I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 338 Darling

Inside Sei’s luxurious office, his secretary, Lin Jingyi was currently reporting in front of Sei while Sei looked at the documents in his hands, uttering one or two words every now and again. His expression was blank and devoid of any emotion. He looked exactly as though the only thing currently working in his system was his brain.

Lin Jingyi had been inside Sei’s office for about an hour and Sei didn’t even bother to ask her to have a seat. Well, this was a rule set by Sei that his secretaries always reported in front of his desk, standing. The secretaries also report to him one by one but lately, Lin Jingyi had been the one entering Sei’s office more than anyone else, stirring up the gossip around that she was favored by the boss.

Everyone in the company also knew that she was connected to the Chen family through her family connections and she had been the only girl secretary that the boss had ever hired for five years now. Thus, everyone in the company looked at her highly and treated her like she was undoubtedly, the future lady boss, Mrs. Chen.

Of course, this kind of gossip never reached Sei’s ears but Zaki most definitely was aware of it. But Zaki simply raised his brows when he heard these rumors, completely treating it as something completely ridiculous that isn’t deserving of even a single second of Sei’s attention. He also didn’t confront Lin Jingyi about the gossip as well because he thought that the woman was smart enough not to get ideas in her head about being the next Mrs. Chen. She should know well that she wasn’t someone special to him by how Sei had treated her with indifference since the beginning. Zaki thought that since Lin Jingyi was well aware about the kind of person Sei was and she herself had always been treated just like every other employee in the company, she wouldn’t be so stupid to even think about it. That was why he didn’t bother giving her a warning. After all, Zaki had given her credit for being an intelligent and hardworking woman.

However, Zaki didn’t know that the intelligent and hardworking Lin Jingyi had developed an ulterior motive over time. The gossip she kept hearing put silly ideas in her head and was the spark that turned her into a delusional woman. She enjoyed the treatment that everyone was giving her and she began to believe what was clearly a lie. At first, she worked for Sei to gain experience before inheriting her family’s company and she was chosen by Sei himself purely because of her skills, not because she was their acquaintance. But somewhere along the way, when she experienced the false glory people were giving her, she changed.

"Here’s the proposal for that project." Lin Jingyi then said as she circled around the desk and put the document in front of him.

She bent and moved closer to Sei as she pointed to something on the document.

"However, I think this is a problem." She said with an obviously soft voice as she purposely positioned herself for her cleavage to be seen, not knowing that two people have already entered the room.

Zaki actually opened the door carefully a while ago as per Hinari’s request but the moment that scene appeared in his eyes, Zaki almost wanted to slam the door to get the attention of the oblivious man who was simply looking impatient, without any care about anything else.

Zaki was surprised to see just how close Lin Jingyi was to Sei this time around and he couldn’t help but crease his brows as Hinari’s voice rang inside his head.

’That woman... She’s dangerous...’

In one glance, Zaki finally understood why Hinari suspected Lin Jingyi. Lin Jingyi’s actions were obvious enough to anyone watching this scene. Fortunately, Sei was probably the only man in this world who would be oblivious to this kind of not so subtle display of womanly charms. Well, it wasn’t really a surprise since the only woman in Sei’s eyes was Davi alone and no one else could ever compare.

At that moment, Lin Jingyi finally noticed their presence because of Zaki’s emanating cold aura. Thus, she raised her head and unwittingly locked eyes with Davi.

Zaki wanted to glare at her to give her a terrifying warning. However, the first thing Zaki did was to look at Davi’s reaction as she looked at the woman across them.

Davi was intimidatingly calm that Zaki reflexively held his breath to not make a sound. The calmness she possessed at that very moment was exactly akin to the equanimity a sniper possessed to successfully shoot a target with 100% accuracy.

Her gaze was locked onto the woman beside Sei and Zaki, who was watching her closely, couldn’t help but imagine her as a sniper, currently measuring the wind direction and velocity, air density, distance from the target and many other variables that may affect the flight of her bullet towards the woman.

Somehow, Zaki began to feel like this was definitely the so called calm before the storm. He finally turned his gaze towards Lin Jingyi and she seemed to have frozen in place. She remained in her position as though she was just shot with a tranquilizer which immobilized her.

Their gazing spree was only a few seconds long but Zaki somehow felt something intense, even though Davi just stood there looking at Lin Jingyi’s eyes with a blank expression.

"Eherm." Zaki finally broke the silence and cleared his throat, causing Sei to finally raise his head.

As soon as Sei raised his head and saw Davi standing by the door, Sei suddenly stood up. He didn’t even realize that he had shoved the woman beside him away a little as his eyes widened with surprise.

He quickly walked towards Davi as his face brightened, as though he finally saw the sunshine he’d been missing for hours, which was the cause of his impatience a while ago.

Sei was about to ask why was she here when Davi beat him to it.

"Darling, I have come to fetch you." She said sweetly and Sei who just finally reached her was dumbstruck.


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