the dangerous wind coming from the man on the other side, twenty steps away from her.

Davi was exhausted and Seeing another few men in front of her, she put her hands into her knees as she panted heavily. She looks tired and doesn’t have any strength left. She was running for quite a long time now figuring out the exit.

What to do now? Davi was starting to lose hope. She knows that she has no strength to fight anymore and there were just too many of them.

"Someone help me." She mumbled as she panted. And the first person that appeared inside her mind to call for help was no other than, Sei. She was surprised by the thought of it herself. However, at that moment, she realized how alone she was, that without Sei, she has no one to even think of asking for help. That the only one she has in this life of hers was her little brother and the only person whom she could ask for help, was Sei.

"Y-young miss!"

In the middle of her thoughts, a voice which appeared to be Ryou’s, the man she first met at Gray Mansion startled her. Davi instantly raised her head and without wasting any time, she turned her head back. And what appeared in her eyes the next second, suddenly made her eyes felt hot, she suddenly wanted to cry.

The masked man, Sei, was there, her husband was standing right there looking at her.

"S-sei?" she uttered. And at that moment,

her voice was like a magical arrow that pierced trough the tremendous frost surrounding the man across her, as if the arrow melted the surge of anger that was enveloping him.

And hearing her called his name for the first time, he felt something indescribable within him, as if the words to describe it doesn’t exist in this world to him.

He then started moving closer to her.

And seeing the man moving towards her, Davi was now sure it was really him and she’s not dreaming. And at that moment, she didn’t know why she suddenly felt emotional.

So wasting no time, Davi then ran to meet him and as soon as she got close to him, tears quietly fell from her eyes, she leaned her head right away into Sei’s chest and eventually hugged him tight, forgetting all the depressing thoughts running in her mind just a while ago.

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