I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 324 Bad influence

The atmosphere that day was unbelievably pleasant. As the two of them simply roamed around buying things like every normal couple in this planet would do, Sei’s first time in the market was superficial. Those years he avoided this place was no doubt worth it after all.

Sei actually purposely avoided every place that Davi mentioned that night these past five years. He wanted to only set foot in these places when Davi was right beside him and his decision was indeed perfect. Even though Sei hated crowded places, everything just turned simply lively in his eyes just because Davi was beside him. He didn’t know that this simple noisy place could turn amazingly beautiful. The emotion he was feeling right now was inexplicable, making him feel like he was in cloud nine. However, of course, no matter how dreamy the situation was, Sei didn’t forget about his energizer every ten minutes. Well, there’s just no way he could forget.

Davi even started thinking that even if the world will go into chaos, Sei will still ask for a kiss amidst the war or storm.

"But Sei, there’s nowhere for us to hide. Can we just do it in the car later?" Davi asked when Sei just stood still.

"The crowd is sucking my energy." He simply uttered and Davi could only face palm. The expression in his eyes changed and upon seeing it, Davi could already tell that he won’t give up the kiss that easily.

Thus, before Sei could utter another word and ask again, Davi quickly removed her cap, used it to cover their faces before she tiptoed and kissed him.

Sei was stunned but he quickly reciprocated, not minding the people turning their heads towards them.

Davi pulled away immediately after almost a minute and as expected, Sei was obviously unsatisfied. However, since it was Davi who initiated the kiss this time, Sei didn’t complain anymore.

Meanwhile, the two stalkers somewhere in the corner have been wearing opposite expression the entire time of their stalking operation. Hinari was grinning excitedly the whole time as though she was enjoying the show while Zaki seemed to be bored.

"Hey, isn’t this enough? Sei will kiss her every ten minutes before the time is up so there are no more new things for you to observe." Zaki finally spoke and Hinari looked at him with a raised brow.

"What’s this Mr. Beauty? Are you perhaps jealous or something? You can’t watch anymore dog food?" She asked. Her tone was annoyingly mischievous again but Zaki seemed to be starting to develop a tolerance for her provoking antics now.

"Well, I used to be the one grinning while watching them like this back then. I lived with them five years ago, so I was already immune with their lovey dovey antics." He simply replied as he yawned and Hinari was silenced. Well, watching the now mature and shameless Sei isn’t as fun as when he was still his innocently ignorant self so Zaki somehow wasn’t that entertained anymore.

"Let’s go." Zaki then continued and he lazily turned back, causing Hinari to quickly hold onto his arm.

"Hey, the operation is not over yet. If you insist to leave, I will kiss you." Hinari suddenly said and Zaki immediately lifted his hand and flicked the girl clinging in his arm. He can’t believe that he was being threatened in a broad day light yet there’s nothing he could do but sigh.

"If you want to continue, then stay. I’ll wait for you in the car." Zaki replied as he started pulling his hand when to his surprise, Hinari voluntarily let go of him. Thinking that the girl finally gave in, Zaki was about to step away when suddenly, Hinari caught his face and kissed him.

She quickly forced her tongue inside his mouth, causing the man to widen his eyes. Hinari kissed him like she was in haste. Her fingers were pulling his hair as she kissed him hard as if she was trying to punish him.

That moment, the crowd watched the two shameless couple openly kissing in the middle of a crowded market. Zaki almost lost himself due to her sudden aggressive kiss. Gladly, his senses were still sharp as usual so the moment he heard a child’s voice asking what were they doing, Zaki raised his hands and held her shoulders. He was about to push her when Hinari suddenly broke away from the kiss.

The two of them stared at each other. Hinari was smiling while Zaki was again popping a nerve on his forehead. He was about to flick her hard again but he stopped midway. He instead sighed before he suddenly turned again and started walking away without any word, leaving Hinari stunned. Well, he kissed him to make him stay yet, it still didn’t work?

Zaki was biting his lip hard as he walks away. This fiancée of his was really giving him all the kind of headache in this world. He can’t even believe that he actually kissed her back even though he was well aware where they are. He never once thought that he will eventually end up being as shameless as her. Well, considering Zaki’s upbringing, he never once thought that once day, he would kiss a girl openly in such a public crowded place.

"This girl really is a bad influence..." Zaki muttered as he smiled, disbelieving himself.

At the same time, Zaki could tell that by and by, he’s slowly falling under her control. And he can’t do anything but admit that the more he spends time with her, the more he will lose to her.

That point of time, as Zaki slowly walks away, a certain sound suddenly halted him in place. To him, the sound was like a police whistle, telling him to halt or he will be shoot to death.

Zaki instantly turned due to Hinari’s sudden cry. He was just ten steps away from her and the crowd somehow cleared the space between them so Zaki clearly saw the tears falling on her face.

"Uwah! My husband is leaving me. Please somebody stop him. He said he will go to his other beloved. Uwah!"

Hinari was crying loudly like a child as she point her finger to Zaki, leaving the man flabbergasted to the core that he doesn’t even know whether he move his feet or speak.

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