I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 330 Infected

"Beauty, who is that woman?" Hinari asked and upon looking at her, Zaki somehow could clearly see the obvious hostility in Hinari’s eyes as she looked at the woman.

"You don’t need to be wary of her, she’s just a secretary." Zaki said but, nonetheless, Hinari’s eyes remained focused on the woman. The look in her eyes as she stared at her didn’t change.

"Just a secretary? I thought all your brother the great’s secretaries were all men" she argued, causing Zaki to crease his brows as he questioned her.

"What made you think that?"

"Well, all the secretaries that visited the mansion were all men. I haven’t seen a woman secretary come along before and I never thought that the ice king would be talking to another woman other than my Davi."

"H-huh? Does Sei looks like he’s talking to her? She’s simply reporting. Can’t you hear his one word answers?"

"But, but..."

"Hinari, you’re supposed to be thinking about the next plan. Your proposal has been rejected, so stop thinking about useless things. That guy there won’t fall to another woman even if the earth was going explode, you understand?"


Hinari was forced to shut up the moment Zaki reminded her that her plan was actually rejected. Thus, Hinari shook her head and was about to start thinking of her other plan when she saw the woman walk closer towards Sei. She walked around the desk and stood beside him as she put a document before him. She pointed at something on the document and Hinari’s eyes narrowed to the max as her nose puffed out air in displeasure.

The next moment, she wrapped her arm around Zaki’s shoulder and pulled him towards her.

"Tell me, beautiful. Does she have other connection to Sei other than being her secretary?" Hinari asked. Her voice this time was strangely serious like she was asking some information that could involved life and death.

Seeing how determined and serious she looked, Zaki knew that this stubborn woman would never stop unless she was satisfied so he could only answer her.

"She’s our foster parent’s acquaintance. We’ve known her since we were teenagers." Upon those words left Zaki’s mouth, Hinari’s grip on him tightened. Zaki was once again confused by her reaction as she obviously looked even more displeased after hearing what he just said.

"Wha---" Before Zaki could ask, Hinari suddenly pulled him again, close enough that his cheek was brushing against her head.

"Listen to me beauty. That... that woman is dangerous," she said. Her voice was akin to an agent giving a serious warning about an upcoming disaster, causing Zaki to heave a sigh as he looked at her.

"Do you think any woman other than Davi could seduce that man right there?" He asked pointing his finger to man on the desk.

Hinari was silenced for a while as she looked at the ice king, sitting stoically, looking unbothered by the close proximity of the woman. He was still like a statue void of human emotion when he was away from his wife and son.

Somehow, his indifference even in this situation and the fact that he waited for Davi without even so much as a look towards other women for five years were already solid proof that what Zaki was saying made sense.

However, Hinari just didn’t like a single thing about this woman. Even the feeling she felt from her was strong enough to plant unease in her heart and she couldn’t help but worry.

Hinari then looked at Zaki with her same suspicious gaze as she whispered.

"Even if what you’re saying is true, I still think she’s dangerous." Hinari said and Zaki was about to flick her head but stopped.

"What makes you even think that she’s dangerous?"

"A woman’s instinct. I can just feel it."

The words that Hinari said and the look in her eyes rendered Zaki speechless. The hostility he saw in her eyes was increasing tremendously causing Zaki to feel just how serious she was.

Well, in all this time, this was the first time Zaki saw and heard Hinari judge anyone. He knew she wasn’t the type to spout baseless trivial things with a serious look in her eyes so even though Zaki still thought that the woman she called dangerous could never do a thing, he still chose to consider Hinari’s judgment.

"Okay. So? Do you perhaps want me to tell Sei that she’s dangerous or something?" He asked but to his surprise, the girl shook her head firmly as she narrowed her eyes again and looked at the woman. She looked at her as though she was already foreseeing something in her head.

"There’s no need. My beautiful partner, forget about the plan. We have another mission to accomplish." Hinari said with a mischievous, evil smile, causing Zaki to raise a brow as he looked at her. Well, Hinari knew that the ice king wasn’t the problem at all. She was sure that the man didn’t even notice a thing or if he did, he wouldn’t realize what the signals meant and so he would just ignore it. Even now, she could see that Sei didn’t even care about the woman’s presence at all. However, to someone like her, who had experienced the pain of her family being wrecked by another woman, she couldn’t help but be wary. Besides, there was absolutely nothing wrong with taking precautions.

"H-huh? Another mission?" Zaki asked, curious and Hinari just winked at him.

"First, I need to speak with my dear Davi."

"Hinari, don’t stir up unnecessary trouble."

"I know, I know. Stop being a worrywart my beauty, it’s not good for your skin."

"Huh?! Who the hell is being worrywart here?"

"Oh well, don’t blame me. Maybe I got infected by your illness for sleeping with you last night."


Speechless and shocked with the words that left Hinari’s mouth, Zaki stammered.

"W-what the hell are you talking about? What illness?"

"Overprotective-relationship-bodyguard syndrome. Hehe."


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