I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 346 Just a mere cupid

Little Shin continued massaging Davi’s back with his little hands and Davi couldn’t help but feel ecstatic. Her son was so lovingly adorable that her heart wanted to explode because of his cuteness.

Sei on the other hand was still dazed, looking at Davi like he just saw an angel and he couldn’t take his eyes away from her. Contrary to Sei’s extremely blissful expression, Lin Jingyi looked like she just went through an earth shattering experience and was now seemingly traumatized.

While enjoying Little Shin’s special service, Davi glanced at Lin Jingyi. She looked at her straight in the eyes as if she was scrutinizing her to see if there was still any sign of her resurrecting again. Gladly, it seemed like this Lin Jingyi still had some self-respect left in her. The complete surrender in her eyes was enough for Davi to finally put down all her weapons, indicating that the war was officially over for now.

But still, Davi didn’t want this woman to stay beside Sei anymore. She believed that she must not be given any chance to revive again. After all, who knows if her heart will betray her once again?

However, Davi wasn’t sure if it was right for her to make a move now. After all, Lin Jingyi wasn’t just a normal employee of this large corporation. She was well aware that Lin Jingyi had known Sei and his company for a long time and was one of his exceptional people, someone that could not be replaced so easily.

"Uhm... darling, I think Miss Lin really is not feeling well. Why don’t you let her go so she can go take a break?" Davi finally spoke and the dazed Sei snapped back to reality. The man then looked at Lin Jingyi and when he remembered Lin Jingyi’s beyond lousy performance, Sei glared at her. Sei had always been strict with his people; that was his way of keeping them under his full control.

Sei wanted to scold Lin Jingyi and sentence her with the punishment she deserved but because of the presence of his two angels, especially Little Shin, Sei clenched his fist and looked at Lin Jingyi with a terrifyingly dangerous gaze.

"Get out and get ready for your punishment." Sei said. Lin Jingyi seemed to already expect that she would be punished. She bowed her head, turned around and walked towards the door like someone who just came from a long deadly march that she was even stumbling over her own feet.

Meanwhile, the two people bickering in front of Sei’s office were silenced when the door opened.

Hinari’s mischievous face smirked loudly as soon as she saw the dejected look on Lin Jingyi’s face. She looked exactly like a tragically defeated loser and she couldn’t help but mock her. Well, Hinari hated this type of woman the most, the type who would try to destroy someone else’s family.

"Tsk, tsk... that’s what you get for trying to break a perfect family." Hinari suddenly said as she approached Lin Jingyi.

"Listen Miss Secretary, you stand no chance because there is only one who is worthy to stay beside the boss’ side now and forever and it’s none other than his beloved wife and the mother of his son. You get it? You should wake up and wash the thick fog of delusion off your glasses or else, the queen will only crush you over and over again until you turn into dusts on the ground." She continued with a nasty smile and Lin Jingyi who had never been treated like this in her whole life, suddenly raised her hand reflexively to slap Hinari when someone caught her hand.

The two girl’s eyes widened as they both looked at Zaki.

"Lin Jingyi! She is right. Wake up or you will regret this for the rest of your life." Zaki said in a firm voice before he let go of her hand, causing Lin Jingyi’s knees to tremble. She saw the terrifying warning in Zaki’s eyes and she couldn’t take it anymore.

Looking at the sorry state she was in, Zaki held Hinari’s hand before Hinari could confront the woman again.

"Let’s go in." Zaki said but Hinari protested.

"Huh? You’re being too kind, Mr. beauty. A woman like her needs to be punished for her to learn her lesson. I can’t just let what she did go like this. Let me teach this little delusional bitch a lesson she very much deserves!" Hinari was so worked up that she managed to snatch her hand off him. However, before she could reach Lin Jingyi, Zaki’s hands swiftly wrapped around her tiny waist and he chained her on his body.

"Behave, Hinari. What would you get by attacking someone who already looks like the living dead? You think she can even hear what you were saying in that state of hers?" Zaki asked and when Hinari looked at the woman, somehow, she was convinced that she might only be wasting her time.

"Tsk! Serves her right! But if this woman ever tries to do anything funny again..."

"You don’t have to worry anymore. I’m sure your friend won’t give her a chance to do that."

"Well, you’re right. But you should warn that brother the great of yours as well. His obliviousness will only attract another fly if he continues acting like this...!"

"Well... you know Sei is---"

"That’s why I’m telling you to help him be more vigilant with things like this. This situation is also his fault you know? Why? Because he was too oblivious, if only he noticed this bitch’s motive, he could have put up a super thick wall and destroy her delusion before it even escalated to this point. And what if this woman was crazy enough and she actually drugged your brother the great and took advantage of him or something? You should know that desperate people will do anything to get what they want, do you get what I’m trying to say?!"


Somehow, Zaki was speechless with Hinari’s sudden outburst. Why am I the one being scolded here?

"That’s why I personally think that my Davi should also punish that brother of yours for being too unmindful... wait... talking about punishment... hehe..." Hinari started smiling while a black tail suddenly appeared wagging behind her. She looked like a mischievous idea popped out of her head again and Zaki could only pinch the skin between his brows. What is this girl thinking again?

Just as Hinari was enjoying the thoughts in her head, Zaki suddenly turned serious.

"Don’t stick your nose to their relationship too much. Let them solve their problems on their own." He said and Hinari’s grin faded as she puffed her cheeks towards Zaki.

"I’m not sticking my nose okay? I’m just a mere cupid here helping in setting up a perfect stage for them. I didn’t do anything beyond that, it was still them who moved on their own feet and speak on their own, okay?"

"...yes, yes. I get it, Miss self-proclaimed cupid. What kind of troublesome matters are you thinking again?"

"Fufu... I am thinking about a certain fun punishment that your super clueless brother the great deserves."


"Hehe, wait and see my beauty."

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