I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 349 Spirited

Some time ago, Ryou had actually followed Davi and Hinari inside the bar secretly. He sat at a corner far enough away from them, hidden from their line of sight. He watched them closely while observing their surroundings and gladly, the atmosphere inside the bar was pretty decent at the moment. No one was making a scene and it was somehow quieter than the average bars.

Ryou also kept on watching the alcohol his boss’ wife was consuming and he was glad when Davi was just sipping her drink occasionally. His fear that one of them would get drunk and create a scene slowly dissipated and he finally relaxed.

In the middle of the two girl’s conversation, Ryou got up. He once again looked around before he hastily headed towards the restroom.

However, when he came back, he was flustered when he didn’t see two of them there anymore. He immediately asked the bartender and the moment he found out that they already left, Ryou left the bar with a creased forehead.

By the time he stepped outside, something unthinkable appeared before his eyes.

Ryou saw a man holding his boss wife and he looked like he was about to kiss her.

In that moment, Ryou didn’t hesitate in pointing his gun at that man instantly. He was still a bit far from them so Ryou’s choices were either to teleport, which of course wasn’t even really an option as he didn’t have that superpower, or to shoot the man right then and there. There was no way he would let that man touch his boss’ beloved wife, or else he would have to say goodbye to his life as his boss would surely blame him since he was the one who was supposed to be protecting the two women.

Ryou was one of the best shooters among Sei’s bodyguards so he was confident with his skills. He never once missed a target before so he was going to make sure that this scumbag was going to pay with his life.

In a split second, Ryou was about to pull the trigger when suddenly, his eyes widened and his finger on the trigger froze in place.

It was because, like a sleeping tiger that was suddenly awakened, Davi’s hand was like a metal claw that suddenly clasped the man’s throat, rendering the man himself into extreme shock.

Her grip, unfortunately, wasn’t strong enough to hold a man. However, every point she pressed with her fingers were points that could immobilize any normal man. Her nails dug onto the man’s skin and his blood started flowing down his neck, while the man remained unmoving, like a log rooted on the ground. He couldn’t even react in time apart from instinctively raising his hand and gripping Davi’s wrist. But before he could use his strength to pull the girl’s hand away from his neck, Davi’s other hand already slipped onto the back of his head and in the next moment, she pulled the man’s head down before she slammed his face on her knee over and over again, not giving him any chance to fight back until the man fell on the ground, his face covered with blood.

That scene happened within mere seconds that everyone who saw her couldn’t even react. Even the crying Hinari was instantly silenced as she looked at Davi with wide eyes. The two men who were holding her remained frozen in disbelief, looking as though what they just witnessed was something impossible to them.

As soon as the man fell, Davi swayed on her own. Her eyes weren’t even fully open yet. She was still half conscious and she was obviously drunk. However, a terrifying aura was oozing from her. She was still the delicate looking woman from a while ago, but her aura was definitely unfamiliar, like she was suddenly possessed by some unknown being. She was like a drugged beast instinctively fighting desperately to survive even in her half-conscious state.

In the middle of that silent moment, Davi swayed again but she didn’t fall. She instead picked the head of the already unconscious man and she kicked him mercilessly.

In that moment, Davi’s mind was hazy and whirling. She felt her body burning with something and she didn’t feel anything but the sense of danger enveloping her.

Years ago, Davi, as a member of one of the world’s most savage special forces actually went through some very tough and rigorous training challenges that only few survived from. One of the Thundra’s rules was never to get caught by anyone, alive. Thus, they were trained to fight with their lives once cornered. They were trained to unleash the inhuman strength within them once they were in a hopeless situation, even when they were at the state where they were half conscious, drugged or poisoned, they were mentally trained to fight until death rather than be caught.

However, the thundra team was formidable enough that no one managed to corner them to the extent that they needed to fight to death, so this was the first time Davi had put her training into practice, even though she was not even aware of it.

Her instincts sensed the danger and her body remembered the training she went through, causing her innate beast to awaken without her knowing.

W-what the hell’s going on?!

Everyone was thinking the same, but the two men who were holding Hinari soon recovered their senses after watching their comrade being kicked by a certain fragile looking girl before them.

They let go of Hinari and they both attacked Davi with knives in their hands.

"Davi! Watch out!!" Hinari screamed but Davi didn’t flinch. Ryou also quickly ran and pointed the gun to the men but again, before Ryou could pull the trigger, Davi’s upgraded precise kick reached one the men’s jaw so Ryou changed his target and shot the other man.


Hinari was startled and so was Davi. However, Davi’s gaze fell onto Ryou. At that moment, Ryou jolted the moment he felt the danger and extreme bloodlust coming from her. He knew right at that instant that she was going to attack him as well.

Thus, Ryou immediately threw his gun towards Hinari and in the next moment, Davi attacked him.

Davi’s attack wasn’t strong enough to knock down her opponent in one blow, however, she was aiming at every lethal point in a man’s body, causing Ryou to curse as he desperately defended himself. Ryou could see she was acting instinctively as if her actions were being controlled by someone else and she was just a vessel. She was just like a spirited beast going berserk and Ryou knew that there was no way he could continue defending like this for too long.

As he barely kept up with her inhuman skill, Ryou wracked his brain to think of a way to stop this barrage of attacks.

"Miss Hinari! Go open the car door!" Ryou yelled and Hinari immediately followed him as she opened the car door in a panic.

Upon seeing the car door wide open, Ryou led Davi towards it, thinking that he could push Davi in and lock her inside. However, the spirited beast seemed to have instinctively detected the trap.

Thus, without another choice, Ryou could only keep on dealing with her. He thought about exhausting her so using his super fast running talent, when manage to Ryou break free from her, he started running away. But to his surprise the girl didn’t chase him. She just stood there, quietly looking at him, like a tiger in the middle of the arena waiting for her prey to get close to her once more.

She was really terrifying that Ryou yelled at Hinari to not make a single move. Well, Ryou actually received few of her well aimed strikes and his body was aching all over.

Damn! What the hell’s going on with this miss? The boss is terrifying enough! Must she also be this terrifying?!

Just as Ryou was starting to finally take a breath, Davi suddenly moved and Ryou was forced to run for his life.

Gladly enough, Ryou finally saw the car he’d been waiting for screech to a halt beside Hinari and he ran towards it as fast as he could.

Two men immediately stepped out of it and when Ryou saw Sei, he ran towards him while Davi was after him.

"Boss!! Please save me!!" Ryou shouted and as soon as Sei saw Davi, his eyes slowly widened.

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