I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 344 Wife?!

Lin Jingyi was already on the verge of breaking down. Watching the man she had been dreaming of being together with for years, kissing another woman so passionately right before her very eyes felt like she was being stabbed by a sharp knife in the heart a million times. She couldn’t believe that her boss was actually extremely intimate with this woman, this leech who just appeared out of nowhere, and what was worse was that it even seemed like he was the one who was head over heels with her.

She had just witnessed how gentle his tone was when he talked to her, like he was a completely different person. He even said he was addicted to her and wanted to continue what they started when they got home? This means that they were living together, right?! WHATTTT???!!! No, no, no, no, no! This can’t be happening! This isn’t real. I’m just having a nightmare, right now... I need to wake up! Hurry up and wake up, Lin Jingyi!!!

Unable to fully accept the harsh reality that was clearly unfolding before her eyes, Lin Jingyi was still holding on to the last string of hope in her heart. She was already numb after receiving all the lethal attacks from this woman and because of her, she almost couldn’t move her feet! So she started to fabricate another lie in her heart, desperately creating something she could hold onto.

Lin Jingyi persisted in thinking that this was just a nightmare and that she would wake up soon. Or if it was real, then this woman was surely just a mistress her beloved Sei had found, someone who was a devil disguised as an angel, the type her Sei would definitely discard the moment that he was done playing with her.

However, just as she was starting to believe the lies she herself created, a thunderous blow appeared without any warning and struck her hard to the core.

Lin Jingyi was so shocked beyond redemption when Little Shin, the prince who never even spoke to her, suddenly appeared and called the woman "mommy" as he ran towards her. Of course, Lin Jingyi knew how aloof and impenetrable Little Shin was that she even thought that it would be impossible for Little Shin to call anyone ’mommy’, let alone a certain disposable mistress!

Truth be told, Sei’s people actually knew that Sei had been looking for his wife since five years ago. They were all aware that his disinterest with any woman was because he was still in love with his wife and was still loyally waiting for her return. Actually, asking anything or talking about the boss’ wife was taboo in the entire red empire. Even Sei’s business partners knew this because whenever someone uttered the word ’wife’, the tyrant king’s mood would drastically change into something extremely terrifying, like his killer instinct was somehow triggered. He didn’t even bat an eye cutting all ties to an important business partner just because that CEO told him to forget about his wife and just find someone even more beautiful as he gifted him a girl. Of course, Lin Jingyi was there and she even saw how Sei took those words and action so seriously that he caused that CEO’s company to almost disappear from existence.

For five years, Lin Jingyi was well aware that Sei never stopped looking for his missing wife. Even if they knew nothing about any details about her, they, as secretaries who had more interaction with Sei than the rest of the people in the company, somehow saw how desperate he was.

The only thing that they heard about the woman was the rumor that his wife left the day she gave birth to the prince. No one could think of the reason why his wife would disappear without a trace but apart from the rumors, any other information about her was shut down tight; most likely Sei’s doing.

However, after years of searching, Lin Jingyi began to believe that the woman was probably already dead. Besides, who on earth could hide from this king for years? Lin Jingyi was well aware of Sei’s godly skills. She knew he could track anything and anyone just by using his monstrous hacking skills but he couldn’t find his wife despite it all and despite deploying the most elite spies from all over the world?

Thus, for years now, Lin Jingyi truly believed that Sei’s wife was long dead. That was the only explanation that made sense. She even believed that no one could compete with her as the future Mrs. Chen unless, the ghost wife somehow rose from the dead.

"Mommy, I’ve been waiting for you in the car. What’s taking you so long?" Little Shin’s voice rang and Davi carried him lovingly in her arms.

"I’m sorry baby, I was helping your dad relax a bit because of his work." Davi replied and the Little guy looked at his father as though he was inspecting if there’s something wrong with him.

"You helped him relax?" Little Shin asked as he tilted his head curiously, looking as though he couldn’t understand why his father who looked very fine and lively needed his mother’s help to relax.

"Mm... I massaged his back a little." Davi replied and Little Shin creased his brows a bit. Well, little Shin saw his auntie Hinari hiring a professional massager before so he was confused.

"Why do you need to be the one doing that? Daddy could just hire someone to do that, right?" The little guy asked again and Davi lovingly ruffled the little boy’s hair.

"You should know that this is one thing among others that a wife should do for her husband, okay? Of course, if I am tired too, your daddy, as my husband, can also massage me and help me relax." Davi explained looking quite amused at Little Shin’s curiosity, while Lin Jingyi, who heard what Davi said clearly enough was again shocked as though she just saw a real ghost as her eyes were filled with nothing but horror.

W-w-wife? S-s-sh-she’s his wife?!

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